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12 Best Restaurants in Paris

With more restaurants than ever in one of the world’s most famous cities for food, it can be a real challenge to find the perfect Parisian meal for every occasion. Here is a list of Sidewalk Food Tours of Paris’ top picks by neighborhood – from iconic Paris dining institutions, to the trending hot spots, and all the great casual eats that we can recommend to get you started on your journey through the culinary landscape. Enjoy!

Assagio​ ​(Italian)- 48 Rue du Temple 75004 Paris, France- Casual and relaxed atmosphere, this restaurant offers a numerous of delicious Italian dishes as long as a wide range of desserts. Assagio’s reasonable price, as well as their generous proportions, makes this restaurant a hot commodity for us hungry travellers.

Angelina​ ​(French)-​226 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris, France- Angelina is known primarily for its signature pudding-like hot chocolate and their sweet desserts, however this establishment has an appealing breakfast and on the go lunch menu as well. Ideal restaurant if for a large group.

Le Bistro Des Oies​ ​(French)- 2 Rue Marie et Louise 75010 Paris, France- Traditional French cuisine done properly in a friendly atmosphere. Extremely attentive service as well as fantastic food. Enjoy a delightful meal at a great price.

Candelaria​ ​(Authentic Mexican taco bar)- 52 Rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris, France- A nice touch of the Mexican food culture, offers authentic tacos, chips and salsa, as well as other native dishes. Excellent restaurant for you if you are looking to enjoy a less touristy atmosphere with great food and a nice bar.

cheese on a Sidewalk Food Tour of Paris

Eat the best cheeses in Paris on a Sidewalk Food Tour of Paris

La Closerie des Lilas​ ​(French)- 171 Boulevard du Montparnasse 75006 Paris, France- This French restaurant welcomes you in a refined setting, under a beautiful veranda.On the first floor, a private lounge is at your disposal. Taste our oysters and discover our menu of seasonal products, also the great classics such as Hemingway beef fillet, flambéed at your table as well as the Suzette crepe. This establishment is home of a tremendous amount of French history, and holds a beautiful setting, you will not find another restaurant in Paris with this classic French atmosphere.

La Felicita​ ​(Italian)- 6 Rue Feydeau 75002 Paris, France- Authentic Italian restaurant offering all of your favorite Italian dishes. Dine here and enjoy not only their amazing cuisines, but also the breathtaking atmosphere. This trendy restaurant is the perfect place to go for a fun time with friends or family.

Le Grand Coeur​ (French)- 41 Rue du Temple 75004 Paris, France- Upscale very graceful, enjoy dining at this restaurant either indoors or outside. Dining here you get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of tasteful starters, main courses, and desserts. Dining outside, you get to enjoy the beautiful visuals of the next door dance studio. Flawless restaurant choice for those dining with a loved one.

Ladurée​ ​-(French) 16-18 Rue Royale 75008 Paris, France- Opening in the 1800s this luxurious bakery and pastry chain is known Worldwide for their incredible Macaron. Dine here and enjoy the delicious pastries as well as their entrees for an unforgettable experience. After you enjoy a flavorful meal, do not forget to visit their actual bakery shop to later satisfy your sweet tooth.

La Mascotte​ ​(Seafood)- 52 Rue des Abbesses 75018 Paris, France- Variety of seafood dishes, as well as traditional French entrees, and delicious Wine’s/Champagne’s to choose from. This restaurant is perfect for large groups, having private sections that can hold up to 40 guests. Highly recommended if you are looking for a more upscale establishment.

La Part des Anges​ (French)- 10 Rue Garreau 75018 Par​is, France- Traditional French cuisine, great selection of wines and dishes. Aside from the delicious meal, you’ll receive incredible service in a home-like environment. Wonderful dining choice for a small group of people looking to have a wonderful experience as well as enjoying mouth-watering dishes.

Robert et Louise​ (French)- 64 Rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris, France- Simple and inexpensive French cuisine, in a warm cozy setting. For all of you steak lovers, this is the restaurant for you, well known for having amazing rib steak, which is actually cooked in an open fire.

La Taverne de Maître Zhao​ (Chinese)- 49 Rue des Vinaigriers 75010 Paris, France- Typical Chinese restaurant located in Paris. Dining here, take pleasure consuming authentic traditional Chinese cuisine influenced straight from the city of XI’AN which was the ancient capital of China. Highly recommend for those wanting to enjoy a delicious meal, influenced by the Chinese culture.