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13 Insanely Fun Group Activities in Los Angeles

Published by Josh Hirsch.

Los Angeles, home of the famous Hollywood sign, the home of movie studios and some of the most famous beaches, not to mention its popular and historic culture. It is a dream destination with a luxurious lifestyle and is an eccentric destination that you must put on your radar. Iconic, cultural and sunny skies gazing the sky all year round, you won’t find a shortage of reasons not to visit the city. 

Still looking for a set of activities to immerse yourself in the heart of LA culture? We have you covered. Check out the 13 most amazing group activities you can partake in. 

A compilation of food pictures from LA

The food scene in LA is incomparable and can’t be missed!

Food, food, glorious food! San Francisco is best known for its culinary taste. Take a guided tour Sidewalk Tours through the local food sites to authentic dishes in incredibly vibrant neighbourhoods. You can discover inspired dishes from all over the world from Japanese, Latino, Italian, Moroccan dishes, leaving your stomach full of delicious food that will make you want more!

Are you a high-flyer that enjoys heights? Take a high-flying adventure at the Ziplines Pacific Crest. Through the wonderful views of nature underneath you, view LA in a way you’ve never experienced before. Ranging from 1500 feet in length, the tours are environmentally friendly, and you can even take the option of a zip-flying tour if you want to see the LA night views. Enjoy this group activity with butterflies in your stomach which may sound daunting but is exhilarating and fun.

Indoor rock climbing gym in LA

How high can you climb?

If you and your group are looking for a workout activity to test your climbing strength, indoor rock climbing is an incredibly popular group activity. It’s totally different compared to Yoga, Pilates or Dancing where this tests your strength and gives you a full-body workout. Climb up and down rocks with the gang and experience the next best thing to outdoor rock climbing. Get ready for a physical workout!

Use your intellect to find the right answers to the riddles and puzzles to escape a haunted jail cell or detective’s office at the LA Escape Room. This thrilling and intense experience is a great group activity that involves working together to find a way out. This puts your skills to the test like no other. Become the mystery-solving master!

Inside a karoake bar

Sign your heart out- you never know who is in the audience in LA

Do you enjoy screaming out your favorite lyrics? Why not try your hand out at Karaoke? You can participate in solo singing or group musicals to impress the locals with your voice. Café Brass Monkey allows for private reservations with a DJ for private parties so you can burst out your favorite lyrics together, whilst topping up your drinks for a night of memorable entertainment.

Hollywood has transformed the entertainment industry. Learn about the history and rise of Hollywood and how a small town transformed into the entertainment capital of the world within 50 years. The Hollywood Entertainment District launched the Old Hollywood Walking Tour as the perfect group activity if you’re all avid movie or theater fans. Learn about how Hollywood has evolved, with stops along the first-ever movie theaters and other significant buildings that make up its history. 

2 chefs in a professional kitchen

With such a great food scene, of course there are great chefs in LA

The Institute of Culinary Education extended from NYC to Pasadena in 2018. Its purpose is to demonstrate what it’s like to become a chef in the restaurant world. With different recreational classes available, gather your group’s cooking skills with international cuisines and experience the life of a restaurant chef and create your own dish masterpiece. 

Take to the sea in style with a luxurious marina boat that travels through some of the most breath-taking buildings and views of LA. Enjoy some onboard entertainment, top up your drinks and let the captain take you through your three-hour journey. A perfect group outing that lets you feel the cool wind, take in the sea’s shores for an extravagant and entertaining afternoon.

a beach in Malibu

When they talk about sunny California, this is what they mean

  • Explore Malibu On a Sunny Day

Situated to the west of LA, Malibu is known for mesmerizing sea views, sandy beaches, rock mountains, waterfalls and homes. It is the perfect hangout place for a group that wants a quick getaway overlooking the sound of sea waves in a beautiful setting. It stretches over 30 miles and traveling through without paying attention to its beauty is impossible. As a group, there are hiking classes and many activities you can take part in on the beach. It is a temporary home for many actors and magicians in the past. It has not been called the “billion-dollar beach” for nothing.

This is a destination that cannot be missed. It is rubberstamped into LA folklore. A famed sandy stretch with a variety of things to see and do. It is a case of walk, stop, be entertained and repeat. It is southern California’s number one attraction where you’ll bump into many musicians, jugglers, magicians and entertainment bands. It is also famous for the world-renowned muscle beach. Take a walk in southern LA’s most attractive setting and take what Venice Beach has to offer at every corner.

LA City Hall

Get to the center of the action

Many years ago, the LA City Hall was the tallest building in LA standing at 27 floors high. Standing right at the top provides 360-degree views of the city. Stand tall and take in the pleasantry views. Share your experiences and photos with your group to see who can take the best photo!

Enjoy watching the famous LA Lakers or Clippers on the basketball court or enjoy a game of baseball with the Los Angeles Angels. Be part of a roaring sell-out crowd of the stadium or even book out a tailgate party at the event space. Reserve a space just for the group and soak up the atmosphere.

Group photo of people in a rage room

It’s time to release all of the built up frustration!

Have you had a stressful time of it at work? Do you need an activity to destress? Book a private rental space at the Rage Ground and smash objects using bats and mallets. The activity is fully supervised and protected, yet it releases the negative endorphins picked up during the day in the office. Challenge your group to hit the objects as hard as you can!

Final Thoughts…

Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, holds some of the most incredible views and is steeped in history. With beautiful beaches, mountains and an incredible array of activities and tours, the city is certainly most enjoyed with a group of friends. The city is not short of sightseeing tours, nightlife, museums and attractions that are fun for everyone.