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13 Virtual Team Building Activities That Your Team Will Actually Enjoy!

In today’s world, a company’s employees can be scattered around the globe. The need to stay connected through remote and virtual means is imperative. And a situation like the one COVID-19 presents made it ever more apparent that virtual experiences and virtual team building are crucial and are here to stay! 

people having fun on a cell phone

But how do you engage your team without it feeling like you’re pulling teeth. Well, actually, it’s not that hard. There are some truly awesome virtual team building experiences available. In fact, when we were putting together this list of our favorites, we kept thinking to ourselves, “I want to do these with friends!” 

That’s the vibe you want from a virtual team building experience. You don’t want it to feel like a chore. By the end of your fun event, you want your crew to feel like they’ve become more tight knit. So here is our list of virtual team building crowd pleasers! 

1. Sidewalk Food Tours Virtual Experiences

Did you really think we weren’t going to plug our own Virtual Cooking Competition and Virtual Mixology Class? Of course we are. They’re the best! 

food ingredients on a table

Sidewalk Food Tours Virtual Cooking Competition 

Led by our own Chopped Champion Chef Eliza, our Virtual Cooking Competition is ideal for teams who have a few foodies (or really love to eat!) and want a chance to engage “side by side” with a competitive twist! After kicking off happy-hour style, we’ll loosen up the group with an interactive ice breaker, then send each team to a virtual “room” to devise their culinary plans. Back in the “kitchen,” our Chopped Champion Chef will lead teams on a culinary journey to cook and complete a beautiful meal. 

How it Works

Your group will receive an ingredient/ equipment list 1 week in advance. You have the option to have ingredient kits delivered to you at an additional cost. We send you a Zoom link and at the time of your experience, your group logs on. Over the 2 hour, professionally-led class, We will spice up the game by sprinkling challenges, trivia, tips and kitchen scavenger hunts throughout – every count wins! When the timer buzzes, teams will elect one person to show off their creation and express why their team should win. We’ll end with a communal cheers, enjoy our dishes and leave with a personalized recipe! 

bartender mixologist making a cocktail

Sidewalk Food Tours Virtual Mixology Class

During this time of online team building and socializing, our Virtual Mixology Class is the perfect way to gather the troops, learn something fun and blow off some steam. Of course, there will be cocktails!!! Your host has vast experience from working in some of the most notable craft cocktail bars in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris.

How it Works

We send your group a short shopping list of ingredients for the cocktails we’ll be teaching 72 hours ahead of your scheduled experience. We also send a video that shows how to construct a basic bar kit out of items you already have in your house. We provide your group with a private Zoom meeting ID and Password. At the time of your Virtual Cocktail Hour, your group joins the Zoom meeting and is greeted by your Cocktail Expert. Your Cocktail Expert teaches the group how to make the first cocktail of the tour! Now, with drink in hand, we jump into the virtual tour of cocktail history and Los Angeles’ most iconic cocktail bars

2. Trivia Night

The Rundown: Trivia is light-heartedly competitive and is always full of laughs. It’s really easy to keep your team engaged with online trivia, it’s not technically difficult and is relatively cheap. What’s not to like? 

hand touching a screen

Houseparty: Houseparty is a group video chat app that focuses on socializing as opposed to conference calls. We recommend checking out the trivia component on Houseparty. The interface is crisp and clean and it just so happens to be free!

The Offsite Co: For a bigger, more polished trivia night that feels like an event, we like The Offsite Co trivia package. Offsite has a ton of virtual team building and group bonding experiences, we’ll be mentioning them a few more times in this piece. They allow you to put together a multi-day/ multi-activity package that has tons of engagement built in and a big recap including hilarious video footage of your team competing throughout. Very comprehensive and very fun! 

DIY: And, hey, you know your team pretty well. You could create your own, personalized trivia that is fun and specific to your group. It’s simple. Make a list of questions and act as the master of ceremony on your video conferencing platform of choice. 

3. Scavenger Hunt

The Rundown: Just like trivia, a raucous scavenger hunt is always a homerun no matter the group. Unlike trivia, an online scavenger hunt requires some creativity and logistical planning. Luckily there are some stellar companies out there that have done all the heavy lifting for you. 

a close up of a hand holding a cell phone

Scavify: Scavify is rad. This app allows you to build your own, personalized scavenger hunt from a wide range of templates. Your team uses their phones to take pictures, videos, scan QR codes and answer trivia questions during their scavenger hunt tasks. It allows for real time score updates and fun, smack-talking engagement! 

TeamBonding: TeamBonding is another great resource with a multitude of options for your Virtual Team Building Experience. In their Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt, your team is given multifaceted tasks that require them to explore the depths of a museum with interactive exhibits. This experience allows your group to compete individually or as teams. Another of their offerings Race Around the World Scavenger Hunt is kind of a mix between The Amazing Race and a World’s Fair. Each contestant chooses a country and completes challenges related to locale. The groups share their findings with each other creating an interactive globetrotting experience. 

4. Virtual Reality Team Building

The Rundown: Now, to be completely up front and transparent here… A virtual, um, virtual reality team building experience is certainly the most cutting edge idea we have on this list. Erego, It is also certainly the most expensive and requires the most technical know how. But, come on, it’s really awesome. 

man with virtual reality goggles on

Virtual Reality Rental Co: First things first, you’ve got to have all the virtual reality gear. This company rents out Virtual Reality packages for corporate and team building events and, now, they are renting them out for the purpose of remote virtual reality events. 

a man writing to solve a problem

Fantastic Contraption: This brilliant VR game allows each team member to build an invention from the ground up completely from their imagination to solve a problem. It’s kind of like an interactive, much more gratifying version of the board game mouse trap. This means that everyone shines through with their own personal flair and problem solving gusto. 


Everest VR: No big deal guys. Your team will just set out to scale Everest together. Heralded by the gaming industry as completely revolutionary and beautiful, Everest VR is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s breathtakingly real. The joy and tension are palpable. Once your team has summited Everest, what could possibly stand in their way? 

5. Virtual Group Yoga

The Rundown: Teams that center together, achieve goals together! There’s no better way to realign focus and cleanse an environment of stagnation than getting a little yoga sweat on. And now, you can do it from the comfort of wherever your team members happen to be. 

woman doing yoga in front of computer

OmPractice: This virtual Yoga experience is great because they use two-way video that allows the teacher to see the participants and offer adjustments. They have fantastic group rates, have one-click class login and, with over 50 teachers offering classes, tons of schedule flexibility. 

6. Virtual Animal Experiences

The Rundown: Everybody loves animals! Give your team cuddly babies and wild beasts from the comfort of their own home. 

baby deer on the ground

Petting Zoo(m)!: A family of four that runs a farm in Virginia has a ton of cuddly buddies they can share with your group. You can pick from a quick animal cameo, an interactive farm tour or an educational animal show. Goats, Llamas, Camels, Kangaroos, Cows, Sheep, Antelope, Hedgehogs and many more will have your whole group saying, “aaaaaaaaaw!” 

Wild Earth Safari Live: This incredible company partners with some of the most notable safari operators and lodges to get you up close and personal with expert game rangers and a massive amount of wildlife. This interactive experience uses safari vehicles, guides on foot, drones, balloons, rovers and remote cams to bring the African plains right to your screens. 

Tintswalo Safari Lodge Virtual Safaris: This lodge’s virtual experience is slightly different because they have a library of videos to choose from so you can pick what interests you most and you are guaranteed to see some great footage of African wildlife. This allows you complete flexibility of schedule as you can watch them anytime. 

7. Virtual Game Night

checkers game board

Hunt A Killer: This is the Murder Mystery Game that keeps on giving. Every month your team will receive a new box of clues to help solve a cold case. Next thing you know, you’ll be setting up crime webs and suspect boards in your house, interrogating your kids at the dinner table. 🤣🤣🤣 This is a great game to tackle virtually as a whole team or in smaller groups. 

a crystal ball and key on a table

TeamBonding Game Nights: Guess who’s back? Our old friend TeamBonding. This time they are offering a slew of options for your epic game night! They have the tried and true crowd pleaser Jeopardy, the wholesomely degenerate At the Virtual Races where you can ‘bet’ all the fake money you want on the ponies, and Murder Mystery fan favorite  Escape the Virtual Mob.  

8. Virtual Escape Room

virtual escape room

The Offsite Co will build a custom online Escape Room for your team to address specific and unique challenges. So not only will this experience be fun and competitive, it allows your team to work on targeted team building aspects. The interactive challenges offered bring all your favorite parts of escape rooms right to your fingertips online. 

9. Virtual Lip Sync Karaoke

a man jumping in the dark

The Offsite Co is back at it again! Karaoke is one of the most requested activities for live team building events. So they’ve found a way to bring it to your team virtually. Your team breaks up into groups, chooses a song and puts together a music video. Afterwards, all the music videos are screened for the whole group while having drinks. 

10. Book Club 

awesome people read books quote

This is a DIY experience. This is exactly the same as an in person book club except you meet up via video conference. You can encourage team members to make smaller groups to share their reading experiences in further depth. They can share by writing letters to each other, creating paintings and video content to express their connection to the material. 

11. Virtual “Pub” Crawl 

cocktails on a wooden table

Another great DIY experience, a virtual pub crawl can feel random but you’ll be amazed how revealing it is. Every team member chooses a website that interests them and that they find fascinating. When the group logs on to your virtual meeting, they’ll be in for a whirlwind tour. Each team member will share their chosen website and subject with the group, switching to a new site and topic each 15 minutes. You’ll be surprised how much cool stuff you’ll explore and learn about each other’s interests. If you want to incorporate a “pub” element to your pub crawl, you can do the whole experience over drinks or add in drinking game rules! 

12. Team Painting

a hand painting

TeamBonding Team Painting: Get your Bob Ross on with your whole work crew. Painting gets you in a creative head space. And with this guided Augmented Reality experience, it takes the art class concept to the next level. Everyone paints on a mini canvas and at the end of the experience, all the canvases are combined to make a stunning group work of art! 

13. Bucket List Challenge

astronaut figures walking

Do it yourself to the max! Bucket Lists are a notion our society can’t shake — and for good reason. They’re fun. It’s great to dream and set lofty goals. Go learn how to weave! Enter a bike race! Dog Sled in Greenland! So, simply, have your team put together their own thought out bucket list. It’s probably a good idea to limit it to around 10 items so that everyone has to be choosy. Then, over a video conference, have each member share their bucket list. If team members have the same or similar bucket list items, have them pair up to achieve that grand goal. They can create a plan of actionable and achievable steps, hold each other accountable and celebrate each other’s wins. They can do this all remotely! (Duh)

About the Author

Derek Krantz is a guide and works in tour and content creation for Sidewalk Food Tours. He loves working for Sidewalk because he gets to share his love of travel, history and his Hospitality Industry background with guests. Before working with Sidewalk, Derek worked as a Bartender and Mixologist at some of the most prestigious bars in Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta. He is the host of Sidewalk’s Mixology Class which can be experienced both in person and virtually. Check it out!