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20 Top New York City Greenwich Village Restaurants and Things to Do

20 Top New York City Greenwich Village Restaurants & Things to Do in NYC 


It’s almost impossible to visit NYC without trying some of the tasty foods and experiencing the fun activities the Big Apple has to offer. If the saying holds true, and this city really doesn’t sleep, then there must be plenty of things to do, right? Read on for the best places to dine, munch, and nibble, while experiencing some of the best attractions, tours, and events the city has to offer. 

four snapsahopts of pictures of different food including a tray of cheeses, cannolis, cupcakes and dried fruit

Stop in and get a tour with Sidewalk Food Tours! Your tastebuds will thank you

  1. Eat your way through NYC with Sidewalk Food Tours 


Join the best walking food tour of NYC. Sample treats from the West Village, the Lower East Side, Midtown, and the Financial District. When it comes to good food, Sidewalk Food Tours are the experts. Local guided tours around the city allow guests to taste foods from all walks of life while tour guides give fun facts, tell the history, and explain the culture of each neighborhood. 

a picture of a margarita pizza with lots of cheese and sauce

Best Pizza in NYC, just see for yourself!

  1. Grab a slice at Bleecker Street Pizza


Bleecker Street Pizza has been featured in various Food Network shows, on the Travel Network, and has been crowned “Best Pizza in New York.” No trip to NYC will be complete without a slice of their thin classic cheese pizza, oozing with real Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in every bite. 

a donut covered in chocolate in front of a donut shop window

Donut miss out on all the confectionary pleasures to be had at The Doughnut Project

  1. Channel your inner Homer Simpson at The Doughnut Project


Did someone say donuts?


While in the city that never sleeps, be sure to try one of the Instagram worthy donuts from The Doughnut Project. These aren’t your average donuts either, with flavors like Peanut Butter & Jelly, The Everything Donut, Strawberry Milkshake, and so many more, choosing just one will be a challenge. 

various pastries and desserts in the window of a bakery

If pastries are your thing, Mille Feuille was made for you!

  1. Feel like you’re in Paris at the Mille Feuille Bakery


Mille-Feuille is the brainchild of chef and owner, Oliver Dessyn. They are one of the few authentic Pâtisserie française in New York City. The family-owned bakery bakes their delicacies every day right from their Brooklyn kitchen. They even have baking classes, so you can snack and learn something at the same time! 

snapshots of different middle eastern foods

A neighborhood staple, explore the tastes of the Middle East with a trip to Mamouns

  1. Sample some Middle Eastern Cuisine at Mamouns


Mamouns has been a Greenwich Village staple since its opening in 1971. The restaurant doesn’t only just serve a great falafel; it comes with a rich history. It’s one of the first Middle Eastern establishments in the US and holds the record for oldest falafel restaurant in NYC. 

an overview of a variety of dishes including spaghetti and meatballs, buffalo chicken wings, a sandwich, and side dishes

Satisfy your Italian craving with the best of the best at Meatball Shop

  1. Grab a bite at the ‘not just’ Meatball Shop


Mama Mia! The Meatball Shop has six locations throughout the city and is a favorite among locals. The interactive menu lets guests check off boxes of different meatballs and sauce varieties. The balls can be served plain in a bowl, as sliders, or sandwiches. 

snapshots of a fancy room with a long table set with linens

Eat your heart out at this luxury French-America hotspot when you visit Gotham Bar and Grill

  1. Dine at the top-rated Gotham Bar and Grill


This upscale restaurant was voted #1 in Greenwich Village and #2 American Restaurant by Zagat. People wait for months to dine in this Michelin-starred eatery. The French-American cuisine is loved by many, and for any foodie visiting NYC, this place is a must. 

a tray of raw fish and prepared sushi on a table

We love the way they roll at Tomoe Sushi!

  1. Things are getting fishy at Tomoe Sushi


The traditional Japanese sushi bar has been granted a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor for the last 4 consecutive years. The fresh fish and soft rice are what keeps this place always busy. They’re not about the bells and whistles at Tomo, the tables are quite small and close together, but after a bite of a fresh salmon avocado roll, that won’t really matter. 

an everything bagel filled with cream cheese and sliced tomato on a paper bag

You haven’t experienced the best NYC has to offer if you haven’t stopped by Murray’s Bagels

  1. It’s going to be a good morning at Murray’s Bagels


For the ultimate New York City bagel, head over to Murrays. The bagels are hand-rolled and made fresh daily. For over 20 years, Murrays has been serving up their traditional bagels with all the fixings. From breakfast to brunch, when it comes to bagels, Murray’s is the place to be. 


Did you know that fresh bagels are not meant to be toasted? Murrays only started offering a toasting option a few years ago after customer requests. 

an ice cream cone filled with ice cream and sprinkles in front of an ice cream shop

Immerse yourself in some dairy delicacies when you drop in Big Gay Ice Cream

  1. Get a sugar rush at Big Gay Ice Cream


From soft serve injected with dulce de leche to a bourbon butterscotch ice cream sandwich, Big Gay Ice Cream is the place to break your diet. The shop started out as a food truck, and now they locations all around the city. 

snapshots of different parts of a movie theatre including the sign out front, the seats and the screen

Kick your feet up and enjoy a good movie at the IFC Center

  1. Catch a flick at the IFC Center


The ultimate entertainment space plays all the latest independent, foreign, and documentary films. They have 5 state-of-the-art cinemas and a gourmet snack menu even the most prestige eaters will be impressed by. 


  1. Visit the famous Friends Apartment 


“How you doin’?!” 


It’s safe to say everyone is familiar with the TV show “Friends.” It’s considered one of the best sitcoms of all-time, and luckily for fans, the Friends apartment is in Greenwich Village. While only the exterior of the apartment was shot in NYC, fans still flock to the famous corner to take photos of their favorite “Friends” old apartment complex. 


Can someone make a ‘Central Perk’ downstairs of the building already?

a stage with a brick wall behind it and an audience in front with folded chairs

Laugh with the best of them and spend a night at the Comedy Cellar

  1. Giggle at the Comedy Cellar


One of New York City’s most popular comedy clubs sees visits from celebrity guests on the regular. There have even been surprise appearances by some of the best in the business. Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chapelle, and Chris Rock have shown up at the club unannounced. 

snapshots of a stage performance of the Lion King

Get the full NYC effect and take in a show on Broadway!

  1. Take me to Broadway


No visit to NYC will be complete without seeing at least one Broadway show. See cult classics like ‘Wicked,’ ‘The Lion King’, and ‘Phantom of the Opera’ or try something new like ‘Mean Girls’ or ‘Beetlejuice.’ Kids will be glad to know that ‘Frozen’ has its own broadway show now too. 

snapshots of featured items in the 911 Memorial including a fire truck

Honor the fallen and never forget with a visit to the 911 Memorial

  1. Pay your respects at the 911 Memorial


The institution is a place for education for people of all ages and honoring the victims of 9/11. They have guided tours, public programs, and the names of each of the 2,996 people who lost their lives on a memorial. 

people crossing the street walking bikes

Cycle the city and explore with Bikerent

  1. Explore Central Park with Bikerent


They offer a 2-hour guided bike tour with stops at Columbus Circle, The Central Park Mall, The Bethesda Fountain, The Conservatory Water, The Reservoir, The Conservatory Garden, The Great Lawn, The Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, the Alice in Wonderland Statue, and Cherry Hill. This is the best way to see everything Central Park has to offer while getting in some exercise along the way. It’s best to keep the groups on the smaller side; they will have one tour guide per 15 people. 

the Statue of Liberty with the ocean all around

Admire Lady Liberty in all her glory with a Statue of Liberty guided tour

  1. Pay a visit to Lady Liberty with a Statue of Liberty Guided Tour


The Statue of Liberty is a real must-see for anyone visiting NYC for the first time. Do it in style with exclusive pedestal access and be one of the lucky few who get to enter the national monument. The fully narrated tour teaches all about the history of the statue and gives passengers a tour of Ellis Island as well. Don’t forget to snap the perfect photo with Lady Liberty herself! 


  1. Let’s play ball at the Yankees Ballpark


Hey, sports fans! 

If you love America’s favorite pastime, or just want to experience a game at Yankee Stadium, catching a Yankees game is a must-do while on your stay in the Big Apple. Yankee Stadium is world-famous, and for most sports fanatics, it’s a big bucket list ticket. 

the Brooklyn Bridge with a sunset behind it

Take in the view of a lifetime and take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Visit the iconic Brooklyn Bridge


The Brooklyn Bridge is a top activity for many visitors coming to explore Empire City. It takes around 20 minutes to full walk across it, and that includes stopping for a photo op. The best time is to go in the morning with fewer people, or go at sunset and watch the sun dip below the skyline. What’s the best part of this activity? It’s totally free!

Pro Tip: A lot of people rent bikes to cross the bridge, but beware of swerving, breaking, and looking out for distracted pedestrians. 


  1. Head to Rockefeller Plaza to watch the live broadcast of The Today Show


Only early risers will be able to make it to the famous morning show at Rockefeller Plaza. Millions love the weekday news & entertainment show. Fans may even get the chance to see themselves on TV, shake hands, or get a selfie with one of the anchors. Al Rocker is usually up for a quick selfie or two with fans! Again, this is only for the early birds. Fans will have to get there around 6:30 am to get a good view. Mondays and Fridays are the busiest days of the week for fans coming to watch the Today Show.