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42 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities, Events, and Ideas (The Ultimate 2021 Guide)

              The Best Ideas for Online Activities, Gatherings and Events to bring your Coworkers, Family, and Friends Together


                                    Virtual Foodie & Cocktail Experiences 

people enjoying cocktails in computer

Salesforce Team Mixology Event

1. Sidewalk Virtual Mixology Class

Parties are synonymous with adult beverages! Our Virtual Mixology Class is the perfect way to gather the troops, learn something fun and pump up some team cheer. Of course, there will be cocktails!!! And we are happy to customize your Mixology Experience with cocktails created specifically for your company or group’s Party. Your host has vast experience from working in some of the most notable craft cocktail bars in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Chicago, San Francisco and Paris.


How it Works


We send your group a short shopping list of ingredients for the cocktails we’ll be teaching 72 hours ahead of your scheduled experience. We also send a video that shows how to construct a basic bar kit out of items you already have in your house. We provide your group with a private Zoom meeting ID and Password. At the time of your Virtual Cocktail Hour, your group joins the Zoom meeting and is greeted by your Cocktail Expert. Your Cocktail Expert teaches the group how to make the first cocktail of the tour! Now, with drink in hand, we jump into the virtual tour of cocktail history and Los Angeles’ most iconic cocktail bars

a group of people standing in a kitchen preparing food

Virtual Pasta Making Class with Max!

2. Sidewalk Virtual Cooking Competition

Led by our own Chopped Champion Chef Eliza, our Virtual Cooking Competition is ideal for teams who have a few foodies (or really love to eat!) and want a chance to engage “side by side” with a competitive twist! After kicking off happy-hour style, we’ll loosen up the group with an interactive ice breaker, then send each team to a virtual “room” to devise their culinary plans. Back in the “kitchen,” our Chopped Champion Chef will lead teams on a culinary journey to cook and complete a beautiful meal. Holiday variations and customization are available at your request. 

How it Works

Your group will receive an ingredient/ equipment list 1 week in advance. You have the option to have ingredient kits delivered to you at an additional cost. We send you a Zoom link and at the time of your experience, your group logs on. Over the 2 hour, professionally-led class, We will spice up the game by sprinkling challenges, trivia, tips and kitchen scavenger hunts throughout – every count wins! When the timer buzzes, teams will elect one person to show off their creation and express why their team should win. We’ll end with a communal cheers, enjoy our dishes and leave with a personalized recipe! 

a cup of coffee on a table

3. Tea vs. Coffee Virtual Live Tasting Class

This is a fun activity where employees get a mix of specialty coffee, teas, and infusion a week before the class is held. On the said date, team members connect to the virtual café where a friendly barista greets them. The process involves storytelling, games, and actually tasting the items sent to you. It can be done from anywhere in the world and exciting too.

pieces on chocolate on a table

Sweet Chocolate Tasting

4. Curated Online Chocolate Tasting 

This one is exactly what it sounds like! Good old TeamBonding is back with a judge of the International Chocolate Awards to offer your team a delicious lesson on appreciating the finer points of indulging your sweet tooth.

                                                          Virtual Games & Friendly Competition 

person playing virtual reality

5. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Virtual scavenger hunts are great fun! Your team can participate in the comfort of their own homes or offices over an hour long virtual meeting or it can be a week long event that incorporates everyday life and normal errand running. You can always DIY a scavenger hunt but there are a plethora of great companies with app based technology that incorporates photo and video elements, live leaderboards and team building aspects. These companies have also already put together awesome Holiday themed scavenger hunts. Here are some Virtual Scavenger Hunt companies we dig:, GooseChase, Scavify, CityHUNT and


Scavify: Scavify is rad. This app allows you to build your own, personalized scavenger hunt from a wide range of templates. Your team uses their phones to take pictures, videos, scan QR codes and answer trivia questions during their scavenger hunt tasks. It allows for real time score updates and fun, smack-talking engagement! 


TeamBonding: TeamBonding is another great resource with a multitude of options for your Virtual Team Building Experience. In their Virtual Museum Scavenger Hunt, your team is given multifaceted tasks that require them to explore the depths of a museum with interactive exhibits. This experience allows your group to compete individually or as teams. Another of their offerings Race Around the World Scavenger Hunt is kind of a mix between The Amazing Race and a World’s Fair. Each contestant chooses a country and completes challenges related to locale. The groups share their findings with each other creating an interactive globetrotting experience. 

6. Virtual Reality Team Building

Now, to be completely up front and transparent here… A virtual, um, virtual reality team building experience is certainly the most cutting edge idea we have on this list. Erego, It is also certainly the most expensive and requires the most technical know how. But, come on, it’s really awesome. 



Virtual Reality Rental Co: First things first, you’ve got to have all the virtual reality gear. This company rents out Virtual Reality packages for corporate and team building events and, now, they are renting them out for the purpose of remote virtual reality events. 



Fantastic Contraption: This brilliant VR game allows each team member to build an invention from the ground up completely from their imagination to solve a problem. It’s kind of like an interactive, much more gratifying version of the board game mouse trap. This means that everyone shines through with their own personal flair and problem solving gusto. 



Everest VR: No big deal guys. Your team will just set out to scale Everest together. Heralded by the gaming industry as completely revolutionary and beautiful, Everest VR is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s breathtakingly real. The joy and tension are palpable. Once your team has summited Everest, what could possibly stand in their way? 

scrabble board game with the word teamwork

Team Bonding that brings your team together


7. Virtual Trivia Parties

Trivia is always a hit with groups looking to mingle and have a bit of friendly competition! You can always make your own trivia or buy a pre-made themed trivia game like these on Amazon and Etsy


However, allow us to introduce you to some trivia hosting platforms that totally rock! Some of them offer you the ability to create your own online, interactive trivia game and others offer fully hosted themed trivia with all kinds of bells and whistles! Check out the links below: 


TriviaMaker,, Water Cooler Trivia, Quiz Breaker, Let’s Roam, The Go Game, Geeks Who Drink

olympic podium with 1st 2nd and 3rd place

Show your competitive spirit

8. Olympics 2021 (Home Edition) 

The Summer 2021 Olympics are (hopefully) coming soon! And we have to admit, this Virtual Holiday Party is a personal favorite of mine. It has the potential to be absolutely ridiculous and hilarious. We at Sidewalk tend to think that your own at-home-Olympics would make for a prime drinking game! Hahaha 


The concept is simple and the execution is even easier. 


  • Split your group into teams. You can do any number of teams depending on your group size. 
  • Have a select few members of your group come up with the “Olympic Events” about a week ahead of your party. (See starter ideas below)
  • Each group selects which member of their team will participate in the Olympic Events. 
  • On the day of your party, everyone dresses up in silly, vintage olympic outfits or holiday themed costumes. 
  • Then everyone takes turns competing in their events. The winning teams are presented with Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals and prizes. 


Some Olympic [Home Edition] event ideas that had us rolling: egg spoon race, juggling, balancing, jumping jacks, pushups, planking, jump rope, beer chugging, hula hoop, laundry folding 4×4 marathon, “grab that item” race…. The potential is limitless 🙂  

a close up of a remote control

Get your game on!

9. Virtual Game Night



TeamBonding Game Nights: Guess who’s back? Our old friend TeamBonding. This time they are offering a slew of options for your epic game night! They have the tried and true crowd pleaser Jeopardy, the wholesomely degenerate At the Virtual Races where you can ‘bet’ all the fake money you want on the ponies, and Murder Mystery fan favorite  Escape the Virtual Mob.  


Play Your Hand At A Variety Of Mini-Games With Go-Game Remote. Do you and your team simply want to wind down after a hard day’s work with a quiz or two? Well, now you can book a virtual room for happy hour with Go-Game Remote. Go-Game Remote allows you to connect with your team from home to play different games at your leisure. Boost your team’s morale and their knowledge for prizes or just a bundle of laughs! Simply book your date and time slot for your team, choose your virtual game, and away you go! With Go-Game Remote having such strong feedback, you’re highly likely to get closer to your team after a game of trivia, Pictionary, memory recall, fact match and more. Either get competitive or simply poke fun at each other and you’ll feel engaged with your team like never before.

a sign lit up at night

Customize an escape room

10. Virtual Escape Room


The Offsite Co will build a custom online Escape Room for your team to address specific and unique challenges. So not only will this experience be fun and competitive, it allows your team to work on targeted team building aspects. The interactive challenges offered bring all your favorite parts of escape rooms right to your fingertips online. 

a man sitting on the ground

11. Virtual Murder Mystery

Hunt A Killer: This is the Murder Mystery Game that keeps on giving. Every month your team will receive a new box of clues to help solve a cold case. Next thing you know, you’ll be setting up crime webs and suspect boards in your house, interrogating your kids at the dinner table. 🤣🤣🤣 This is a great game to tackle virtually as a whole team or in smaller groups. 


THE ESCAPE ROOM is a popular Chicago hang out that fosters team building. Bring that same excitement and buzz to your online group with a virtual murder mystery game that’ll benefit the mind and give your team almost the same benefits as the real-life activity. 


There are over a dozen virtual murder mystery sites out there; most are used for house parties. You can scan and choose one that’ll work for everyone, and that’s appropriate.


Review Files And Solve Clues For Murder Mysteries With The Virtual Clue Murder Mystery: Gather your team and collaborate to review files and solve clues to get down to the bottom of murder mysteries. From the comfort of your own home, get together with your team and put your mystery-solving skills to the test. Virtual Clue Murder Mystery allows you to channel your inner detective against the clock to solve a “who did it?” murder mystery. You will lean on your team members to get down to the bottom of it. This may sound all so serious, and for a murder mystery, it is! But expect to engage more with your team and pat yourselves on the back once the clues have been solved. Fun and light-hearted, solving a mystery isn’t something that everyone can say they’ve done!

open books with words turn the page

12. DIY Game Nights

Once Upon A Time: This game is basically your group telling a story. One person starts, and another person continues the story till it gets to the last person. The caveat is, everyone has just one sentence, and the story has to end with the last person. This game gets the creative juices going, as well as boosts improvisation.


Two Truths One Lie: Here, the person tells four things about themselves, of which three are true, and one is a lie, and the others are supposed to check which ones are true and which is a lie.

Birth Map: Here, everyone gets to catch a glimpse of the world. You just need to send an image of the world map to your meeting platform or group chat and get your team members to point out their places of birth on the map and share a fun fact about it.


A Game of Favorites: This is a fun activity that allows teams to get to know each other’s favorite things. Get everyone in your group to talk about their favorite things about colleagues, even your organization.



Virtual Museums & Art Galleries 

Where my history and art buffs at? Some museums and galleries are starting to reopen (which is fantastic), but maybe your group is spread out or you don’t feel it’s safe enough yet. If you’ve got an intellectually curious group, signing up for a docent led lecture on riveting topics about History and Culture is a great way to spend a couple hours. Check out these online offerings from renowned museums and tour companies.

a painting of a man

13. Virtual History & Culture Museums 

American Museum of Natural History Virtual Tours

Everybody loves a good field trip, no matter your age or group type. Nothing feels more like a quintessential field trip than exploring New York’s American Museum of Natural History! And it can all be done from the safety of your laptop 🙂 

Smithsonian Virtual Experiences

“The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtual tours allow visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of select exhibits and areas within the museum from their desktop or mobile device. Visitors can also access select collections and research areas at our satellite support and research stations as well as past exhibits no longer on display.” Our take: DO IT!!! Hahaha

Boston Tea Party Museum’s Virtual Tea Talks

The Boston Tea Party Museum’s Virtual Tea Talks take a deep dive on this famous moment in history with virtual gatherings centered around The Ships of the Boston Tea Party and the Teas That Started a Revolution. 

Immerse In A Virtual Tour of African American History At The Apex Museum

The African American community has significantly contributed to Atlanta culture, and you and your team can learn all about it with an online panoramic experience tour at the Apex Museum. The exhibit creates a personal touch, so you can appreciate and learn about some of the untold stories like “Africa the Untold Story”, “Black Codes in Georgia” and “Women in Stem”, all stories carry a rich history that will open your eyes to African American history. Gather your team together on this self-guided tour and immerse yourself into some incredible history.

a large stone building the louvre

14. Virtual Art Museums

Visit The Louvre Virtually

Take your group to visit the current exhibits of the world famous Parisian Museum! 

Indulge in the Guggenheim Bilbao’s World Famous Art Online

The Guggenheim has programs for student groups and adults with a wide range of topics such as architecture, art installations, storytelling and so much more! 

Art Institute Of Chicago 

The art institute of Chicago is home to almost forty thousand authentic art pieces, ranging from Van Gogh’s self-portrait to Lucas Cranach’s painting of Adam and Eve. Your group can take a virtual tour of the facility on their website or download the app and make it easier. It’s an immersive experience that promotes discussions about art and increases the bond in your group.

Music, Theater & Film 

theatre sign

15. Virtual Live Theater 

Broadway Shows gone Virtual

Everyone loves taking in a Broadway Musical and Live Theater needs our support more than ever. Check out these trusted sources for all the places you can get your Broadway fix! Broadway Direct, Playbill and Broadway World have created comprehensive lists of the shows you can find online. 

Explore Engaging Performances With Queens Theatre


Theaters are closed around the country, but that doesn’t mean the performances have stopped. The Queens Theatre is still putting on shows and teaching engaging classes completely online. Whether you choose to have your team watch a wonderful performance or try out a virtual dance class, this is one group that has a lot to offer. They make it easy for you to forget that you are in your living room with captivating performances that your team will love.

16. Live Music – Virtual Concerts and Music Festivals

Music and Event sites like Billboard and EventBrite have constantly updated and comprehensive lists of Virtual Concerts and Festivals. This is an incredible way to spend a night with your group!  

Enjoy A Virtual Show or Concert with The Denver Center For The Performing Arts

The Denver Center For The Performing Arts (DCPA) has been wowing audiences with incredible shows for some time. Now, they have decided to take their work to a virtual space. The DCPA is currently working on bringing concerts and shows to a virtual space, making it possible for you and your team to enjoy these performances from the safety of your own home. Embrace a rich cultural experience by signing up for one of their virtual viewing events. Your team will be impressed and love discussing the shows after they are over.


Listen To Amazing Jazz Music With A Virtual Concert from the New Orleans Jazz Museum

Virtual concerts are becoming more popular now that quarantine is here to stay. The New Orleans Jazz Museum is bringing incredible performances straight to your screen every week with their calendar of virtual concerts. They offer wonderful events that will keep your team engaged and give everyone something to gossip about in the morning meeting. They offer fun and exciting events that can bring your team closer together and remind them of the beautiful music that New Orleans is known for.



Boston Symphony Orchestra  

The Boston Symphonic Orchestra and the Boston Pops are here to fill your home speakers with sound and your ears with joy! They have daily performances, behind the scene interviews, a really cool series of instrument lessons and tutorials and even their famous Tanglewood Festival is being taken online this year. 

ballet dancers on stage

17. Live Dance Performances

Boston Ballet 

Your group can enjoy the Boston Ballet right from the comfort of their own couches! They have virtual season subscriptions available for $180. 

Take A Dance Break With Martha Graham

The Martha Graham dance company knows that they can’t stop dancing just because of a pandemic, which is why they have gone completely virtual. Take the time to watch impressive and engaging dance performances, or sign your team up for a virtual dance class. This group makes it easy to see the true heart of dance and will keep your team talking for months to come. They offer unique and engaging experiences that are a lot of fun.

text word laugh

Comedy Anyone?

18. Live Virtual Comedy Shows

Laugh Along To A Virtual Comedy Show

Right now more than ever, a lot of us can always use a good laugh. Fortunately, the team at U Streat has taken their comedy shows to the digital space. With this group, you can watch fun virtual comedy events that will give your team plenty to talk about. This is a fun way to get a modern experience without having to worry about meeting up in person. A team that laughs together works well together!

Catch Some Improv At The Magnet Theater

The Magnet Theater has always been known to host engaging improv and fun comedy skits. Now, they have taken their experience virtual. Give your team the gift of comedy with a collection of comedic professionals offering engaging performances. Their calendar is ongoing and allows you to easily schedule your team to watch a live performance at a time of your choosing. It is fun, friendly, and can remind everyone to smile a little more.

a hand holding a cell phone

19. Virtual Film Viewing

Watch A Movie From The Colorado Environmental Film Festival

Local Film festivals around the world are taking to the virtual medium! For example, The Colorado Environmental Film Festival (ECFF) is a great team builder, and now you can watch these amazing films virtually! In order to accommodate your group, take some time to look through their incredible selection and find a film that everyone will love. It is educational and will get your team talking in no time!


DIY Movie Night

Movie night is also a great way to build working relationships in the workplace as almost everyone loves to dive into the movie characters for a few hours. It’s a pleasurable experience for all parties and brings a lot of discussion topics along with it. You could either watch a movie based on the company’s field of practice or simply watch new releases as they come out. 


If you would prefer for the movies to be viewed simultaneously by all members, you can make use of the Netflix Watch Party and Amazon Prime Viewing functions, which has a chat feature that’s great for these types of events. Or, you could tell all members to watch the movie beforehand and then gather to discuss it.



Health & Wellness

Okay, the pandemic has restricted your visit to the gym, and we have added a few pounds in plan sights. The virtual wellness challenge is a variety of wellness activities where the team attains a wellness goal together. Each member gets to tackle the challenge and reports their progress while cheering others on to complete theirs. 

Furthermore, weekly friendly competition is conducted via video or social media, and members earn points or advantage for partaking or finishing a task. Points are tallied at each point, and the overall winner is announced at the end of the challenge.

This is fun and should get you moving even though you are locked inside looking at the screen. 

person doing yoga

20. Virtual Group Yoga

Teams that center together, achieve goals together! There’s no better way to realign focus and cleanse an environment of stagnation than getting a little yoga sweat on. And now, you can do it from the comfort of wherever your team members happen to be. 



OmPractice: This virtual Yoga experience is great because they use two-way video that allows the teacher to see the participants and offer adjustments. They have fantastic group rates, have one-click class login and, with over 50 teachers offering classes, tons of schedule flexibility. 


Virtual Yoga at Glo Online Yoga is another favorite of ours! 

people sitting on floor meditating

21. Virtual Group Meditation

Nothing will get your group re-centered more than a virtual group meditation through Headspace


a woman working out at the gym

22. Virtual Group Workout Classes

If you are missing the gym like we are, group workout classes can help your team get those active juices flowing. You don’t need anything more than your home office space and a few dumbbells. If you have some fitness junkies in your team, ask them to lead the group in a short circuit of exercises. If you prefer a more structured approach, check out the virtual offerings from ClassPass and Barry’s Bootcamp


Virtual Adventure Experiences 

We know that an “Outdoor Adventure Experience” done virtually seems, well, counterintuitive. But trust us it’s a great way to alleviate that sense of stir craziness and escape from the confines of your abode. Not only that, it’s a great way to inspire your group to get out and explore the outdoors near their home base. 

a hand holding up a sign

23. Tour The Greatest Parks in the World

Ever wanted to explore some of the greatest city park spaces on the planet??? Don’t wait to travel there, do it from the comfort of your desktop with friends and coworkers

Boston Common and Public Garden

An anchor of Boston’s famed Emerald Necklace parks, The Boston Common and Public Garden is a 50 acre park that’s chock full of history from the American Revolution. It’s played host to famous speeches from the likes of MLK and a Pope or two. And now, your group can explore it’s wonders virtually on You Visit. 

New York’s Central Park 

Explore New York’s famous Central Park, it’s history and design by Fredrick Law Olmstead 

Berlin’s Tiergarten Park 

Stunning greenery and parks dot Germany’s capital. See why Berlin is a model for urban greenspaces with this wonderful 360 degree tour of Tiergarten Park

Singapore’s Bukit Batok Nature Park

Explore the serene and tranquil nature park that Singapore locals hold so dear! Crystal Clear waters, lush forests and historical and cultural installations beckon your group to enjoy. 

a tree at the grand canyon

24. National Park Virtual Tours 

Give your group a taste of America’s stunning National Parks! Check out these virtual experiences provided by the National Park service of Yellowstone, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon

25. Virtual Adventure Experiences

At-home adventure travel!!! Sure, why not? 🙂 These Machu Picchu and Croatia’s Plitvice Lake National Park Virtual Experiences will jumpstart your curiosity! 


Virtual Tour & Travel Experiences

26. Google Earth’s Virtual Experiences

One of the greatest tools at your disposal to explore destinations and worldwide culture from your desktop! If you haven’t explored what it has to offer, do yourself a favor and head there now. Once you get to Google Earth’s homepage, click on the ship wheel icon on the left that will take you to the “voyager” landing page. This is where you can explore an incredible amount of topics. 

27. Virtual Hometown Tour 

The Hometown Tour is a DIY virtual group tour created by your team members by taking video footage and pictures of their homes, towns and communities to share traditions, local favorite spots and things that make them unique. 


This wonderful party activity allows you to celebrate the diversity of your team! It’s all about sharing each person’s hometown experience with the rest of the group. Your team might be scattered all over the country or the world, they may come from different cultural backgrounds and upbringings. This is a great opportunity for everyone on your team to get a peek into everyone else’s world. 


About a week to ten days before your group’s party, tell all the participants the premise. They’ll capture videos and pictures, put together a basic compilation video to favorite songs. During your virtual party, everyone will share their hometown videos. 


28. Virtual City Tours 

Almost every major city has a variety of virtual tour offerings that shows off what makes them unique. A few favorites of ours below! 



Take a virtual tour in iconic buildings of Budapest with My Little Hungary or this Live Virtual Budapest Tour To See The City As You’ve Never Seen It Before  


Marrakech, Morocco

Take a guide led city tour through With Locals or a DIY tour with 10 Best

Explore New Orleans by way of a Virtual Tours

New Orleans is filled with exciting places to explore, but not all of them are open to the public right now. Even the ones that are open should be avoided given the nature of the pandemic. Thankfully, you can explore a wide range of exciting spaces in New Orleans in a completely virtual way. With the official New Orleans virtual tours site, you can take your team on an engaging adventure. Show them aquariums, swamps, and much more on this fun virtual website that lets you navigate exciting space on your own terms

bartender pouring a drink at a bar

29. Virtual “Pub” Crawl 


Another great DIY experience, a virtual pub crawl can feel random but you’ll be amazed how revealing it is. Every team member chooses a website that interests them and that they find fascinating. When the group logs on to your virtual meeting, they’ll be in for a whirlwind tour. Each team member will share their chosen website and subject with the group, switching to a new site and topic each 15 minutes. You’ll be surprised how much cool stuff you’ll explore and learn about each other’s interests. If you want to incorporate a “pub” element to your pub crawl, you can do the whole experience over drinks or add in drinking game rules! 

30. The Virtual Bucket List Challenge


Do it yourself to the max! Bucket Lists are a notion our society can’t shake — and for good reason. They’re fun. It’s great to dream and set lofty goals. Go learn how to weave! Enter a bike race! Dog Sled in Greenland! So, simply, have your team put together their own thought out bucket list. It’s probably a good idea to limit it to around 10 items so that everyone has to be choosy. Then, over a video conference, have each member share their bucket list. If team members have the same or similar bucket list items, have them pair up to achieve that grand goal. They can create a plan of actionable and achievable steps, hold each other accountable and celebrate each other’s wins. They can do this all remotely! (Duh)

a large sign above the front of a building

31. Catch a Red Sox Game at Virtual Fenway Park

So you may not be able to actually go to a game at Fenway right now… but you can take that epic walk to the park through this great virtual platform History View before you watch the game on TV! 


Virtual Animal Experiences 

Everybody loves animals! Give your team cuddly babies and wild beasts from the comfort of their own home. 



32. Petting Zoo(m)! 

A family of four that runs a farm in Virginia has a ton of cuddly buddies they can share with your group. You can pick from a quick animal cameo, an interactive farm tour or an educational animal show. Goats, Llamas, Camels, Kangaroos, Cows, Sheep, Antelope, Hedgehogs and many more will have your whole group saying, “aaaaaaaaaw!” 

a herd of giraffe walking across a dry grass field

33. Virtual Safari Experiences


Wild Earth Safari Live: This incredible company partners with some of the most notable safari operators and lodges to get you up close and personal with expert game rangers and a massive amount of wildlife. This interactive experience uses safari vehicles, guides on foot, drones, balloons, rovers and remote cams to bring the African plains right to your screens. 


Tintswalo Safari Lodge Virtual Safaris: This lodge’s virtual experience is slightly different because they have a library of videos to choose from so you can pick what interests you most and you are guaranteed to see some great footage of African wildlife. This allows you complete flexibility of schedule as you can watch them anytime. 

34. Enjoy A Virtual Encounter With Wildlife At The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo has been home to a wide range of exciting wildlife throughout the years. They are well known for their wild encounters, which give visitors a close-up look at various animals and the caregivers who take care of them in a fun and interactive way. Now, you can schedule a complete wildlife encounter online. It is the perfect opportunity to break away from the repetitive nature of work and focus on something wild and fun for a little while. You can even have your team vote to decide which animal they want to spend their time with, making it an even more enjoyable and interactive experience. If you have a team of animal lovers, they will love this experience.

a group of fish in the water

35. Virtual Aquariums

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium, Boston’s aquatic gem, is engaging people virtually in a variety of ways. Live presentations from National Geographic experts, Virtual Animal Encounters and Virtual Dives exploring the tanks and reefs are just a few of the ways you can scratch your oceanic itch. 

Take A Dive Into The Georgia Aquarium Virtual Tour

The Georgia Aquarium has now introduced a guided virtual tour through its aquarium galleries and behind the scenes areas. Of course, you can dive into the lake and rivers at the site, but are you curious about how you and your team can enjoy diving into the virtual world and enjoy a brand new virtual experience? Simply select your tour for you and your team, set up at home with the viewing instructions you’ll have received, and begin to enjoy some stunning close-up views of the animals at the aquarium. Group tours range from 10 to 20 minutes at a time and are cheaper to purchase if there is a member of the aquarium in your group. This is an aquarium experience like you’ve never seen it before!


Virtual Creative Activities

36. Virtual Crafty Activities

Wreath Making

Alright, here’s a really fun one for around the Holidays! And it requires an element of secrecy and mystery from the party planner. Are you intrigued yet? Your team or group are going to make impromptu wreaths together, but they can’t know that they are going to be doing this or else they may be tempted to go out and buy appropriate materials. These wreaths you’re making together aren’t your standard wreaths. They are wreaths made out of found materials from around everyone’s home. Maximum Creativity! 


So, order your whole group a basic wreath frame like this one on Amazon, a pair of scissors and twine. While on your virtual party meeting, have everyone open up their wreath making supplies and tell them the premise. Give the group 5 – 10 minutes to run around their house to find materials to make a wreath. Encourage them to get creative and think outside the box. These should be weird and kooky, using odd items. 


Next, regather your group and have everyone share what they picked out. Put on some holiday tunes and let everyone get to work on their wreath. Spend about 20 minutes working, all the while chatting it up. After the allotted time, everyone shares their wreath (or their progress so far). Then your team members can decide if they want to hang out and continue working on their wreaths or go their merry way. 


Love & Make’s Virtual Candle & Soap Making Workshops 

Your team can also benefit from taking virtual craft, making courses like candle making. They will be taught by expert instructors who will help the members to create their vision of what their candle should resemble. Various tips and techniques will be taught as each member is given a list of supplies to buy for the workshop. A $25 registration fee is required for this activity.

37. Cheesy Movie Remake 


Here’s how it works: 

  • Have your participants choose one of two premises: 1) Shoot a 90 second version of their favorite Cheesy Movie from memory without watching it first OR 2) Shoot a 90 second version of a Cheesy Movie you’d like to rewrite and reimagine. 
  • Then have your team members recruit their family, friends and/ or roommates to play the other characters. Or they’ll have the opportunity for a star turn playing all the roles themselves. See how creative your team can get!
  • During your virtual party, each member of your team premieres their Cheesy Movie Remake after which the group discusses each other’s film as if they were drinking espresso at a French Cafe, showering them with accolades and creative input. 

38. Cheesy Music Video 

This is the musical cousin to our aforementioned Cheesy Movie Remake. We all love a good cheesy Music Video. Hahaha. Well, with this virtual experience, your team will get to indulge their inner cornball by creating one of their own. 


We recommend two ways of doing this: 

  1. Have everyone do a lip sync music video to their favorite cheesy song 
  2. Have everyone on your team do a lip sync music video to the same cheesy song. Then someone with iMovie skills can cut together a version featuring everyone. This is ripe for a blooper reel as well. 

a sign that says kaaraoke

39. Virtual Karaoke Night

Contrary to the norm, you can organize virtual karaoke nights, and it is such a great way to get your team laughing and bring them out of their shells.


The only thing you have to do is get your team members to join a virtual meeting platform like Zoom, appoint a coordinator, draw up a list of songs and have everyone sing any song on the list. If a DIY approach isn’t your style, check Voicebox Karaoke and The Offsite Co for a great online platform that does it all for you! 



40. Book Club 


This is a DIY experience. This is exactly the same as an in person book club except you meet up via video conference. You can encourage team members to make smaller groups to share their reading experiences in further depth. They can share by writing letters to each other, creating paintings and video content to express their connection to the material. 

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41. Team Painting

Get your Bob Ross on with your whole work crew. Painting gets you in a creative head space. And with this guided Augmented Reality experience, it takes the art class concept to the next level. Everyone paints on a mini canvas and at the end of the experience, all the canvases are combined to make a stunning group work of art! Check out these great virtual painting platforms that we love: Painting To Gogh, TeamBonding Team Painting and Paint The Town. For a great Wine and Paint class, we recommend PEARL PAINT AND SIP. A non-alcoholic alternative is Coffee Art


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42. Virtual Dance Party

Dancing is an excellent way to bring the fun, lively, and childish sides of your group members. Choose a meeting platform, prepare a playlist, play music, and get your teammates to dance in turns. 

A virtual dance party is sure to be fun because there’s sure to be someone who will crack the whole team up with their dance steps.

Choreography Challenge

Because you and your teamwork are at home, it will be nice to involve them in an activity that involves a lot of movement, to get that blood pumping and circulating again. Many music videos to choose from like “Single Ladies” by Beyonce is always an entertaining video to watch others try to recreate. 

When you are done choosing your preferred video, each member should film themselves attempting to copy the dance moves, and then you can edit each video together and compile them. Displaying them in a meeting or company gathering is a great way to break the workplace feel and give the atmosphere a more relaxed aura. You can also take a choreography dance class taught by professional teachers at Steezy

The Haka Team Bonding Experience

Haka is a Maori tradition performed by warriors to boost their morale and intimidate their opponents in a war. Well, we are not frightening anyone, but this fun and energetic class is a fun way to open communications lines and work together as a team. 

The entire idea is to work as a unit and get a choreographed performance taught by a certified Haka professional of Maori descent. The team is to perform the dance at the end of their class in the same way they were taught. And that includes the chanting, slapping, funny faces, and feet stomping too.


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