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5 San Francisco Walking Tours We Love

By: Joshua Hirsch 6/7/20

Are you ready to experience a city by foot like no other? Walking tours are the best way to immerse yourself into one of the most beautiful cities in the world, San Francisco. There is so much to see and learn in San Francisco that even walking tours won’t be enough to encapsulate what it has to offer. But as you walk into the San Francisco air, your heart will be filled with love of the city. Not only is a walking tour a fantastic way to gain a breadth of knowledge of the city, it is also a fantastic walking tour because the experience will last a lifetime. 

There is an unlimited choice of walking tours you can go on to immerse yourself in the San Francisco culture. You can imagine just how difficult it might have been to wilt down the choices of the best 5 San Francisco walking tours we love. There were a number of factors we had to blend in to ultimately provide you the best 5 choices upon your visit to the city. However, these 5 walking tours will make you see San Francisco in ways in which you’ve never seen the city before, whilst unlocking new knowledge areas and filling your boots to experience the city. 

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the top 5 San Francisco walking tours we love!

a bunch of foods including pizza and colorful gourmet desserts

Explore the city in the most delicious way possible on an adventure with Sidewalk Food Tours of San Francisco!



It is no secret that walking tours can be somewhat tiring, particularly if you’ve walked through the city all day in the scorching heat! Of course, it depends on the time that you go. But even so, there is no better way to take regular pit stops to refresh and immerse yourself in some of the city’s incredibly tasty dishes. The Sidewalk Food Tour not only takes you on a tour around the most popular food joints but be ready to dive into the tasty dishes the city has to offer. Our excellent guides will take you round to some of the most delicious hot spots, including North Beach,  to really fill yourself up at award-winning food establishments. We will also give you a history of the hidden food gems whilst you experience a taste (literally) of the city. The Sidewalk Food Tour is different from the rest and we promise to deliver an exceptional, memorable and tasty tour.

cars driving on a busy city street with Chinese lanterns hanging from the buildings above

Plunge into the Asian culture and check out the historic neighborhood of Chinatown San Francisco


  • Walk Your Way Through The Chinese Culture In Chinatown 


Did you know that Chinatown in San Francisco has one of the largest Chinese community outside of Asia? It is also the oldest Chinatown in the whole country. The Chinatown Walking Tour makes you get lost in the supernatural and diverse Chinese culture. The hustle and bustle of Chinatown makes it even more appealing to visit to take the Chinatown Walking Tour and learn about the historical culture of how the 24-square block was transformed from a sand dune to the home of Chinese citizens. Chinatown is a colourful and historic place to visit, not to mention the exceptional Chinese exotic dishes that makes China what it is. With an interesting mix of tourist attractions and historical buildings, there is no doubt that you cannot leave San Francisco without taking a trip down Stockton Street. Do not take a souvenir and move on, because you’ll miss out so much more. If you’re lucky, depending on the time you go, you may even be able to enjoy the celebrations of some of Chinatown’s iconic festivals:

  • Chinese New Year – The Chinese New Year festival takes place between late January and early February with a street fair and parade filling the streets.


  • Autumn Mood Festival – A harvest festival that is celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people that is usually held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar with a full moon whilst tasting delicious pastries and sweets of China.
a group of people standing in front of a building

Take in the breathtaking architectural masterpieces on a walking tour with Architecture SF


When you walk around San Francisco, what do you see? Amazing buildings and attractive landmarks at every corner. Well, this is what San Francisco is all about. The city is one of the best travel destinations for a reason. It offers a completely different spectrum of how a city lives and looks. You will be amazed by what you see in front of you. From Market Street through to the corner of First Street, immerse yourself around some of the city’s most famous and unique buildings from the Transamerica Pyramid, Golden Gate Bridge, Salesforce Tower, Columbus Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf amongst experiencing the city’s famous skyscrapers. Take the walking Architecture Walking tour and ensure you bring the best camera you have. You will experience a personal connection with one of the most fascinating walking tours. Discover the rich history, loaded gems and hidden avenues that the general public will not know about, and be prepared to see the city in a stunning new light.

a beer bottle on a bar with two full beer glasses on either side and people talking in the background

Drink your way through some of the best breweries in town on this favorite from SF on Tap



Are you a beer geek and do you enjoy a drink on tap? Well, this is the tour for you! Be prepared to enjoy your beer drinking with a difference. Raise your Beer IQ and enjoy what the city has to offer with your beer drinking buddies. The SF on Tap Beer Tours not only involves drinking original barrels of beer and enjoying the unique flavours of the city’s beers, it also involves walking in front of the city’s most iconic buildings and enjoying additional tours and activities of the city’s attractions whilst enjoying samples of beer on tap. Quench your thirst of the city’s local breweries and craft beers within Ashbury and North Beach. Learn about the city’s culture and history and have the opportunity of enjoying sample of beers right in front of the city’s attractions. Enjoy the perfect balance between the history of beer craft, delicious drinking and touring. 

Different views of the city including the Golden Gate Bridge, a well dressed room with a chandelier, a set of wooden stairs, and a view of Chinatown San Francisco

Traverse San Francisco in foot with a guided walking tour by SF City Guides



If you’re on a limited amount of time to visit the entire city, then this tour will give you what you need and much more! Take the SF City Guides tour, a free walking tour that spans the entire city and its incredible tourist destinations and attractions such as Presidio, Richmond, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, Union Square amongst many other choices. The SF City Guides Tour contains a selection of tour choices depending on the part of San Francisco you want to see. It is an amazing tour for visitors and residents alike because there are many hidden gems of the city that even those that live here are unaware of! Take a stroll of the city within the greener and greater bay area’s whilst learning about its history, tradition and generally falling in love with what the city has to offer. Choose from a huge variety of walking tours for absolutely free with charity donations accepted after the city tour is finished. Be prepared to enjoy highly-entertaining and memorable city walking tours. 


That’s Not All!

If you have not experienced these five enjoyable and exceptional walking tours, then you haven’t immersed yourself into the heart of San Francisco yet! From beautiful Victorian buildings, unique skyscrapers, quirky neighbourhoods and delicious food and drink, San Francisco has everything you want in a city. Plus, we haven’t even mentioned the iconic Financial District the city is known for, serving as the main business and financial hub. Amongst the skyscrapers, there are a breadth of elegant hotspots within the home of the city’s largest concentration of corporate headquarters

How about the culture of sport? Baseball with the San Francisco Giants, soccer with the Francisco amateur and semi-professional teams, and American football with the San Francisco 49ers at the city’s iconic Levi’s stadium, the city is a host to the popular sporting events. Did you know that the Levi’s stadium hosted WrestleMania 31 in 2015? This is just the tip of the iceberg of what the city is all about. There are many ways in which you can experience one of the greatest cities in the world. Fill and leave your heart in San Fran and get ready to experience the city in a way you never thought you would before!