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6 Virtual Team Building Activities That Rock | Sidewalk Food Tours

If you and your team are planning a team-building activity or program in your city, you need to look no further than right here, because we have a list of fun and exciting virtual team building activities for you and your team!

The term ‘Virtual team building’ means that instead of collaborating and engaging with your peers in-person on the street, this will be performed online all from the comfort of your desk at home. Of course, most may think that in-person team building is what gets the juices flowing with your team, but we’re here to tell you that some amazing virtual team building activities are equally as fun.

It may feel like you’re entering a new dawn with technology, but it’s something that has been around for a while. Just like in-person, online team building activities are designed to keep you close with your team, and build positive engagement, productivity, bonding and motivation. 

In Los Angeles, there are many virtual team building activities to choose from. We’ve considered a variety of factors to ensure the metrics of productivity, fun and engagement are exactly what you experience.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the six virtual team building activities in Los Angeles that we leave your team wanting more! 


a glass of a mixed drink with a sprig of rosemary

1. Test Your Cocktail-Mixing Skills With The Sidewalk Virtual Mixology Class

Are you a cocktail lover? This time, instead of going to your favorite bar or restaurant to drink your favorite cocktails, why not create your favorite cocktail right at home in your kitchen? That’s right, you can bring your favorite cocktails home without venturing outside. The Sidewalk virtual mixology class is a fun way to gather your team together and make a craft cocktail at home. There will be fun trivia, games and challenges so you and your team can challenge each other on their booze knowledge! You do not need any experience to partake in this class. Within two hours, you will learn how to create three delicious cocktails and have the added benefit of receiving recipes to make other cocktails in your own time. Simply be prepared to buy the list of ingredients before the class so you can make your first-ever cocktail together!

2. Roll Your Sleeves Up For An Interactive Sidewalk Cooking Competition

Have you ever wanted to test your hand at cooking some tasty culinary dishes? Well, you can, virtually! Get you and your team to roll their sleeves up to partake in a Sidewalk interactive cooking experience. You and your team will receive an ingredient list one week before your class to get you prepared. Our very own chef Eliza will guide you through a professional class that will also include some trivia and challenges to test your general knowledge. The cooking fun will last for two hours through Zoom. Be prepared to put all your effort into making a delicious meal and enjoy your tasty creation.


a man standing with a fire stick

3. Enjoy Some Interactive Entertainment Events With Asher’s Entertainment

Asher entertainment is always seeking to innovate their ways of imagination within their shows. Asher has developed over fifty-five unique virtual entertainment event options for you and your team. You can book your team into a live streaming session for a special event that you can enjoy on Zoom at the comfort of your own home. You have a mass of virtual entertainment options to choose from, such as comedy club, synchronized swimming, musical, graffiti, magic and fire shows. This list is endless, and you can take your virtual viewing experience to the next level with Asher. View entertainment like you have never seen before!

4. Promote Team Bonding With Customizable Games At Home From Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus has introduced a virtual event platform built full of customizable games to play and interact with your team and have a laugh together. Two Bit Circus is an experimental entertainment company that creates ‘carnival-style’ spectacles. The company has introduced a virtual remote trivia game show that puts your team to the test to answer questions every Thursday at 7 pm pacific time. Simply appear as a special guest via Zoom and interact with your friends having fun whilst answering some questions. Nominate a member of your team to request a virtual event invite, select Virtual Events where prompted and set the date you want to attend. Fun with a bundle of laughs, what more do you want?


water color paint palette

5. Bring Your Artistic Mind To The Fore With The Artsy Backyard Virtual Class

If you want to start testing your drawing and painting skills, or you’re maybe looking to explore your creativity and share it with your team, The Artsy Backyard has you covered! Gather the team to enjoy and embrace their inner artistic skills right at home with an online paint party! It is the perfect activity for any occasion, whether it’s a corporate event, a break-out or you simply want to try something new, simply sign-up your team online and join in the artistic fun! The paint party lasts for approximately two hours and a step-by-step instruction guide will be shared with you to begin creating your masterpiece.


a laptop computer sitting on top of a table with a large group zoom call

6. Experience A Virtual Game Night Together With Let’s Roam Go Remote

Let’s Roam is an interactive host that can host virtual game nights including trivia quizzes, pop culture, Pictionary and more using their Go Remote team-building platform! The unique experience can be enjoyed with your team, and the best thing is, you don’t need an application such as Zoom or MS Teams as the website asks you to perform three simple steps to connect you to a game of your choice. Open any browser, set up your webcam and headphones and open their hosting application so you can get in on the fun with your team.

To Sum Up….

These six virtual team building activities in Los Angeles will take your engagement and collaboration of your team to a whole new level. Our team building activities shine a spotlight on delicious food, wine, art and trivia games! Simply make sure that you have your virtual chat applications such as Zoom to sign in to the activities of your choice, and begin to enjoy creative ways to interact and bond with your team!