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7 Virtual Activities In New Orleans That Your Team Will Love

By: Joshua Hirsch

New Orleans has always been the perfect place to explore American culture and attend fun events. Now, with COVID-19 on the loose, staying home is proving to be the best option for everyone. If you are working with a virtual team and hoping to bring them together, we have great news for you. New Orleans makes it easy for you to enjoy exciting team events completely online. In this post, we will explore some of the best virtual team-building events that are available.


Master Mixology With An Online Cocktail Class

Who doesn’t love the idea of making a classy cocktail at home? With the Sidewalk Food Tours Virtual Mixology Class, your team can explore three classic drinks that everyone loves. Over the course of a couple of hours, your group will enjoy expanding their knowledge of mixology and will learn the skills needed to impress any guests when social-distancing allows for it. Give your team the chance to pass on just drinking a boring glass of wine or a bottle of beer with this fun and engaging class.

a wooden table with honey, eggs, flour, and more

Learn Easy Meal Prep With An Online Cooking Class

Quarantine has forced everyone to get better about cooking and sometimes it can be nice to explore something new. With the Sidewalk Food Tours Virtual Cooking Competition, you can challenge your team to make a new dish and compete with one another at the same time. This class allows your team to learn how to make a brand new dish and makes it easy for you to find the best chef among your group. This fun competition focuses on splitting your team into groups and choosing a member from each group to present their culinary masterpiece. Only one team can win, but everyone wins with their new culinary skills.

a man standing in a room looking at art

Visit Online Exhibits With The New Orleans Museum of Art

It is no secret that museums were one of the first places to shut down during the pandemic. Given the risks, visiting a crowded indoor space was simply not a permissible event. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get the most out of the New Orleans art scene. The New Orleans Museum of Art has made various exhibits available online, which gives your team the perfect opportunity to explore the world of art and start talking about these exciting pieces.

brightly colored aquarium with fish and corals of all colors

Explore New Orleans With Virtual Tours

New Orleans is filled with exciting places to explore, but not all of them are open to the public right now. Even the ones that are open should be avoided given the nature of the pandemic. Thankfully, you can explore a wide range of exciting spaces in New Orleans in a completely virtual way. With the official New Orleans virtual tours site, you can take your team on an engaging adventure. Show them aquariums, swamps, and much more on this fun virtual website that lets you navigate exciting space on your own terms.


Learn About New Orleans With A Virtual Film

Virtual screenings are becoming the new standard for movie watching in a “public setting” and plenty of theaters are jumping on board. With The Colonial Theatre, you can watch Up From The Streets New Orleans: The City of Music to learn more about New Orleans’ rich historic culture. This is one viewing party that is guaranteed to get your team talking and will remind everyone of the beauty of the city. We might not be able to go out and freely explore New Orleans for a little while, but brushing up on some of its incredible histories is a great way to pay tribute to the city and remind your team of the powerful heart that will always carry New Orleans forward.

new orleans musicians playing the trumpet

Listen To Amazing Music With A Virtual Concert

Virtual concerts are becoming more popular now that quarantine is here to stay. The New Orleans Jazz Museum is bringing incredible performances straight to your screen every week with their calendar of virtual concerts. They offer wonderful events that will keep your team engaged and give everyone something to gossip about in the morning meeting. They offer fun and exciting events that can bring your team closer together and remind them of the beautiful music that New Orleans is known for.


Make Art Together With A Virtual Painting Class

Paint The Town is known for its fun and interactive art classes that have always worked as the perfect team-building event. Now, they offer a completely custom online experience that makes it easy for your team to enjoy a wonderful time making art and having fun. This group offers various packages and makes it easy for you to host a virtual event that will get people talking in no time. These fun and educational classes will leave everyone with a fun token to remember them by.



New Orleans has seen its share of struggles and comes through every time, and this is no different. Even though your teammates might be stuck at home, it doesn’t mean that they have to completely lose their sense of normalcy. Virtual events make it easy for teams to come together in a fun and engaging way, all while staying safe at home. Give your team something fun to remember with an exciting virtual event that will allow them to make treasured memories and bonds, even from home.