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7 Virtual Team Building Activities in Washington DC That Your Team Will Love

By: Joshua Hirsch

As the world goes digital, virtual team building activities are great ways to keep the bonding going. The recent pandemic guidelines and restrictions have left companies with no option but to go virtual. 

These activities make it easier for staff and team members to connect physically towards achieving a similar goal. Today, we’d look at a few virtual team bonding activities your staff in Washington DC would love to be a part of. Let’s have some fun!

a wooden cutting board with fresh ingredients

Delicious Virtual Cooking Competition

1. Virtual Cooking Competition 

In Washington DC, people often get too busy with the daily work routine that misses out on the fun part. Everyone loves food!

People love to connect over food and the process of preparing meals. Just like your usual food vlog or TV really shows, your team could enjoy team bonding at its peak with Sidewalk Food Tours’ virtual cooking competitions. Many professionals in Washington DC help with the organization of the competition to ensure everyone has fun.

More importantly, your staff and team tend to recreate our over-the-chart recipes over a time frame. At the comfort of your home (now turned office space), you’d be able to communicate, share memories, and bond while competing for the best meal. 

2. Craft Cocktail Making

Ideally, team members would stop for a few cocktails after a long day’s work as a culture. But with the recent pandemic restrictions and virtual working, we can only engage everyone in ways we can. Our virtual mixology sessions at Sidewalk Food Tours are engaging, interactive, and fun to help fill up the void of working from home. Each session is packed with games, trivia, and discussions on drinks and cocktails to help everyone feel involved and engaged.

Your host for the sessions is experienced mixology with an engaging people’s personality everyone loves to have around. Our craft cocktail making session aims to help working individuals in Washington DC experience bonding over-familiar activity.

3. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Where are the smart thinkers in the team? This game is for you. But, you must work with other team members to navigate the maze of questions and save a city. No member is allowed to be quiet, and all hands must be on deck. The virtual scavenger hunt involves answering trivia questions about a city in Washington and picking up clues to the next stage. 

The hunt will take you through significant landmarks and the historical route of the city. So, while you try to get ahead by providing the correct answers, you must work as a team.

So, you think you know Washington as you do? take this brain test. Teams will meet via zoom and interact with the host on the same platform. Each member gains access to the game room after answering a question correctly.

Think you are smart enough to beat win a scavenger hunt; join this virtual adventure today by using the Scavify App

meditating in the sun

Virtual Wellness is all the rage!

4. Team Virtual Wellness Challenge

Okay, the pandemic has restricted your visit to the gym, and we have added a few pounds in plan sights. The virtual wellness challenge is a variety of wellness activities where the team attains a wellness goal together. Each member gets to tackle the challenge and reports their progress while cheering others on to complete theirs. 

Furthermore, weekly friendly competition is conducted via video or social media, and members earn points or advantage for partaking or finishing a task. Points are tallied at each point, and the overall winner is announced at the end of the challenge.

This is fun and should get you moving even though you are locked inside looking at the screen. You can pick your favorite activities from Virtual Yoga at Glo Online Yoga, Virtual Mediation through Headspace and Virtual Group Workout Classes with ClassPass and Barry’s Bootcamp

5. The Haka Team Bonding Experience

Haka is a Maori tradition performed by warriors to boost their morale and intimidate their opponents in a war. Well, we are not frightening anyone, but this fun and energetic class is a fun way to open communications lines and work together as a team. 

The entire idea is to work as a unit and get a choreographed performance taught by a certified Haka professional of Maori descent. The team is to perform the dance at the end of their class in the same way they were taught. And that includes the chanting, slapping, funny faces, and feet stomping too.

Work together as a team!

6. Virtual Game and Puzzle-Solving

Working as a team is not the easiest task and having one online is equally challenging. Online games like puzzles, riddles, and game shows, or trying to solve a mystery are excellent ways of building effective communication with other team members. In this virtual team building challenge, members can join in from anywhere in the world but must adhere to the instructions and work & win as a team. One of our favorite virtual platforms for group puzzle games is Puzzle Break

a cup of coffee on a table

7. Tea vs. Coffee Virtual Live Tasting Class

This is a fun activity where employees get a mix of specialty coffee, teas, and infusion a week before the class is held. On the said date, team members connect to the virtual café where a friendly barista greets them. The process involves storytelling, games, and actually tasting the items sent to you. It can be done from anywhere in the world and exciting too.

To Wrap It Up

These are some simple ways to connect with your colleagues regardless of the pandemic virtually. If you work or live in the Washington area, hook up with the following activities, and start bonding.