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8 Virtual Team Building Activities In New York That Your Team Will Love

By: Joshua Hirsch


New York is one of the most exciting cities around, but COVID-19 has changed the way that it operates. While most of us used to go out and explore the town, now we are all opting to stay inside in order to support social distancing efforts. Fortunately, working from home does not need to mean the end of team-building activities. Now more than ever, teams need to remain engaged, which is why many employers are looking for virtual team-building exercises. To help you choose the perfect event, we have pulled together some of New York’s finest events that can be enjoyed from home.

bottles of liquor in a bar

Take A Master Cocktail Class

Spending time indoors can be boring, but it is also a perfect opportunity to brush up on some new skills. Lift up your team’s “spirits” with the Sidewalk Food Tours Virtual Mixology Class. In this class, everyone on your team will learn how to craft three exceptional classic cocktails and even learn how to create the perfect bar kit using ingredients they already have around the house. With engaging games and fun trivia, it is the perfect way to have a little fun with the team even if you aren’t all physically together.


Find The Best Chefs On Your Team With A Virtual Cooking Competition

More than ever, a lot of us are eating at home. Since this is the case, people are more interested in recipes than ever before. With the Sidewalk Virtual Cooking Competition, your team can learn how to make an amazing dish in less than two hours. Your group will have fun playing games, learning trivia, and will come together for a friendly little competition. Each group will be broken up into teams and will choose their strongest competitor to show off why their team deserves to win. It is a fun and educational experience that will keep people talking.


Attend The New York Philharmonic

Most of us aren’t spending too much time outside and a lot of group events have been outright canceled. Fortunately, you can still treat your team to a powerful cultural experience by virtually attending concerts put on by the New York Philharmonic. They are offering a wide range of engaging events that allow you to get the full effect from the comfort of your home. It is a wonderful experience that will bring your team closer together and give them something to talk about that isn’t just work.

a close up of a red curtain in a theater

Explore Engaging Performances With Queens Theatre

Theaters are closed around the country, but that doesn’t mean the performances have stopped. The Queens Theatre is still putting on shows and teaching engaging classes completely online. Whether you choose to have your team watch a wonderful performance or try out a virtual dance class, this is one group that has a lot to offer. They make it easy for you to forget that you are in your living room with captivating performances that your team will love.


Learn About Fine Art With Whitney Screens

The Whitney Museum of American Art knows that all good art deserves to be shared. This is why they offer Whitney Screens, an online video screening that allows your team to explore fine art from the comfort of their own homes. It is a great way to get employees talking about art and learning about various masterpieces. They bring breathtaking displays and interactive content to your team with ease. 


Catch Some Improv At The Magnet Theater

The Magnet Theater has always been known to host engaging improv and fun comedy skits. Now, they have taken their experience virtual. Give your team the gift of comedy with a collection of comedic professionals offering engaging performances. Their calendar is ongoing and allows you to easily schedule your team to watch a live performance at a time of your choosing. It is fun, friendly, and can remind everyone to smile a little more.

red lights on stage modern dancer arms out

Take A Dance Break With Martha Graham

The Martha Graham dance company knows that they can’t stop dancing just because of a pandemic, which is why they have gone completely virtual. Take the time to watch impressive and engaging dance performances, or sign your team up for a virtual dance class. This group makes it easy to see the true heart of dance and will keep your team talking for months to come. They offer unique and engaging experiences that are a lot of fun.

white tigers at the zoo

Enjoy A Virtual Encounter With Wildlife At The Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo has been home to a wide range of exciting wildlife throughout the years. They are well known for their wild encounters, which give visitors a close-up look at various animals and the caregivers who take care of them in a fun and interactive way. Now, you can schedule a complete wildlife encounter online. It is the perfect opportunity to break away from the repetitive nature of work and focus on something wild and fun for a little while. You can even have your team vote to decide which animal they want to spend their time with, making it an even more enjoyable and interactive experience. If you have a team of animal lovers, they will love this experience.



Given everything, we can all use something to look forward to. Virtual events can help to pull together your team and raise spirits in no time. If you are looking to get people talking or you just want to find a good way to “get people out of the house” without asking them to leave, virtual events are perfect. They can remind your team that they are all united and give them a chance to have a little fun despite the circumstances. With COVID-19, it is easy to feel like we are all alone, so try out a virtual event to remind your team that they are all together, even if it is only over Zoom.