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Our 8 Favorite Walking Tours in Paris

Written by: Joshua Hirsch  on Feb 10, 2020

Paris has earned its right to be one of the most famous cities among travelers, and it holds the key to many people’s hearts. It is the most romantic city in the world and is often known as “The City of Love” or “The City of Light.” There is an abundance of art, beauty, history, and culture. This is where the Mona Lisa is at the forefront, and Moulin Rouge was born. The Eiffel Tower is one of the wonders of the world and is the most recognized building by people no matter where they are from. It is such a gorgeous monument that even Las Vegas could not help itself from building a replica in the middle of its strip. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and the lights are the brightest. Walking around Paris is a magical experience because the city is full of energy during the day filled with residents and tourists. Then it comes alive at night with twinkling lights on every street where you can endlessly walk for hours and lose track of time. The lights on the Eiffel Tower sparkle as the aroma of warm chocolate crepes hits your nose at the right moment. No matter which time of year, Paris will always be trending. Here is why you should take a walking tour to capture the true essence of Paris, like no other experience in life.

man cutting cheese at a cheese shop

A Classic Fromagerie on Rue Mouffetard

Sidewalk Food Tours of Paris

For the best culinary experience that will awaken all your senses on a cultural journey, nothing beats a walking Latin Quarter Food Tour. You will travel through the Latin Quarter to get your taste buds dancing thanks to a wide variety of fresh French breads, wines, cheeses, eclairs, cured meats, cream puffs, and so much more. Imagine spending a romantic starry evening away from the usual tourist spots to consume a ridiculous amount of local cuisine that will make you want to live in Paris forever. If you are celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or want to surprise a loved one by jetting them to Paris, treat them to a private food tour that is specifically designed to cover all your favorites. Eat the night away when you walk together hand in hand among the twinkling lights in the city of love.

a castle on top of Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame “Our Lady of Paris”


Notre Dame: Before, During, and After the Fire

This two-hour walking tour will take you deep into the world of Esmerelda and Quasimodo because Notre Dame Cathedral is the home of the Hunchback. This is the most visited attraction aside from the Eiffel Tower and broke everyone’s spirits when it was on fire. With the post-fire walking tour, you can still experience the magic of this cathedral. What most tourists do not know is that they can take a resident’s walk all the way up to the church. This is the perfect spot where you can see all the towers, gargoyles, rose windows, and flying buttresses. Only locals know about these vantage points as you step into the forbidden city. However, this tour makes you feel like a real Parisian to enjoy the numerous photo opportunities as you discover about the past, present, and future of this monument. No other walking tour lets you

experience the details of how and where the fire started while hearing about how Victor Hugo’s Hunchback saved Notre Dame back in 1831.

a bridge over a body of water with a city in the background

The Beautiful Right Bank of Paris

Paris Landmarks Right Bank Tour

This Discover Walks walking tour is the quickest and most efficient way to get an overview of famous Paris landmarks. If you have never been to this city before, this ninety-minute tour is the best way to formally introduce yourself to Paris. You can visit the Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Seine River, National Assembly, Orangerie, Concord Plaza, and the Eiffel Tower for a finishing photo op. If you want to extend this tour, you can also go to Jewelry Street, where every Jeweler in Paris fights for a spot there. If that is not exciting enough, you can see where Coco Chanel lived for thirty years, where Napoleon strategized his battles, and stop by bars that were frequented by Ernest Hemingway. This tour is a magical elixir to every history buff, especially if you want to absorb the personality of the city in a short time.

Left Bank Latin Quarter Paris

Left Bank Latin Quarter

SANDEMANs Latin Quarter Left Bank Tour

The Left Bank walking tour explores where masters and students enjoyed life for over a thousand years. You can visit the Latin Quarter, and Sorbonne University to feel like a scholar. As you are lost in a daydream while walking through the streets, you can see old stones that inspired Hemingway, Picasso, Cyrano de Bergerac, and Jack Kerouac. The tour finishes right in front of the majestic Pantheon and will give you a taste of young and old Paris. There are many drinking holes and cafés you can stop by for a Parisian snack. If you are fascinated by ancient relics, you can also find the blade of the Guillotine and many more countless opportunities for some breathtaking photos.

People siting on a street in Montmartre Paris

Stroll on the cobblestone streets of Montmartre

Montmartre Tour: Moulin Rouge to Sacre Coeur

If you want to grasp the romance of this city, make sure to go on the Montmartre walking tour with Fattire Tours to explore Paris’ most artistic and bohemian district. You will cover several scenic streets that once inspired Picasso, Edith Piaf, and Renoir. The journey takes you to the Sacre Coeur Cathedral and Moulin Rouge, so you can sing “Come What May” to your heart’s content while reminiscing about Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor falling in love. The highlight is exploring the eccentric lifestyles of Montmartre residents, both former and current. You will get to see why the residents are so passionate about their quirky vineyard. There is no limit to the romance in Montmartre, and you will have the best views of Paris right at your feet for some epic photos that will make everyone back home so jealous. France’s pop culture also originated from here, and you can stop by the extravagant home of Dalida, Chat noir, the Cabaret of the Assassins, haunts of Amelie, and so much more.

a close up of catacombs in Paris

Hear Spooky Stories about the Catacombs of Paris

Catacombs of Paris

This is a group guided tour by Paris City Vision that will take you deep into the Paris Catacombs, where six million bones of Parisians rest underground. This is a controversial and confronting opportunity to learn about how Paris handled their dead over two-thousand years ago. With this guided tour, you can get full access to all the exhibits, like Gilbert’s grave, the water reservoir, and the crypt. The Catacombs is one of the toughest places to access in Paris, which is why you need a guide to take you. You can explore Paris’ understand ossuary and go down a spiral stairway into a silent world surrounded by the skulls and bones of over six million people stacked neatly together against the walls. Do not forget to ask your guide about why Napoleon moved the dead underground.

Paris at night with sunset

The “City of Lights” at Night

Paris Night Tour Winter Special

There is nothing more magical than the glittering lights in the most romantic city on earth. Everything is so illuminated and peaceful because all the crowds are gone. This city was made for walking for as long as possible. Then it becomes a memory you can cherish for the rest of your life. A guide will greet you outside Palais Royal, and then you will be escorted in a group to the Paris Opera House, the Latin Quarter, Le Marais districts, Pont-Neuf bridge, Notre Dame Island, the Louvre pyramid, River Seine, the Orsay Museum, and watch the dancing lights on the Eiffel Tower. The tour ends with a complete 360-degree view of Paris as you go on a boardwalk. This tour also includes a lot of hidden gems because your guide is a born-and-bred Parisian who knows everything about the city that most guidebooks do not cover. The best part is that you can sip on a takeaway cup of hot chocolate while breathing in all the energy and lights of Paris at night when the city is alive on another dimension.

A group of nazi soldiers in front of Arc de Triomphe

A dark time in Paris’ history

World War II Paris Guided Tour: Trials and Triumphs

During this three-hour walking tour with Localers, you can learn all about how Nazi Germany occupied Paris during World War II, and how the residents had to make ends meet to survive. Your guide can walk you through history and tell you what people did and ate, as the occupying forces tortured and abused the local population. Many Frenchmen became heroes and a beacon of hope for all. Many highlights of this walking tour include the Holocaust Memorial, the Jewish Quarter, the War Deportation Memorial, the French Police Headquarters, Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Nazi Military Headquarters, the Palace of the Legion of Honor, the Shoah Museum, and several plaques with historical inscriptions. If you have studied a lot about the war, this is a great refresher during a casual stroll to where the actual events took place. Your guide will conclude the trip by describing how World War II still haunts and shapes the French society in the modern world. In case you get hungry, there will be cafes and coffee shops that you can stop by for a quick snack during this walking tour. To learn more about the war, you should also visit Camp de Drancy, where sixty-four train convoys transported nearly seventy-thousand people to the extermination camps. Then you can even squeeze in Mont Valerian, which is a fort on the west side of Paris

where many French underground resistance fighters were shot, and you can book a guided tour to visit their memorial.