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Join Sidewalk Food Tours in Paris on a cultural journey through the Latin Quarter. Taste authentic French breads and cheeses, wines, cream puffs, cured meats, and more on our Paris walking food tour. Get away from the crowded tourist spots and discover the City of Love like a local. Choose an experience below.

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February 16, 2023

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December 24, 2022



Join us as we eat our way through the amazingly delicious Latin Quarter (5th arrondissement) in Paris. In addition to all the delectable foods you savor on our tours, your food tour guide discusses the history, culture, architecture and, food scene of the area. We showcase the best restaurants, food shops, and ethnic eateries in the neighborhood.

However, our tours are about more than just the food. We offer you a side dish of the interesting history and culture of Paris and the Latin Quarter. Our guides are the best darn storytellers in the business.

Our goal is to provide an outstanding food and culture experience so you can revisit the Latin Quarter with confidence and take advantage of the array of food and cultural options it has to offer. Come eat with us!

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Wow! What an amazing food experience. Our guide was very interesting and funny. He knew his Paris history and told us all about how the foods were prepared and their significance to French culture and cuisine. We ate croissants, baguette with cheese, charcuterie, oysters, and the most amazing french style dessert. Have fun!

– Clem Yoon

We really enjoyed this tour! Our guide was great. We went into shops where I would normally have no idea what to order. Come hungry, servings are generous. I made the mistake of having breakfast before, otherwise I would have eaten twice as much! We also learned a lot of history and interesting facts about Paris. A must if you want to have the real Parisian food experience ;)

– Nathalie S

We booked this for our family trip and had my 6-year-old niece with us. We were not disappointed, Our guide was wonderful with my niece and included her in the group. We had a fantastic time on the tour of the Latin Quarter. We sampled croissants, banquettes, pate, cheese, oysters and crepes. I would highly recommend.

– Michele S.

I spent a lot of time researching food tours for our first trip to Paris, and I'm SO HAPPY I chose this one! This tour with Sidewalk Food Tours was definitely the best value compared to others and we had an AMAZING TIME. The food was diverse, the portions were very sizeable, and we left full and happy with a lot more knowledge about the history of Paris! Would 100% recommend!

– Kaitlyn Worley

My girlfriend and I took Mathieu's Latin Quarter food tour and loved it. We were so full by the end of it! It was great to eat all that food and also have plenty of time walking around to digest it while also learning a good bit about Parisian history and architecture. Neat!

– enemyno9

Loved Loved this Food Tour of Paris. My hubby and I took a lot of tours on our week long trip to Paris and this one was a favorite! We were pleasantly full by the end of the 3 hours and walked away with a greater appreciation of the area. Our guide was funny, smart and spoke both fluent french and english. We can't wait to come back to Paris and take another food tour with these folks...

– Bao Pham

We had a great experience trying new food and learning about history and culture. Tried raw oysters, cheese, pate, mousse, baguette, croissants, and more. Wear comfortable shoes and avoid eating in advance! Naomi was a wonderful guide. Recommended for all foodies!

– kinstanbul

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