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Join us on a delicious and fun food walking tour of Los Angeles. We offer the best food tours of LA in 3 distinctly different neighborhoods. Savor the flavors of various cuisines in Downtown LA, West Hollywood, and our newest location Venice Beach.
Los Angeles has something delicious for everyone. Satisfy your cravings at the best restaurants in the city and learn all about LA’s exciting history and culture from our entertaining guides. When the tour is over, you can revisit your favorite Downtown LA, West Hollywood and Venice Beach restaurants. Come eat with us!

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March 14, 2023

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December 24, 2022



Join us as we eat our way through the amazingly delicious Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) and/or West Hollywood (WeHo) neighborhoods. In addition to all the delectable food you savor on our walking tour, your food tour guide shares the history, culture, architecture, and food scene of these diverse neighborhoods. We showcase the best restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and ethnic eateries.

Our tours are about more than just the food. We offer you a side dish of the interesting history and culture of Downtown LA and West Hollywood. Our guides are the best darn storytellers in the business.

Our goal is to provide you with the best food and culture experience so you can revisit Downtown LA and West Hollywood with confidence to take advantage of the array of food and cultural options it has to offer. Come eat with us!

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This was the best part of my trip to LA!! Our guide was very informative, super friendly, and kept us safe. The weather was perfect, you can get a work out or just pedal and enjoy the ride. Absolutely Amazing!!

– Sarah Ainsworth

If you're into food tours, this one is great. Our tour guide was informative and fun. The food we tasted was yummy. Half a croissant, taco, 1/4 grilled cheese sandwich to name a few. The walk wasn't too long, but on the sunny side of the street to get a view of some landmarks- so wear a hat if you're sensitive to sunlight. Also, bring your own water. Overall, a great tour.

– goodlifeCalifornia

Had a great day on this tour. This is a great way to learn some history about Downtown and enjoy some good food. I liked that it was just tastes of food and not too heavy. We were happy to have brought a few water bottles with us. Looking forward to doing more tours in other areas of the city.

– Karyn N.

Great blend of samplings, history and exercise in DTLA. Steve was knowledgeable and a great host for the group. We have toured with other groups and the blend of Sidewalk Food Tours is tops.

– David Keefe

Super fun day walking around LA’s historic district!!! Learn a lot about the area and wonderful places to eat. Definitely, well return and eat at the places we visited. My favorite was the Almond Croissant and Grill Cheese! Still thinking about the yummy flavor and crunchy texture.

– Rose L

Great way to spend some time with family and friends. Knowledgeable guide who talks about LA history, architecture, and food. And you get a little bit of exercise between nibbles.

– Dallas W.

This Food Tour of Los Angeles was delicious, informative and fun. I went on the tour in December with my girlfriend and we had an amazing time. Our guide was knowledgeable and funny and we ate some of the best foods on our trip to Los Angeles. I highly recommend you take this tour. It was one of the highlights of our stay in LA. Well done!

– Reid Hubbard

I have lived in LA for 31 years and still learned more La History. Loved the tour and the food. Our tour guide, Hillary, kept it fun and at a good pace.

– Lisette G

We organized a private tour for two birthdays and we loved it! Walked around downtown LA and got to eat some amazing food. It was. A perfect birthday activity with the family and it was nice to do something a little different. Thank you Sidewalk food tours! We loved our tour!

– Barbara V.

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