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Take a bite out of the scrumptious River North and Wicker Park neighborhoods on one of our Chicago food tours! Sidewalk Food Tours showcases the best restaurants in the area, giving you a chance to try deep-dish pizza, authentic tapas, iconic American doughnuts, and more. Taste all of these and more on a Chicago walking food tour! Choose your culinary experience below.


Your Ultimate Chicago City Guide

Sidewalk Food Tours: Where History And Food Come Together

Whether you are eating a traditional dish at a family gathering or you are trying something new in a country you’ve never been to before, there is always one common thread. Food brings people together.   It celebrates culture and tradition. It lets chefs “play with their food” and get crazy creative when coming up…

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December 24, 2022

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September 22, 2022



Join us as we eat our way through the amazingly delicious River North and Wicker Park neighborhoods. In addition to all the delectable foods you get to savor, your food tour guide discusses the history, culture, architecture, and food scene of the neighborhood you’re visiting. We showcase the best restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, and ethnic eateries.

However, our tours are about more than just the food. We offer you a side dish of the interesting history and culture of these two fascinating Chicago neighborhoods. Our guides are the best darn storytellers in the business.

Our goal is to provide an exceptional food and culture experience so you can revisit the neighborhoods with confidence to take advantage of the array of food and cultural options they have to offer. Come eat with us!

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Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable. She even told us about other places to see and eat in Chicago. I would recommend this tour for tourists and local residents as well. We’d do it again.

– Shannon Dinan

My boyfriend and I went on this tour together while I visited him in Chicago for the first time and enjoyed the food, history, and getting to walk around all over. Be sure to wear tennis shoes and be hungry because you will be full when your finished.

– kab21483

Had a great tour. The guide was great and the food was delicious. We really enjoyed the spots, the information and the group size. Britany was fabulous. She was super attentive and fun person to spend a few hours with here.

– Darcy R.

I went on both the Wicker Park and River North tours, and as a local Chicagoan, both tours introduced me to new foods/history/culture of Chicago, and also reminded me of why I love this city. Highly recommended for both locals and tourists! Better yet, locals bring your tourist friends and have a great afternoon experiencing Chicago in a tasty and fun way!

– Margaret Wilkoff

This was a great tour! The food was delicious and diverse. Our guide, Sarah, was very informative and friendly. I would highly recommend this tour if you want to explore a neighborhood of Chicago (Wicker Park) you’ve probably never been to before.

– E_Meds611

This was a great way to explore a new city! Mike was a fantastic tour guide and was very knowledgeable about the area. The sidewalk food tour combined two of my favorite activities: walking and eating. So fun.

– Debbie G.

We took the River North tour with Jake. This was such a great way to see the city and sample a variety of food. I liked that the sit down restaurants alternated with the stand and eat places with a walk in between. I loved the pizzap and I always appreciate an opportunity to sample Rick Bayless' food!

– Jennifer Nicholson

River North tour was a good time. A great way to have a sampling of the area, it's history and food. Tour guide was informative and interactive. Give it a try.

– NorthStar538614

What a fun way to explore the city. We loved the history and the taste of Wicker Park. Chicagoans take advantage of a tourist POV and discover local spots that give Chicago its rich diversity.

– Michelle S.

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