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Miami Corporate Team Building Tour

Quick Details

Clock  Times: Flexible start time. 3 hour tour (anytime between 11am – 6pm)

Users  Group Size: We will take a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 100+ participants on a corporate team building food tour.

*We will take less than 5 people but there is a $574.40 minimum charge.

Food Dietary Restrictions:Vegetarian options at all the food stops. We can accommodate other dietary restrictions, i.e. vegan, gluten free, dairy free, etc. upon request.

Dollar Pricing Breakdown:

  • $108.42 per person (daytime & nighttime) which includes all the delicious food (enough for lunch or dinner) and an excellent local guide, who will narrate the tour with history and culture of the neighborhood.
  • 20% gratuity for your guide in addition to the tour price.
  • $15 more per person for gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegans.
  • $100 per additional guide for groups of 20+ people with multiple guides.
  • 15% surcharge if we put the alcoholic drinks on our tab and charge your card after the tour. You may pay for the alcoholic drinks with your credit card the day/night of the tour to avoid the 15% surcharge.

Info Why Choose Our Team Building Food Tour?

  • More Tasting Locations and Flavors for less $
  • The best foods without waiting in long lines
  • We Accommodate small and very large groups
  • A “foodie” adventure
  • A discussion of the history and culture of the neighborhood
  • The best darn guides in the food tour business
  • Flexible start times
  • Exclusive and customizable based on your budget
  • Accommodate some dietary restrictions with advance notice
  • Book well in advance or last minute

Link Terms and Conditions

Person (Private)
*Food included, enough for lunch or dinner
*20% gratuity for your guide


The Sidewalk team is happy to work with you to create the perfect  food tour suited to your team’s interests. We showcase the best  foodie neighborhoods.

Are you looking for exciting new ideas for team building activities? 

Our private food tours are a great opportunity for your team to get  outside their usual office environment and hit the streets of your  desired city to taste delicious treats from our favorite mom-and pop shops, amazing ethnic eateries, and the newest spots  creating a buzz in the neighborhood.

We’d love to be a part of your team’s private food tour of Miami.  The cost of a private 3-hour food tour is $108.42 per person  (daytime & nighttime), including delicious foods from 4-5 different  places (enough for lunch/dinner) and a local guide’s narration of  the history and culture of the neighborhood.

Additionally, if you’d like to make your outing extra festive, you  may add an alcohol component to your food tour. You may pay  the restaurant directly with your credit card on the day of the  tour. Or, we can put the drinks on our tab the day of the tour,  and charge your credit card, after the tour is over. We will send  you the receipts. *There is a 15% surcharge for us to put the  drinks on our tab.

In addition to all the delectable foods your team will be savoring,  your guide will discuss the history, culture, and food scene of the neighborhood. Our guides tell the story of the neighborhood  through its food and the people who prepare it.

We have vegetarian options at all the food stops and can  accommodate other dietary restrictions with advance notice.  Kindly provide us with food restrictions/preferences at least 72  hours before your food event.

The best way to get the process started is by filling out  the Corporate Events Inquiry Form below.

Be sure to book your tour soon, as our private tour calendar fills  up quickly. We want to ensure your team gets the spots. Looking forward to taking your team on a delicious, informative,  and fun food tour of Miami.

Small and Large Group Food Tours 

We specialize in large-group private food tours. We are one of the  few food tour companies that can accommodate large groups with  multiple tour guides.

We can accommodate groups of up to 100+ people. We max out  at 20 people per tour guide. Therefore, a group of 100 participants  will have 5 tour guides, each with 20 people per guide.

All the groups will have the same starting and ending locations  and eat at the same delicious places, but take slightly different  routes. We can arrange for everyone to end the tour all together  at the last tasting location.

There is a $100 charge for each additional tour guide above the  first tour guide.

Bored of the usual bowling trip or go-kart outing for  your team-building event? 

We specialize in corporate team-building activities and off-site.  We offer private food tours for all of our tours.

Please fill out the form below so that we can connect with you to  begin working on creating the perfect food tour for your team.

Corporate Team Building with Sidewalk Food Tours is  perfect for: 

  • Holiday Parties
  • Off-site activities
  • Culinary R&D
  • Summer Associates
  • Intern Programs


  • Perfect for team-building functions & corporate outings • Custom start & end times
  • Accommodate food restrictions
  • Additional food & alcohol pairings for more fun! • Multiple guides for large groups

What’s the difference between a private and a team-building food tour?

A corporate team-building food tour is a private tour, exclusively for your team. The private tour on our site is for family and friends, and the corporate tour is for team-building. The main difference between a family and friends private tour and a team-building food tour is the tasting locations. On a teambuilding food tour, we sit down longer (25 – 30 min) at the restaurants and the food portion sizes are slightly larger.

We have found over the last 13 years leading team-building tours that corporate groups want to spend more time socializing with co-workers at the restaurants. There is plenty of time to mingle and enjoy a cocktail with your delicious food. We go to fewer restaurants (3-4) and the food portions are bigger. (Enough for lunch or dinner)

Upon request, we can incorporate a relaxed and fun teambuilding component into your tour. We split into teams and give a Jeopardy-style trivia contest with the winning team receiving a bonus tasting.

Lace-up your shoes and eat with us. There is no better experience than delicious food and cocktails.

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