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5 Amazing Group Cooking Classes to Try in Chicago

food cooking in an oven

Choosing a cooking class for team building is something that more teams are doing now that people realize what an opportunity it is. When your team chooses to enjoy a competitive or basic cooking class, they are really signing up for a huge bonding activity. Chicago is notorious for offering delicious food, and with a good cooking class, your team can learn all about it!


fresh ingredients laid out on the counter


Team Building Through Cooking Classes


Cooking is something that many people find challenging because they don’t know where to start. With group cooking classes, you can take the art of cooking from challenging to engaging immediately. As your team works next to each other to learn new skills and make delicious foods, they will grow closer one dish at a time. Enjoying each delicious food option at the end will make it easy for your team to have fun and celebrate their victories. There is so much to gain when you bring your team together to cook. The best part is that one class can empower them and leave them with lasting memories for years to come!


Chicago Cooking Classes That Bring Teams Together


In Chicago, there are plenty of team building cooking events to explore that offer different benefits–and your team will love every single one. You can choose any of these classes for your next team offsite event if you have a team that loves food!


food cooking in an oven

Be a better home chef!


1. Try Indoor and Outdoor Cooking at The Chopping Block


The Chopping Block is an incredible local Chicago chef school that pairs your team with talented chefs in
your area to learn and explore delicious meals. This group offers completely unique private cooking
events, so you and your team can learn all about how to make great food in a private space. The team
offers both indoor and outdoor in-person cooking classes, so you can choose the menu that is right for
your team and go from there!


fresh pasta coming out of a pasta maker

Fresh pasta!


2. Try an Iron-Chef Cooking Competition with CookingFools


Cooking Fools is a 2-person team that is happy to help you get the most out of your next big corporate
event. With their Iron-Chef Cooking Competition, you can split your group into teams that will compete
to make the best meals. Using mystery ingredients and absolutely no recipes, your team will work
together to make meals from a pantry that is stocked with over 300 ingredients!


a group cheersing with red wine


3. Explore a New Menu with Cook, Cork, and Fork


The chefs at Cook, Cork, and Fork are here to help you broaden your tastebuds using a variety of different
menu choices. From Americana to French and Italian, this group is here to help your team explore a menu
that fits their tastes–and they love working with teams!

With this group, your team can enjoy an appetizer, main dish, and dessert without having to worry about
figuring it all out themselves. They will pair you with a skilled chef who will explore the ingredients with
you and help your team to understand the best way to make each dish. As fun as it is delicious, this is a
great team building opportunity!


meat cooking on a grill


4. Learn How to Grill with Crave Cuisine


Is your team looking for a way to get more use out of their grills at home? Have we got an opportunity for
you! At Crave Cuisine, they offer a variety of incredible classes that teams love–but the Grilling Class is
an instant favorite. This course focuses on how to grill a variety of amazing dishes the right way! Grilling
is all about having the right skills, and this course makes it simple. From Pork and Grape Kebobs to
Grilled Peaches, their chefs will show your team how to make the perfect barbecue food–but way fancier!
For added convenience, they offer dedicated corporate events.


a group of people preparing food in a kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Big City Chefs


5. Enjoy the Ultimate Chocolate Workshop with Big City Chefs


Some teams like food, but some teams are a little more interested in satiating a sweet tooth. With the
Ultimate Chocolate Workshop, you can bring your team creamy and delicious happiness–and new kitchen
talents too. Together, your team will partner with chefs to create a variety of amazing chocolate dishes–
including creamy dark chocolate truffles, mocha hazelnut mousse, and much more!