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Virtual Mixology Class

Quick Details

Per Person Up to 25 people
25 - 50 People flat rate
50 - 100 People flat rate
100+ unlimited people
Additional Mixologist 50+ people

Make a Craft Cocktail at Home

During this time of online team building and socializing, our Virtual Cocktail Hour is the perfect way to gather the troops, learn something fun and blow off some steam. Bring your favorite craft cocktail bar home with our professional mixologists at the helm! Sprinkle in a little competitive twist and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a hit team building activity. 

Explore your cocktail curiosity with Sidewalk’s Virtual Mixology Class. Our professional mixologists know how to take your online team building to the next level! Everybody loves delicious drinks and friendly competition! With our Sidewalk Virtual Mixology Class, our professional mixologists pour it all together to bring you the best online team building activity. 

For the absolute best virtual online team building, you needn’t look any further than Sidewalk’s Virtual Mixology Class. Our professional mixologists are renowned for engaging your team’s cocktail skills and group dynamic. The perfect combination of online team building and your favorite cocktail bar, our Virtual Mixology Class led by professional mixologists will have your group asking for another round! 

Meet up with your professional virtual mixologist for equal parts team building and happy hour. Shake up your online activities for total team success!Sidewalk’s Virtual Mixology Class is the ideal team building activity for cocktail fans who are curious about sharpening their skills behind the bar with our heralded mixologists.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to shake up your online team building, then look no further than our Virtual Mixology Class led by world-renowned professional mixologists! Sidewalk’s Virtual Mixology Class has the recipe for a perfect Virtual Meeting: equal parts team building and fun! Our professional mixologists will lead you on a cocktail experience that is guaranteed to leave the whole team smiling. Fun, creative, engaging and productive! Sidewalk’s Virtual Mixology Class is the perfect way to engage your team’s cocktail curiosity and problem solving skills.

How It Works

  • We send your group a short shopping list of ingredients for the cocktails we’ll be teaching 72 hours ahead of your scheduled experience
  • We also send a video that shows how to construct a basic bar kit out of items you already have in your house
  • We provide your group with a private Zoom meeting ID and Password
  • At the time of your Virtual Mixology Class, your group joins the Zoom meeting and is greeted by your Cocktail Expert
  • Your Cocktail Expert teaches the group how to make the first cocktail of the tour!
  • Now, with drink in hand, we jump into the virtual tour of cocktail history and iconic cocktail bars!
  • Loads of fun trivia, games, discussions and more cocktails keep the experience engaging

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