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8 Virtual Team Building Activities in San Francisco That Don’t Suck

By: Joshua Hirsch



If there is anything that the pandemic taught us in very tough terms is that there is now an aching need for more virtual activities for teams. Before now, whenever teams wanted to bond, they traveled to a resort or had some activities that required all of them to be in the same place at a point. 

However, the pandemic has taught us that that will not always be possible. So what do we do? Cancel team bonding exercises whenever something happens that disturbs our movements? Oh no, we can simply have virtual team building activities. Just in case you were wondering what you could possibly do virtually, here are 8 virtual team-building exercises you could carry out in San Francisco.


a person holding a cocktail shaker pouring red cocktail into a martini glass

1. Virtual Mixology Class

Well, since it is clear that we will be home a lot, why not learn how to mix great cocktails? Well, there is a chance to do it with the entire team, virtually. The Virtual mixology class is the best way to bond with your team over cocktails and may or may not have alcohol. 

You could even host a small competition and watch the team bond over the making of juicy cocktails. Turn the entire thing into an office cocktail party at the end if you will, but one thing is sure; while the team takes the Sidewalk Food Tours’ Virtual Mixology Class, they will bond. 


2. Virtual Cooking Competition

You are probably thinking of all the ways it is impossible to get involved in cooking while you are on a zoom call. However, it is very easy. More importantly, it is handled by the very efficient, talented chef Eliza. It is a very good option for people who love food. 

On a lighter note, this would add to your cooking skills, preexisting or not. So when you feel like whipping up the same thing in your free time, you already have the knowledge. The Virtual Cooking Competition is a perfect way to laugh, make memories, and bond.


a peek into a garden with arching trees and colorful tulips ahead

3. A Virtual Trip to the Conservatory of Flowers

Unless you all have gardens, it would be helpful to take a trip to where you can find flowers. While you all may not be able to smell them, taking a virtual trip around the place will create a great team-building activity. 

Flowers are known to improve moods, and a team watching flowers, imagining scents, and just admiring the beauty that nature has provided will most certainly bond well. Take your team on a tour of the Conservatory of Flowers, that even when they are virtual and detached from nature, they align with the beauty that nature generously provides.


graffiti art of a woman

4. Virtual Graffiti Workshop

It may be not-so-legal to go painting graffiti on walls, but it would not be illegal to do it virtually with your teammates. Enter Graff Tours!

With virtual walls, and spray paints at your disposal, the team can spray to their heart’s content, virtually, with a teacher watching them do it and teaching them how to. Everyone automatically becomes an artist, and all’s right with the world. 

The graffiti teachers will be experts, so everyone can learn how to be a super artist virtually. Just don’t go painting on real walls later.


5. Virtual Karaoke Parties

No one said karaoke’s were limited to physical meets and greets. Besides, it is an amazing way for everyone to bond. You never know, you may just find out that your tech guy sings like Bruno Mars. It works pretty simple as long as there is a coordinator. 

One thing that is natural with karaoke bars is the chaos, and make no mistakes, it will follow you here as well. Just have someone who can coordinate things, and have everyone sing whatever they like that is on the list. You all will most certainly find it an interesting event. The karaoke bars may be closed, but you can open one on your laptop. Check out Voicebox for a great Online Karaoke platform. 


6. Virtual Ghost Stories

Ah, this one very thrilling event. So, you think you are someone who cannot get scared, well your secretary might be the one to send you to shriek-avenue with her scary-from-hell stories. Besides, you can see who scares the most, and who scares the least. 

Make it into a competition and see who gets bragging rights at the end of the day. This works very simply . Have everyone tell a scary story, and see what happens to the rest of the group. Check out these scary stories from NPR’s 100 most scary stories and this great list from Mashable

It is one very great way to bond, especially as adults. Some adults still want to be read stories, oh, you will be shocked at just how many miss that aspect of their childhood. 


beautiful red and white paper lanterns hanging in chinatown san francisco

7. The First ChinaTown

America has its first china town situated in San Francisco. While it is a sight you must have come across before, it would not hurt to take your team around. 

There are so many stories about the place that could be shared along with your teammates as they go one. This view should engage them in meaningful conversations surrounding the virtual tour of the first-ever china town in America. exploring history while you take this Virtual Tour of Chinatown

After this is over, you and your team can do a question and answer session, where everyone talks about what they loved most about the city, or so that you can all bond over her story.


8. Virtual Tour Of The Golden Gate Bridge

The golden gate is one of San Francisco’s most important monuments. From movies getting an aerial view of it to breathing in the sheer beauty of it when you get closer, every moment this bridge is shown, it’s just simply awesome. 

Now, while you cannot go out to love and appreciate the beauty physically, you can take your team on a virtual tour of the golden gates. This is a very beautiful sight, and your team will definitely love a Virtual Tour of the Golden Gate.