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10 Actually Cool Team Building Activities in Las Vegas

a Las Vegas zipline experience over the strip

Las Vegas is often known for its wide range of entertainment opportunities, and this can be great news for local teams. Team building gives your staff an opportunity to explore the world and connect. Whether they take on a challenge together or choose to just share a few laughs, they can learn more about one another and become closer.

The good news is that Las Vegas team-building activities are very common in the area—and there are some great opportunities out there. In this article, we will explore team outing ideas in Las Vegas that are perfect for different teams with different interests!


spinning wheel ride that is brightly colored with yellow, pink, purple, and blue pattern

Can your stomach handle it?

1. Make Lasting Memories at the Adventuredome

The best team outings give teams a chance to really enjoy themselves together. A great way to do this is to find an activity that is fun and encourages everyone to let loose. What better opportunity for fun than at Circus Circus’ local Adventuredome? At the Adventuredome, your team will gain access to all kinds of exciting events and activities. You can find out who is the best at rock climbing, who is brave enough to try bungee jumping, and who would be the best at robbing your local bank. Offering everything from classic arcade games to thrilling rollercoasters, the Adventuredome can cater to a wide range of interests.


the view of light and shadows on Red Rock canyon

Red Rock Canyon

2. Take on Nature at Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is one of Las Vegas’ most prized natural gems, and people love visiting it each week for this reason. Offering you access to all kinds of trails and beautiful scenic views, Red Rock Canyon is a great space to take your team when you want to get out of the office. At this location, your team can enjoy everything from picnics to full-on hikes. It has a little something for every interest, allowing your team to choose a completely custom adventure based on their interests. Get out and have fun at this incredible hotspot.


alternating american flags and checkered flags floating in the wind with the clear blue sky in the background

There’s nothing that says America like…

3. Watch the Cars Fly at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

This hotel and casino combo is the perfect outdoor activity for teams that want to be outside but still want to relax. Offering a collection of tours and racing opportunities, this is one high-speed place that is sure to get your team’s blood pumping. Whether your team wants to know what it’s like to be Mario Andretti or they just want to see what they can do out on the track, this is one location that lets your imagination fly. Your team can choose to just watch or jump in for some racing of their very own. It is all about what you want to see and how you want to spend your day—but the fun is guaranteed!


a group of people on a raft boating our in the Black Canyon

Black Canyon Rafting!

4. Enjoy the Black Canyon Tour on a Motorized Raft

With this exciting team activity, your team will be able to get outside and see a new side of Las Vegas. With all the hustle and bustle in the city, it can be easy to forget that Nevada has stunning natural landscapes. With this exciting opportunity, your team will always remember the beauty that this state offers.

This particular tour gives your team the opportunity to float down the Colorado River with a dedicated tour guide for added safety. Your team can relax and enjoy the views from your very own motorized raft. On this tour, you will be able to see the marvel that is the Hoover Dam and all of the local wildlife along the way.


a Las Vegas zipline experience over the strip

The only zipline on the Las Vegas Strip!

5. Soar Through the Air With the Fly Linq Zipline

Proudly marketed as “the only zipline on the Las Vegas strip”, this adventure-filled activity is fun for all ages. Your team can enjoy flying down these thrilling ziplines at a speed of their choosing, making it easier than ever to see the world from a brand-new angle. These ziplines can offer quite the adrenaline boost, but that isn’t all that they bring. Starting from a 12- story launch tower, your staff will fly down over 1,000 feet of zipline covering the Las Vegas strip. The sights are amazing, the experience is fun, and your team will love every minute of it. Fly Linq makes it easy to choose them by offering a variety of discounts and special pricing opportunities for locals and businesses alike. Your team can enjoy this memorable experience—and they can even do it together. Private parties are allowed to soar in style with their friends, so you can race to the finish and see who is truly the best!


a helicopter flying high up in the air

See the Entertainment City of the World from above!

6. See a New Side of Las Vegas with a Helicopter Tour

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours is officially giving teams an opportunity to head outside and see Las Vegas from a totally new height. Offering everything from daily tours of the Grand Canyon to their amazing nighttime tours of the Las Vegas strip, an adventure like this can really change your perspective. The daily tours are perfect for teams that are looking to see more of nature. There is simply no better way to experience the Grand Canyon than while flying up above it. However, teams that love the nightlife will marvel at their nightly tours over the Las Vegas strip. You’ve never seen Vegas really glow until you see it from way up in the area. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will keep your team talking.


a person rock climbing on a boulder wall

Trust, physical activity, hardwork!

7. Push Your Team to the Limit at the Red Rock Climbing Center

Climbing walls present a great opportunity to get a lot of really great exercise with some added fun. A good climbing wall can even help your team to work on problem-solving and reverse engineering. For this reason, more teams are exploring the unique challenges that climbing gyms can offer. The Red Rock Climbing Center offers access to over 8,000 feet of climbing walls and can support people at all levels. This safer alternative to traditional rock climbing is a fun challenge that can help your team to compete, laugh, and support one another as they take on each new wall.


up close picture of the moon

It’s out of this world!

8. Explore the Universe at the Illuminarium

The Illuminarium promises an immersive out-of-this-world experience that will keep your team buzzing for weeks. At this unique location, you can explore the deep expanses of space and stock up on all kinds of interesting science facts. This exciting space adventure offers all kinds of different goodies, but the perks keep on growing for teams. Depending on what package you invest in, you can make sure that your team gets something truly wonderful to remember the event by in the form of souvenirs. For a little extra fun, be sure to drop by the Lumin Cafe after your big day to enjoy a lovely meal. For adult teams that are looking for a quieter experience, Space After Dark can be the perfect way to bond.


chopsticks picking up one of four pieces of sushi

Be on the lookout for celebs!

9. Grab Dinner and Drinks at Catch

Located in the MGM Grand Hotel, Catch is an amazing restaurant that doubles as a beautiful backdrop. This incredible location offers a variety of menu items that are perfectly suited to a wide range of personal preferences. Whether your team is chasing the best sushi in Las Vegas or just wants to find their next new dessert, Catch has plenty to offer.

At Catch, your team can experience the wonderful reality of a modern menu. Staff can enjoy the iconic Truffle Sashimi or a new twist on one of many classic meals. Offering scenic views and picture-perfect menu items, this is one place that will keep your team talking for years down the line. To make the menu even better, they also offer all kinds of exciting drinks to enjoy. Your team can have fun exploring signature cocktails or just a good glass of wine. This is one ritzy outing that is perfect for teams that are looking to enjoy a classy meal!


red and orange neon light sign "laugh" all uppercase

“Where comedy history is made!”

10. Share in the Laughs at the Las Vegas Comedy Cellar

This iconic New York comedy venue has been making people laugh for ages, and now it is bringing its comedy straight to Las Vegas. Your team can enjoy a full night out with a bit of lighthearted entertainment with any of these shows. There is always something new to enjoy here, but for hands-on teams, they offer even more. Your team can sign up to take comedy classes of their very own to boost their creativity and have a good laugh. For teams that are always talking and laughing, you really can’t do better. You might be surprised to learn how many comedians are hiding in your office!


The Takeaway

Fun corporate team-building ideas can all vary depending on what your team likes and what will bring them closer. Your team might need a way to connect and work together, or they might just need to relax after a particularly difficult project. The good news is that Las Vegas is a city that always has something new to offer, and that means there is plenty of opportunity. Turn your next team-building event into an opportunity to bring your team closer in just a few short hours!