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12 Actually Cool Team Building Activities in Boston

Boston is famous for its sports, diverse culture, and for hosting one of America’s best-known colleges: Harvard. It is no wonder so many people call this bustling city home. From China Town to Fenway Park, there are endless fun group activities to try.


Your company can easily tap into all this fun when planning your next exciting team-building event. 


Do You Really Need to Plan Team Building?


Many people overlook how important offsite team building is. Company outings can get put on the back burner. We forget that to be successful, an office group needs to know how to work as a team. 


Team building, especially offsite team building, is a fun way for employees to learn about each other. It helps employees work on communication and problem-solving skills in a low-stakes environment. It is also a great stress reliever. If you’re looking to improve team morale and productivity, consider planning a company event or group outing at least once a year. 


You might be wondering how to get great company outing ideas your team will actually enjoy. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 


Keep reading for our complete list of fun things to do with your group in Boston. 



a stand of pastries and cakes at high tea

High tea?


Recommended Activity

1. Eat Your Way Through History 

Known as the birthplace of the American Revolution, Boston is a very historical town. See the city through the eyes of the founding fathers while you explore the famous Freedom Trail. Running through the city, it includes places like the Old State House, Bunker Hill Memorial, and even Paul Revere’s home!


Want to really impress your team? Eat your way through history with Food Tours of Boston


a hand mixer in motion

Who’s got the skills?



2. Take a Collaborative Cooking Class 

Cooking together connects people on a different level. That is why a great corporate activity is to take a cooking class together. 


Cooking Classes of Boston helps teams create delicious foods. They pair each group with a trained chef to answer any questions along the way. At the end of class, enjoy all your hard work with a tasting, some wine, and great conversation.


a microphone set up like you are about to sing at it

What’s your go-to tune?

3. Sing Your Favorite Tune at a Karaoke Night

If your team is looking for a fun activity that will have them roaring with laughter, karaoke is the way to go. Your employees will get to let loose a little, or they could even have a friendly singing competition. 


Hong Kong Boston offers the perfect venue for karaoke. They also have mouthwatering food and locally famous punch bowls. It is a great place to sing your heart out and get a few laughs!


Sign with gold font for Cheers bar in Boston



4. Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name 

No Boston activity list would be complete without a trip to Cheers. An iconic venue, this bar served as the inspiration for the original Cheers television series. 


You can even add live impersonators to the experience and make it truly memorable. 


guacamole in a small bowl with fresh ingredients beside it

So fresh!


5. Test Your Skills with The Great Guac Off 

The Great Guac Off is a friendly competition with a sense of humor. Each team will develop a team name, cheer, and come up with a guacamole recipe they think will beat out the other teams.


As they mash their avocados against the clock, they will compete in different mini-competitions for points. The spirit of this competition is to learn to work together, communicate, and have a wildly good time.


someone playing an arcade toss game

Nothing brings people together like nostalgia!


6. Replay Your Favorite Games at an Arcade Bar

A4cade is an adults-only arcade bar made for the young at heart. Part speakeasy, part gamer paradise, this venue is perfect for hosting your next corporate team-building event. 


Located in Cambridge, the bar is hidden in Roxy’s Grilled Cheese restaurant. Once inside, your group will be nostalgic as they play all their favorite childhood games. 


Don’t Forget to Get Outside 

Sometimes, the best way to bond is in the fresh air. Going outside for your corporate event is a safe way to gather in large groups and still have a great time. 


Keep reading to learn about the best outdoor team-building activities to try in Boston when the weather is warm. 


the exterior of fenway park

Go Sox!


7. Hit One Out of the Park At Fenway

Boston locals live and breathe New England sports. With teams like the Patriots, Celtics, and Red Sox – you can score tickets to an exciting game during any season. In the warmer months, grabbing a hot dog and cold drink at Fenway Park is most people’s go-to group activity. 


So take your team out to a ball game for some fun in the sun. Even when the Red Sox aren’t playing, Fenway offers a Ballpark Buyout Package. This includes full, exclusive access to the park. Your employees will have a blast trying to hit a home run or relaxing with a cold beer on the Sam Deck. 


When you’ve got the whole place to yourself, the possibilities are endless. 


the view at Boston Common

Get out of the work environment, get some sun and fun in!


8. Host a Game Day on the Boston Common 

Looking for a money-saving way to enjoy a bunch of team-building activities at the same time? Consider using the Boston Common for your next corporate event. 


Bring snacks, drinks, and a few games for an inexpensive day of outdoor entertainment. If you are looking to save, skip buying your own games and check out Creative Event Services’ game rentals. They have giant-sized versions of Connect Four, Chess, and even scrabble! 


aerial view of a lush, green golf course



9. Score a Hole In One With a Company Golf Day

Golfing has been a long-standing business affair – and with good reason. The low-intensity sport gives you a relaxing workout without too much stress on the joints. It is also a great way to learn about your employees and colleagues. While you’re walking around the course, you’ll get the chance to chat with your teammates. 


Don’t know how to play? No worries, Golf Lessons Boston will hook your group up with a golf instructor perfect for your team’s playing level. 


Boston Lights lanterns

Boston lights!


10. Shine a Light On Your Employees at the Boston Zoo 

Boston Zoo hosts a mesmerizing lantern art experience called Boston Lights. Your employees will be impressed by the miles of custom-made lanterns. 


The zoo also offers special event packages. These include food and a designated area for your group to relax and have a party.


escape room outdoors in boston common

Ever done an outdoors escape room?


11. Try Out Boston’s Only Outdoor Escape Room

Escape rooms have become an extremely popular team-building activity. Unfortunately, most of them are indoors. That means if you have a larger group it might be hard to book the event safely. 


That is why Trapology created an outdoor escape room using the power of technology. Your team will work together to find clues to solve the puzzles and riddles hidden throughout the city. 


Boston harbor

Let loose and cruise!


12. Cruise the Boston Harbor 

Want to really impress your team with a unique corporate outing idea? Take your next company cocktail event aboard one of Boston’s Hornblower Cruises


Enjoy their refreshing drinks and indulge in the freshly prepared food on board. With the Boston skyline as your backdrop, your company cruise will be all your team talks about. 


Bonus Remote Activity

Do you have team members who work fully remote or in a hybrid environment? You can still plan a fun team-building experience!


Check out our virtual mixology and food competition classes. That way, everyone can join in the fun, no matter their location. 


Boston is a wonderful city to explore with a group. Send out a quick email to your office with this post attached.  Ask your employees what activities they would want to try. That way, you know you are picking something everyone will enjoy. 


Whatever your team decides, you will have a great time getting to know each other outside of the office!