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12 Insanely Fun Group Activities in Seattle

Traveling with a group — and looking for a destination with a laid-back attitude and diverse neighborhoods? Seattle will do you good! A thriving art scene, intriguing history, some of the best coffee… the Emerald City sure has much in store to create lasting memories.


While visiting Seattle may be expensive, looking around can help you keep your wallet in your pocket (while still filling a traveler’s heart). Keep reading as we share our top 12 picks for insanely fun group activities in Seattle — featuring mostly free things to do 🤍


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a large body of water with Space Needle in the background

The view of a the Space Needle in Seattle


1. Travel Through Your Tastebuds


One thing is for sure: the food scene in Seattle is as unique as the city itself! Your tastebuds will have a blast during the trip — especially if you dedicate a day to treat them with a three-hour food tour!


With Sidewalk Food Tours, you walk around the various neighborhoods of Seattle, sampling different cuisines and having memorable conversations over food. From restaurants to eateries, we take you through different eating spots to try a little bit of everything.


a group of people sitting at a table eating food

Sample the best food available!


2. Put On Your Chef Hat


In for a little cooking? Sidewalk Food Tours hosts cooking classes in Seattle, where your crew gets to put together a mouthwatering dish. You will be assigned a Seattle chef who will keep a check and guide you along the way. In the end, you get some handmade goodness to devour with your friends — and, of course, a new recipe to take back home.


a person cooking food on a table

Get cookin’ good lookin’!


3. Stroll through the Neighborhoods


Each neighborhood in Seattle is so unique; to do justice, we’d recommend walking through as many as you can. Get a good feel of the city by strolling through Capitol Hill, Phinney Ridge, and beyond. Your group can check out shops and parks and chat with the locals. Also, don’t forget to grab a coffee along the way — you’ll love it.


a group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

Wonder around!


4. Hike at Discovery Park


Seattle mostly sees cloudy days (ouch), but when the weather allows, taking advantage of the sun and heading for a hike is a great idea. Head towards the Discovery Park for terrains that suit different people. From forested trails to the rocky beach, everyone in your group can find something to their liking. Bonus— all of these are free (and beautifully preserved for your crew to enjoy).


a bridge over a body of water

There’s lots to see!


5. Wander Through the Famous Pike Place Market


A lively, maze-like market, Pike Place is (justifiably) very touristy. But you can’t leave Seattle without visiting it! With a farmer’s market, artisan marketplace, foodie’s dream… Pike Place is rightly considered one of Seattle’s top attractions. Plus, entering is completely free — and so are the samples generously offered by many vendors in the market.


a store front at night with Pike Place Market in the background

the Famous Pike Place Market


6. Watch the Waters at Ballard Locks


Head over with your group to the Ballard Locks to enjoy Seattle’s outdoors (for free!). Here, you can watch boats moving across the lake, admire salmon jumping up the river, and spot plenty of other wildlife. Also, be sure to visit the botanical garden nearby.


a large body of water with Soo Locks in the background

Ballard Locks


7. Admire the Central Library


The Central Library is undeniably the coolest building in Seattle. It is made entirely of steel and glass, and looks so mesmerizing that you wouldn’t be able to help clicking a group photo here. Especially so in its book spiral and red room. Whether you’re looking to delve into a book or simply appreciate the architecture of this building, the Central Library sure is a must to consider.


a tall building in a city

Central Library


8. Play Outdoor Games at the Seattle Waterfront


Get up close with Seattle’s urban shoreline at the waterfront, where you can find seafood eateries and plenty of shops. Be sure to visit Pier 62 — here, you can play outdoor games with your group. For example, Jenga and giant checkers. If your crew members are in for a scooter ride, consider renting scooters and riding down to the Olympic sculpture park, enjoying pristine views along the way.


a large body of water with a city in the background

Seattle Waterfront


9. Visit the Frye Art Museum


Strengthen your group bonds by collectively learning about history at the Frye Art Museum. Here, you can appreciate over a thousand paintings dating back to the 19th century — and perhaps catch one of its sensitively curated temporary shows.


a screen shot of a living room with a large mirror

Frye Art Museum


10. Attend an Event at the Seattle Center


Nearly every weekend, the Seattle Center hosts plenty of events, including a cultural festival. During these festivals, your group can enjoy international cuisine, dance, and celebration — and, thus, celebrate the cultural side of Seattle. Bonus: there’s no admission fee for the events.


a group of people standing around each other

The cultural festivals are a blast!


11. Hit the Beach


Seattle is blessed with plenty of salt and freshwater shoreline — also why many of its parks also double as beaches. Whether your group has people who love swimming and kayaking or folks who prefer a laid-back day soaking up the sun, Seattle’s beaches will accommodate everyone!


a bridge over a body of water

It’s so relaxing!


12. Light Your Own Fire at the Golden Gardens Park


In for some spooky stories with roasted marshmallows? Head over with your group to Golden Gardens Park (this is one of the few public parks that allow open fires). If the day is clear, reach the park a little before the sun goes down to marvel at one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen! Afterwards, light a fire with your group and sit around it for a night filled with stories — and laughter.


a group of people sitting around a fire

Golden Gardens Park