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12 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities In Nashville

Hello Nashville! The most popular city in the U.S. state of Tennessee that’s known for its quirky nature with a rock and roll tone to it with well-known attractions such as the Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry that are hotspots for tourists. Nashville also has a rich history, so get your sightseeing shoes on for a famous tour!

Nashville, given the nickname of “music city”, has always been a vibrant city, particularly because it is one of the more famous music destinations not just in the United States, but in the world! With its street filled with clubs, halls, studios, and bars, there is always a good vibe and tunes pouring out of every establishment. 

Not just that, Nashville also has some beautiful, scenic landmarks which gives the city further notoriety. Enough goes on in Nashville that can keep you and your team on your toes when you immerse yourself into the city.

If you and your team are preparing to board a flight to see what Nashville, Tennessee has to offer, peek at the 12 insanely fun team-building activities in Nashville you can take on board. 

1.A Guided Tour With Nashville Food Tours

People enjoying samples of food on a food tour

Spend time with your friends and family while enjoying delicious food

Tourists naturally want to taste glorious local cuisines. Many hot restaurants in Nashville are known around the world. Its roots are covered with Southern cooking and continue to offer a rich list of impressive offerings. A sneak peek is its homegrown barbecue and fiery hot chicken. If you’re looking forward to immersing yourself in some of Nashville’s most popular cuisines, hop on a guided tour with Nashville Food Tours!

2. Go On A Scavenger Hunt With Let’s Roam

A team putting their hands together in a huddle

Because teamwork makes the dream work

Want to put your problem-solving skills to the test? Become Sherlock Holmes for the day and go on a Scavenger Hunt with Let’s Roam! You and your team can compete together or against each other by solving puzzles and clues to rack up the points you need to become a winner! An event planner will be on board to ensure that you have the time of your life! 

3. Axe Your Way To A Stress-Free Day With Flying Axes

A great stress-reliever is to throw something with all your mettle. Well, why not throw all of your stress towards a competitive axe-throwing experience with Flying Axes? Learn about the art of axe-throwing and put your skills to the test and hit the bullseye. You can rent the space out for up to 50+ people, with a personal instructor on board to prepare you. Just axe yourself: how’s my aim? 

4. Take To New Heights On A Zip Line At Adventure Works


If you’re a fan of team bonding outdoors, why not take an outdoor course at Adventure Works? Challenge yourself on bridges, rope courses, and zip lines and test your coordination and balance. Who will lead you on your way to the finish line?

5. Get Clued-Up Quickly To Break Free At The Escape Game

Escape room as a team bonding experience

Put your problem-solving skills to the test and break free from prison and other mysterious rooms at The Escape Game. Get your group of 8 together and choose from different locations to solve clues and puzzles to break free within 1 hour. Your adrenaline will rise as soon as you get in, and it’s up to you to prepare yourself to escape. Will you make it out?

6. Put Your Cooking Skills To The Test With Chef JoAnna

private cooking class of San Francisco

Chef Eliza teaching a private cooking class of San Francisco

Chef JoAnna, a famous Nashville chef, offers several fun team-building options to deliver a unique cooking experience. If you’re a regular cook, this will be a breeze for you! Do you have a coworker who brags about their chef skills? Time to put them to the test! Not only that, but you can also put your communication and collaboration skills to the test with this off-beat fun experience.

7. Pedal Your Way Through The City On A Bike!

a store front at night

Take you and your team on a bike ride to explore Nashville at Nashville Pedal Tavern! A bike that holds 15 seats (yes,15!) for you all to pedal concurrently down the streets of Nashville and take in some of its greatest hotspots. Choose from a multitude of neighborhoods including Downtown and the Broadway District. Tours last about 90 minutes per ride. Make sure your limber and loose, then get pedaling!

8. Build Teamwork On The Beach With Beach Volleyball

a group of people playing a game of frisbee

Nashville isn’t exactly a popular destination when it comes to beaches, but if you see one, you visit one! You can book a team-building workshop where you can play beach volleyball! Teamwork is everything when it comes to it, and is a great way to bask in the sun and test your volleyball skills. Get competitive!

9. Produce Your Very Own Song With KidBilly Music

Nashville Musician

Nashville is known for its music, and you can harness this power by collaborating with KidBilly Music. Teambuilding through song! Get your team together and begin facilitating your very own song. Your group will have a songwriter helping you develop lyrical ideas for brainchild tune. Record and play your creation, and you never know how far your musical talent can take you! Sing out loud and proud!

10. Become A Corporate Survivor By Partaking In A Real-Life Survivor Experience

scrabble board game with the word teamwork

Team Bonding that brings your team together

Are you and your team brave enough to take the survival challenge? You and your team will partake in a highly-energetic event that will test your physical, mental, and emotional toughness. Go through all the trials and tribulations of a real-life survivor experience throughout Corporate Survivor. A series of problem-solving and physical challenges are put in front of you, but the closer the finishing line gets, the harder the challenges become. 

11. Laugh Out Loud At The Third Coast Comedy Club

Have your team perform a comedy show

After a long hard day’s graft, take your dose of laughter medicine at the Third Coast Comedy Club! Third Coast is located in Marathon Village, with shows you can attend every night of the week to enjoy some local comedy from Nashville’s very own actors and comics. An extra incentive is for your team to take the stage yourself during open mic nights to have a good chuckle! 

12. Learn The Art Of Southern Biscuit Baking At Southern Belle

Baking is a southern culinary tradition, so why not try your hand at baking biscuits at Southern Belle? Your team will watch and learn from a professional chef before being grouped into separate teams to start putting your baking skills to the test. You can get a real sense of the Nashville taste right here.


Final Thoughts…

The sheer number of team-building activities in Nashville is astounding. Corporate and personal groups are welcome onboard our 12 insanely fun team-building activities we’ve picked out. Nashville is more than just a Music City, it is a hotspot for tourism, events, and entertainment. The memories of Nashville will be imprinted in your mind forever as soon as you immerse yourself in the city.