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12 Insanely Fun Group Activities In San Diego

We’re running out of words to describe San Diego. Charming, historic, dazzling, and attractive are some words that spring to mind. The second-largest city in California with a citywide population of 1.3 million residents and encompasses an array of charming neighborhoods, communities, and attractions. Many have described San Diego as ‘America’s finest city, with top-notch healthcare, amazing food, clean beaches to go with a friendly society that makes you want to bask in its glorious environment. When you touch down in the city, it’s not difficult to see why it’s such a popular city.

Do you have an upcoming trip to San Diego with friends, family or colleagues? Well, why not enjoy partaking in 12 insanely fun group activities we’ve picked out to make your visit a time to remember forever!

1.A Guided Tour With Sidewalk Food Tours

a group of people standing in front of a crowd

Are you a foodie? San Diego has always been popular for its luxurious and delicious dishes. Well, let us guide you through the city’s most amazing culinary dishes during a guided tour with Sidewalk Food Tours! Discover some inspiring food choices throughout the city. You can enjoy the popular humble taco, considered one of the more popular food choices. Maybe you want to try your hand at a Mexican or curry dish, or you’re simply happy to pick up a burger at a burger joint. No matter what, you’ll leave San Diego dreaming of its food.

2. Let Loose At The Famous Coin-Op Game Room

a bag of luggage

Seeking a corporate team bonding exercise with a brew or two? Try your hand at the famous Coin-Op Game Room arcade! Immerse yourself in classic arcade games whilst enjoying some local brews as a refreshment. Other games include ping-pong, Pacman, mortal kombat, and more! Beat your boss at a game of your choice!

3. Test Your Coordination Skills At Battle Axe

Who can reach the bullseye?! Compete against your team and get the most points at Battle Axe. Battle Axe is a game that requires you to throw an axe at targets to accumulate the most points. One of your team members may need to blow off some steam. Show how accurate your axe-throwing skills are, emerge with the most points and be declared the winner!

4. Raise Adrenaline Levels At The UC Recreation Services

a person in a swing

Why not take up a challenge course filled with physical activity at UC Recreation Services? Of course that requires you to maximize your physical effort to get to the finish line. This involves ropes, walking cables, net climbing, and much more. In their featured challenge, the Odyssey Course, you can compete against your team members to see who gets a first place!

5. Go Fast And Furious At K1 Speed Go Kart Racing Course

a motorcycle is parked on the side of a road

Fancy a race with your team members? Fasten your seat belt to see if your electric motor can complete with your team at high speeds of 45mph in an indoor circuit at K1! Packages of 8 people per group are available, and you can let your competitive side come out to get past the white flag first!

6. Get On A Ride At Belmont Park

Relive childhood memories with an amusement park and a beachfront at Belmont Park. Get you and your team together with some fun beach games whilst tasting some of the city’s finest draft beer. There are a variety of events you can partake in, all the while basking in the most amazing ocean views!

7. Be Top Shot At The Paintball Park

a car parked in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Get your team together and challenge your accuracy skills with a friendly paintball game at The Paintball Park. Enjoy the intimidating experience of testing your mettle when being hit with a paintball. There are a variety of team packages available to get involved. 

8. Test Your Cooking Skills With the Cookin’ Girl

a pizza sitting on top of a plate of food

It’s time to roll those sleeves up and show off your culinary skills and eat like a king! At Harvard Cookin’ Girl, head out to a culinary studio and get involved in a collaborative cooking class, whether it be partaking in a culinary showdown, or getting your hands stuck in a family-style meal. Who has the best cooking skills in the group? It’s time to find out!

9. Put Your Problem-Solving Skills To The Test At The Escape Room

a sign lit up at night

Customize an escape room

If you don’t mind staying together in the room and finding the route to escape, then it’s time to challenge your problem-solving skills at a North County Escape Room. You’re given puzzles to solve and codes to crack in a set amount of time to break out as quickly as you can. You’ll have an added threat of zombies creeping up on you! A fun yet challenging time for you and your group. 

10. Immerse Yourself In A Room Full Of Cultural Imagination At Balboa Park

a group of people walking in front of a building

Are you a fan of arts and culture? San Diego is a hotspot for some of the more creative minds. Balboa Park is the host of some incredible performing arts and museums at award-winning theaters. Choose from historical sites, music, dance performances, and more!

11. A Venue Experience Like No Other At Petco Park

a close up of a building

Petco Park is the home of the famous San Diego Padres and is widely considered as ‘the world’s best ballpark in America’s finest city’. It isn’t just a home of baseball, it hosts top notch events, concerts, exhibitions and boasts some fo the finest views in the city. If you’re up for it, ou can even test your throwing arm and hitting power at special events.

12. Gather Your Troops And Get Hiking At The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

a person standing next to a tree

Immerse your team into the wilderness and bask in some of the most glorious views when hiking at the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. From dawn to dusk, the sunlight play off the stunning nature with incredible variety, and you can hike up to 35 feet to witness scenery of beautiful mountains and landscapes!


Are You Ready For San Diego?

No matter the occasion, San Diego has everything you’re looking for. Scenery, weather, beaches, activities, and challenges. What more do you and your team need? It will be a team-bonding experience to remember!