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12 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities in Philadelphia

Philadelphia skyline and Ben Franklin Bridge at dusk

Written By: Emily Walton 


Philly is more than just cheesesteaks, Rocky Balboa, and revolutions. The city is steeped in history, has a well-established culinary scene, and a bunch of outdoor activities to explore.  


There are so many different fun activities for adults in Philadelphia, it’s no wonder it made the Top 20 List of best places to live in America. 


a view of a city street in Philly at night

One of our favorite views of Philly!

The Importance of Team Building:


With so many activities to pick from, Philadelphia is the perfect place to host your next team-building event. 


So how do you know if your office really needs team-building? According to a report by Team Stage, these types of group activities help engage employees, no matter what your industry is. This means your employees will work better and are less likely to leave the company – saving you time and money. 


a group of people sitting at a table using a laptop

A team that loves their job is a team with drive!

It might seem like a small thing to add to your company’s culture, but it has a big reward. Luckily, Philly is a great place to plan your next corporate event. Need some ideas to get started? Keep reading for our list of 12 fun team-building activities in Philadelphia. 


#1 Take A Tasty Food Tour 


For a fun and interesting team-bonding activity, check out Food Tours of Philadelphia in Philadelphia. Pick from one of their pre-designed tours or customize your own based on what your group likes to eat and drink. Bring your team (and your appetite) for a day of fun and food!


a philly cheesesteak sandwich

Who doesn’t love a Philly in Philly?

#2 Get Crafty With Your Cocktails 


Cocktail Culture Co. is the right place to start if your team wants to try its hand at mixology. The course teaches you how to mix flavors to make unique and delicious cocktails. Take it a step further and have your team compete in a cocktail competition with the tastiest drink winning a prize! 


a person pouring from a cocktail shaker to a martini glass

Become next level amateur mixologists!

#3 Clown Around At the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts 


Ever wonder what it would be like to be in a circus? It takes more work than you might think. Head on over to the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts to give it a try! 


Tests your team’s skills in aerials, acrobatics, juggling, and much more! No experience? No worries. The knowledgeable instructors will walk you through each step. Your team will work together, challenge themselves, and learn something new – all while having fun! 


someone doing aerial yoga on a tree outside

Defy gravity!

#4 Have A Laugh At Mask And Wig


Founded by a group of Penn collegiate students in 1889, Mask and Wig focus on: 


“Justice to the stage; credit to the University.” 


They put on seasonal performances that will make you laugh, and cry – but mostly laugh. Reserve team tickets for an easy, low-key team-building experience. 


a group of people watching a stage

Where good times are guaranteed!

#5 Get Your Hands Dirty At Yay Clay Studio


A fun way to bond with your team is to create together. At Ya Clay, you can do just that. 


The studio will work with you to help create something with clay. Once it has been fired and glazed, you even get to take your artwork home! To make the day even more fun, the studio also has a lounge area. After working on the wheel, play a few rounds of pool and listen to music while having a few drinks.

hands making pottery on a pottery wheel

A neat combo of crafty + relaxing!

#6 See The Hidden Side Of Philadelphia’s Art Museum 


Ever wanted to know more about the untold stories of art? You know, the juicy details behind how and why it was created. Then you’ll be excited to know Museum Hack created a one-of-a-kind museum tour experience that does just that. 


Instead of talking about composition and light, your team will learn about the artists and scandals behind the work. 


A truly unique tour, Museum Hack can also tailor the different activities to fit your team’s industry. 


A sculpture at Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Spend Time Together Outdoors


You already know that getting together with your team is essential to company success. What you might not know is that teams love spending time together outside. Being in the fresh air increases positivity and mood, which helps increase productivity! 


We’ve dedicated the second part of our list to ideas for outdoor team-building activities in Philadelphia. Keep reading to discover which outdoor activities your team would like to try. 

Philly fountain of LOVE

The Fountain of LOVE


# 7 Host A Group Hike 


Rain or shine, hiking can be a great outdoor activity to engage your office. Look for nature and wildlife along the Wissahickon Creek Trail or the Schuylkill River Trail with your team. 


Even if your team doesn’t normally hike or has physical needs to consider, either trail is perfect. Both trails have sections that are paved and accessible for wheelchair users, so everyone can join! 


Want to make the hike more interactive? Have your group download Seek by I-naturalist before you hit the trails. That way you can identify new species and talk about what you learn – you could even make a game out of it!


Schuylkill River Trail

Schuylkill River Trail

#8 Explore Philly’s Famous Waterfront 


Philadelphia has one of the best waterfronts in the nation. There is always something to do along the water. From ice skating in the winter to lounging in hammocks during the summer, the riverfront is always a good time.  


Check out Philly’s Delaware River Waterfront page for more seasonal information!


Philadelphia skyline and Ben Franklin Bridge at dusk

Philadelphia skyline and Ben Franklin Bridge

#9 Paddle Through Pennsylvania On A Dragon Boat 


If you’ve ever watched a dragon boat race, you know that it takes teamwork to push through the finish line. That’s why paddling with the Pennsylvania Dragon Boat Club is a great way to work on collaboration and teamwork! 


a group of people on a dragon boat in Philadelphia

I bet you haven’t done that before!

#10 Party Like Gatsby With Patriot Harbor Lines 


Is it too chilly to paddle? You can still get out on the water with Patriot Harbor Lines. Their cruise ships are modeled after the 1920s commuter yachts of Manhattan. Made famous by Wall Street pioneers, these boats are known for their style and luxury.  


The cruise offers beer, wine, and cocktail selections so you can party into the sunset. Hop aboard one of their private charter cruises for a roaring good time!


boats modeled after the 1920s commuter yachts of Manhattan in Philadelphia

Oh, you’re fancy huh!

#11 Play A Game Of Ball At FDR Park 


A time-honored team-building activity, softball is a fun way to get your team together. Step up to the plate at one of FDR Park’s 8 baseball fields for a day of laughter and exercise. 


Your team will love getting out on the field for some genuine fun. Make it even more special and invite their families to watch. Afterward, everyone can gather for a relaxing picnic in the park.  


softball field home plate

Slide into home!

#12 Take Your Team To New Heights with Treetop Quest 


Does your team love a good challenge? Treetop Quest Philly is an adventurer’s utopia. Your team can pick from one of the courses ranging from easy to challenging. 


As they climb through the trees, they will collaborate and problem-solve their way out together. Treetop Quest is a hands-on collaborative activity that is sure to get your heart pumping! 


a close up of the ropes and clasps on a ropes course

Get some fresh air!

Make It A Virtual Event


If your team isn’t able to gather in person, check out one of Sidewalk Food Tour’s virtual events. We offer cooking classes, competitions, and mixology courses to fit your team’s needs. 



a person preparing food in a kitchen looking at their digital cooking class on their phone

We have a blast!


Try sending this list out to your office email and see which activity your team would like best. Whatever you decide, putting in the time to get together for an offsite corporate event will help your team grow!