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16 Fun Activities For Outdoor Team Building in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop for corporate team-building events, offering everything from beautiful natural spaces to amazing local hangouts. Companies are ready to return to supporting team bonding activities, so we wanted to make this insider guide to team building in Los Angeles with the best activities around. Read on to explore the best team-building activities available in Los Angeles!

Why Team Building Exercises Are so Important

The best team-building events offer members of any team the opportunity to connect and bond. After so much time spent apart during the lockdown, teams need all of the help connecting that they can get. The activities on this list are chosen because they offer teams a chance to get to know one another better and have a little fun too. Whether your team likes just hanging out or they want to do something exciting and engaging, Los Angeles has plenty to offer.

Keeping Activities COVID-Friendly

The unpredictability of COVID-19 cases can be fairly difficult to plan around. Given the potential for risk, companies are looking for ways to bring their teams together without putting them at an elevated risk. One great way around this is to choose activities that are outside or involve wide, open spaces. This can help you to keep your team safer while still allowing you to enjoy your time together.

hands that are holding juicy, saucy bbq ribs with pickles on the side

Eating barbecue ribs in L.A.!

1.Walk and Eat with Sidewalk Food Tours

Sidewalk Food Tours offers several different tours in the Los Angeles area that allow your team to explore local eateries on foot. Offering casual exercise and access to some of the best local hotspots in L.A., these tours are perfect for groups that want to stay in outdoor spaces and learn more about the city. For teams that are always looking for new places to eat, you cannot go wrong here. Since these tours involve visiting different local eateries, your team can gain exposure to their new favorite restaurants!



a couple that completed a paddleboard trip hugging and holding their paddles in the air with victory!

A successful paddle-boarding trip calls for celebration!


2.Take Paddleboarding Lessons with Paddle Surf L.A.

Paddleboarding is quickly becoming one of the go-to water sports, and it can be a lot of fun for teams. Your team can take lessons on how to paddleboard from local trainers and take their skills to the water in style. These fun and surprisingly casual lessons are a great way to empower your team and encourage them to get fresh air. Offering a fun physical challenge and a chance to enjoy Los Angeles beaches, this is one team event that can really pump your team up.


a whales tale in the air as it jumps into the water

This whale put on a show!



3. Spot Some Whales with L.A. Waterfront Sportfishing and Cruises

Who doesn’t love whales? This group’s year-round whale-watching tours are an amazing bonding activity for teams. With this experience, your teammates can all experience the miracles of nature out on the water. Not only is this a unique experience, but it is also just plain fun to head out on a boat and see these sights.


a photo of the landscape at griffith park in los angeles

This is a relaxing idea if you’re in the mood for a physical, yet zen activity in L.A.


4. Host a Team Picnic at Griffith Park

Team picnics are a fun and cost-effective option when it comes to team building. You can either hold a potluck-style picnic or cater the event. The important part here is the backdrop—Griffith Park. Offering beautiful views in all directions and a wonderful opportunity to get closer to nature, this park has it all— sights, sounds, and fun!


three tier seafood tour

Does it get any better than a seafood tower?


5. Try Dining Al Fresco at The Green Room

The Green Room is one of Los Angeles’s premier eateries that is bringing a completely unique experience. With its glamorous outdoor seating options, this is a wonderful space for those who want to enjoy good food but don’t necessarily want to be stuck in a room surrounded by other people. Their kitchen comes with access to a variety of amazing treats and views of L.A. that you won’t find anywhere else.


view from brush canyon trail

The mix of man-made (Hollywood) and natural on the Brush Canyon Trail is remarkable.


6. Spot the Hollywood Sign from the Brush Canyon Trail

For teams that love to get active and spend plenty of time outside, a hike on this exciting trail can be a perfect bonding activity. Even better, it allows you to spot Los Angeles’ most popular attraction—the Hollywood sign. This moderate hike is great for teams that feel comfortable heading out together to soak up the California sun and some fresh air.


a view of the castle at Disneyland in California

It’s the most magical!


7. Celebrate Magic and Kindness at Disneyland

No matter how old you get, Disneyland is always a place that will bring out the kid in you—and it can be great for teams. Venture into the park with your team to explore different rides and enjoy delicious food from around the park. This is one huge team outing that your employees will never stop talking about!


the marilyn monroe wax figure

This Marilyn Monroe wax figure is so realistic it’s almost creepy!


8. Walk into the Movies with the Famous Hollywood Tour

We all love movies, but it can be even more interesting to see where the magic happens. With your team, you can venture out on a private guided tour to learn all about Hollywood and its fascinating history. This is a great way to get teams talking and sharing their interests with one another.


a group of people doing yoga

Get everyone moving with a yoga class.


9. Enhance Mobility with Private Team Yoga

Encourage your team to challenge their minds and bodies with yoga classes that are designed to improve your overall well-being. These completely private classes can help you to support your team as they work towards a peaceful, energized state. This is one team-building event in Los Angeles that will allow you to keep your team feeling great, even if they have to go back to work after. Each class is customizable and designed to meet the needs of different levels of experience and exercise—and everything you need is provided by Bikes and Hikes staff.


a lock that is unlocked on a yellow door

Establish solid teamwork and put everyone up for a challenge.


10. Enjoy a Show and Solve Puzzles with the Resurrection Room

In this exciting twist on an escape room, your team can dive into an unusual story and work together to solve fascinating puzzles. This experience comes complete with live actors to really sell the show as your team works together to find a serial killer that has been stalking the streets. Offering the perfect space for problem-solving together, this hilarious game is fun for all.


a painting of purple trees

There are many different paintings to choose from.


11. Participate in an LA Painting Party

At Paint & Sip Studio, your team can enjoy delicious drinks and the company of their team while working on exciting art projects. Offering both in-person and virtual events, this is a perfect option for teams that might not be fully comfortable with venturing out into public spaces. This COVID-friendly option is ideal for teams who like to have fun but also want to stay safe!


a group of people playing laser tag

You never age out of having a blast playing laser tag!


12. Turn Your Office into a Battleground with Portable Laser Tag Events

Premiere laser tag group Zonehead is helping the people of Los Angeles to remember just how fun laser tag can be—but they are now taking things one step further. Your company can partner directly with Zonehead to create a completely custom laser tag event in an area of your choosing, making it easy for you to bring the fun straight to your office!


lucky strike bowling alley

Bowling turnt up a notch!


13. Grab a Drink and Compete at Lucky Strike in Hollywood

For teams who really just want to enjoy a beer and a good time, this is the perfect casual company event. Lucky Strike Hollywood offers an amazing bar and is happy to educate your team on the history of Hollywood. This high-end hotspot offers foods that range from Mac & cheese bites to incredible sandwiches. A classic fit like this is always great!


a person sitting in a go-kart

Kick it into gear!


14. Start Your Engines at K1 Speed

This treasured L.A. race track has everything that you need to get your team talking, laughing, and competing. This vibrant indoor go-kart race track gives your teams a chance to get out and chase down victory in a series of exciting races and fun activities. They also have a restaurant, pool tables, and air hockey too!


a close up of a glass cup on a counter with the bartender straining the drink from the shaker into it

Blow off some steam with your co-workers while chatting and sipping on a cold beverage.


15. Enjoy a Drink and Good Company at Thunderbolt

This local neighborhood cocktail bar provides your team with the perfect backdrop to enjoy drinks and spend an evening together. Offering plenty of comfortable spaces to sit, and access to a long list of tantalizing cocktails, Thunderbolt is a modern backdrop for casual teams that are looking to have fun!


sushi roll

You can’t go wrong!


16. Participate in a Sushi Battle Royale with CozyMeal

For those teams that love nothing more than to sit down and enjoy a good sushi roll, this is one team-building activity that will always be a hit. This social-distancing-friendly option invites your team in to compete to see who can make the very best sushi rolls. Guided by Chef Cregg, participants are encouraged to make their very own sushi rolls in teams. This competition has support for those who eat fish and those who don’t, making it versatile and fun!

Final Thoughts

In Los Angeles, it is easy to find some of the best team-building events that the state can offer. If you are looking for a way to help your team connect, consider your team’s personalities and make decisions that accommodate everyone. Whether you’re chowing down at a restaurant or solving a murder together, your team will be stronger for it in the end. Sometimes even the simplest activities can help Los Angeles teams
to come together!