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18 Best Team Building Activities in San Francisco Bay Area

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San Francisco is a thriving city with teams that are changing industries around the world. As we
transition back into full-time office work from remote work, in-person team-building events are
back in full force now that the pandemic is becoming less of a concern. These events are one of
the things that so many employees missed—an opportunity to connect with their teams. People
are looking for fun and safe ways to get together. In this article, we’ll explore fun team-building
activities in San Francisco for 2022.

The Benefits of Team Building

Team building is a positive activity that helps teams to connect, learn alongside one another, and
have fun. Aimed at providing teams with the opportunity to talk and collaborate, team-building
activities bring teams together and help them to work more effectively. After so much time spent
at home, reconnecting and remembering how to work in person is more important than ever to
help teams get back on track. The disconnect brought on by remote work can easily be patched
up with the perfect bonding activity. If you find the best team-building activity in SF to bring
everyone together, your team can thrive!



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Recommended Activity
1. Join a Team Building Sidewalk Food Tour

This exciting opportunity is spent mostly outdoors, making it a good option for keeping your team safe. You can walk from one location to the next in order to try food from various local eateries surrounding San Francisco. As your team walks, they will enjoy exercise and food from local restaurants that are sure to become their new favorites. If you love good food, this is one of the best group activities in SF.


a group of people sitting at a table eating food

2. Try a Team Building Cooking Class or Cooking Competition

Each class will be led by a professional chef and designed for guests looking to expand their culinary knowledge. In these fun, BYOB, 2.5-hour classes, Chef Eliza will guide students to completion of a delicious new dish, provide knife skills and technical know-how, and recipes to take home. Crudité and homemade dips will be provided as a welcome snack!


chinese fo
3. Eat Delicious Food and Watch Talented Chefs at China Live

China Live is an amazing experience that speaks to everyone. Your team can enjoy eating a variety of different food options, all while seeing the chefs work and show off their talent. Bringing together good food and delicious drinks, this is a great option for teams that love high-quality food and good company. If you’re looking for things to do in San Francisco with a group, you will find that this is one option everyone agrees on.


wine tasting tours are events

4. Sip Wine and Relax at Jax Vineyards

The Jax Vineyards Tasting Room is a wonderful place for interested groups of all kinds to
connect and unwind. Offering a variety of different wine options, your team can enjoy sipping wine and reconnecting through conversation at a beautiful venue. Outdoor seating is an option, making it more comfortable for teams that are trying to be more COVID conscious.


a store front at day

5. Try Luxury Dining at Octavia

Owned by acclaimed chef Melissa Perello, Octavia offers a luxury food experience you won’t find anywhere else in San Francisco. Her delicious take on meals is something that your team will be talking about for years to come—and it is a wonderful environment for connecting. Bringing together local foods and a friendly setting, Octavia is a great dinner option.


Thrills and Fun


Figuring out the clues to escape the room

6. Escape as a Team at Paniq Room

Paniq room is one of San Francisco’s premiere escape rooms, offering themed rooms for your team to escape. Work together as a team to solve puzzles and riddles in order to escape one of their exciting rooms in only one hour! From wizarding schools to secret agents, they have themes for every team’s interest.


two people throwing axes

7. Get Competitive with Bad Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is quickly becoming one of the more engaging opportunities for people to have fun and connect. At Bad Axe, they make it easy. Perfect for helping your teams to blow off steam and have a lot of fun, this is a wonderful and creative opportunity. For the more bold and vibrant teams among us, this is one of the really fun team outing ideas available in San Francisco.


a group of people doing yoga
8. Host a Private Kickboxing or Fitness Class with Master Steve

Your team can partner with Master Steve for a corporate seminar that is sure to get the creativity flowing. This physical team-building event is fun for teams of various sizes, and it can empower your staff to better understand their physical and mental strength. Its long list of benefits and support for health make it one of the best group activities in SF.


9. Bowl for the Win at Mission Bowling Club

With the ability to rent out entire lanes to support your team, this is a great place to connect with coworkers. Offering food, drinks, and the ability to battle for bragging rights, bowling is one option that always seems to strike true. No matter how old it gets, people still love it—at least until someone else starts winning!


10. Escape the Palace as a Large Group

Made for groups of 30 to 125 people, this major team-building event by Palace Games is one that you will not want to miss. Groups will be broken down into smaller groups and challenged with various puzzles and games to find the final answer to a question. If you are seeking large group activities in San Francisco, this has support for an entire department!


paddleboarder making a splash with their paddle at sunset

11. Attend a Group Class for Kayaking or Paddleboarding with Seatrek

This group-friendly activity is ideal for groups who want to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Since it is an outdoor option, it is more COVID conscious—but above all else, it is just plain fun! Perfect for getting your team moving and helping them to experience the natural beauty San Francisco has to offer, this option is great.


several colorful alcoholic beverages on a bar

12. Enjoy Drinks and Games at Thriller Social Club

Bringing the wonder of a traditional arcade experience together with enticing foods and delicious cocktails, Thriller is the perfect adult hangout. If your team has been working hard and needs time to enjoy an environment where they can let their inner child run wild, this is the perfect space. Its classic take on design makes it interesting, fun, and just what you always wanted to see as a kid!


Sailing is a unique way to explore LA
13. Set Sail with a San Francisco Bay Sailing Cruise

The ocean is a beautiful local hotspot that your team will always be happy to visit. With the right sailing tour, you can go out to enjoy amazing views and spend time relaxing on the boat with the wind in your hair. It’s a great environment for talking, mapping, planning, and just hanging out!



a person sitting in a park
14. Raise Up Your Local Area with Volunteering at HandsOn Bay Area

Teams that elevate their communities understand the importance of the work that they do. Send your team in to help learn about this city and volunteer around the Bay Area to make San Francisco a little bit better. This educational and fulfilling opportunity helps teams to work together for the greater good. The best team-building activities in SF will always be the ones that help your team to work hard for the betterment of everyone.


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15. Expand Your Team’s Creative Abilities at the Art School of San Francisco Bay

Art is a wonderful way to explore your own sense of creativity, and that is what this school is all about. With their adult-friendly art classes, your team can find out just how creative they can get and learn a new skill at the same time. Your staff will love walking away with a finished work of art, and you might be surprised to learn just how talented your employees can be. Offering both in-person and virtual classes, they are perfect for keeping your staff safe!


Hands on top of each other, different skin colors, different sleeves, all together for a team!

16. Attend a Negotiation Training Course to Build Employee Confidence (COVID-Friendly)

The art of negotiation is not subtle, but it does come with quite a few benefits. People who attend courses on negotiation can learn how to navigate difficult or even uncomfortable discussions. Perfect for keeping the peace among staff and helping your staff to maintain control in conversations with clients, there is plenty to learn from this COVID-friendly online training option!


2 people on stage at an improv class

17. Help Your Team Develop New Skills with an Improv Class at Moment

Offering both virtual and in-person classes, Moment is a group of improv professionals helping business teams to thrive. With specialized classes aimed directly at corporate teams, these talented leaders will educate and entertain your team. Their program is designed to instill confidence, enhance listening, encourage innovative thinking, and cultivate a positive work environment.


arm with yellow sleeve and gold wring writing in a spiral notebook

18. Improve Communication with Courses from The Writer’s Studio

Providing online classes aimed at helping adults to write better, these talented experts help your team to gain skills and explore their creativity. Help your team work on a story or sign up for one of their workshops aimed at improving general skills and conveying information. This group is here to help your team choose the right words.