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7 Virtual Team Building Activities in Boston Your Team Will Love

In today’s society and workforce, it is crucial to have virtual team building and group activities at your fingertips. The recent pandemic has only given this notion even more truth. Let’s take a look at all the wonderful things about the great city of Boston and how you can enjoy and explore them virtually!

1. Cocktails & Trivia

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You may not be able to go to some of your favorite Boston drinking establishments like Eastern Standard and Shore Leave, but you can take your love for Craft Cocktails online with our Sidewalk Mixology Class. Our professional Mixologist will show your group how to set up a complete bar kit with household items, teach the group a few cocktails, lead a whirlwind tour of the history of alcohol and cocktails and play some trivia to get those (friendly) competitive juices flowing. All from the comfort of your own homes, shared work space or pretty much anywhere you can think of. 


2. Cooking Classes

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Boston’s culinary scene is fantastic and there are a plethora of great places to take an engaging cooking class under normal circumstances. But for your Sidewalk Virtual Cooking Competition, you don’t need to go any further than your own kitchen. Led by our own Chopped Champion Chef Eliza, it’s ideal for teams who have a few foodies (or really love to eat!) and want a chance to engage “side by side” with a competitive twist!


3. Arts & Culture

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Boston Symphony Orchestra  

The Boston Symphonic Orchestra and the Boston Pops are here to fill your home speakers with sound and your ears with joy! They have daily performances, behind the scene interviews, a really cool series of instrument lessons and tutorials and even their famous Tanglewood Festival is being taken online this year. 

Boston Theater 

Maybe your group has been missing live theater. Well it has certainly been missing you. Boston Theater has teamed up with a bunch of theaters, foundations and Broadway stars across the country to bring you live tapings of Broadway Shows and one-one-one lessons with Broadway actors to improve your acting and singing chops. You can even have your favorite Broadway star drop in on your next Zoom celebration or create a pre-recorded message to amp up your virtual convention. 

Boston Film 

Boston Indie Film Theaters and Festivals are doing some really fun online programming. You can get your small private group together for special screening or do a watch party through Zoom. The Coolidge Corner Theater, the Boston Underground Film Festival, the Somerville Theatre and the Brattle Theatre all have edgy and engaging slates worth checking out. 


On that note, if you are looking to do a group watch party in general, here are some platforms we suggest: Netflix Party, Scener, Hulu Watch Party, and Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

Boston Ballet 

Your group can enjoy the Boston Ballet right from the comfort of their own couches! They have virtual season subscriptions available for $180. 


4. Catch a Red Sox Game at Virtual Fenway Park

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So you may not be able to actually go to a game at Fenway right now… but you can take that epic walk to the park through this great virtual platform History View before you watch the game on TV! 


5. Museums & Lectures

a large ship in the water with USS Constitution in the background

Where my history buffs at? Boston can go toe to toe with any city when it comes to American History. Some museums are starting to reopen (which is fantastic), but maybe your group is spread out or you don’t feel it’s safe enough yet. If you’ve got an intellectually curious group, signing up for a docent led lecture on riveting topics about Boston History and Culture is a great way to spend a couple hours. Check out these online offerings from renowned museums and tour companies.

The Museum of Fine Arts 

The Museum of Fine Arts has some stellar exhibits that are now online with short docent led videos and extra cool features like artist interviews and corresponding spotify playlists. Some of their current exhibits center around Historic Musical Instruments, provocative fashion and Ancient Nubian Artifacts. 

Boston Tea Party Museum’s Virtual Tea Talks

The Boston Tea Party Museum’s Virtual Tea Talks take a deep dive on this famous moment in history with virtual gatherings centered around The Ships of the Boston Tea Party and the Teas That Started a Revolution. 

Boston By Foot Virtual Lectures

Boston by Foot is a fantastic tour company that has taken its deep knowledge of Boston virtual. Their fascinating Virtual slate runs the gamut from Boston’s Stained Glass to the Bridges of Boston to Suffrage and African American Heritage. 

The Museum of African American History in Boston 

The Museum of African American History in Boston allows you to take your group through important events by way of self guided, online experiences.  


6. New England Aquarium

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The New England Aquarium, Boston’s aquatic gem, is engaging people virtually in a variety of ways. Live presentations from National Geographic experts, Virtual Animal Encounters and Virtual Dives exploring the tanks and reefs are just a few of the ways you can scratch your oceanic itch. 


7. Boston Common and Public Garden

a statue in front of a building

An anchor of Boston’s famed Emerald Necklace parks, The Boston Common and Public Garden is a 50 acre park that’s chock full of history from the American Revolution. It’s played host to famous speeches from the likes of MLK and a Pope or two. And now, your group can explore it’s wonders virtually on You Visit.


About the Author

Derek Krantz is a guide and works in tour and content creation for Sidewalk Food Tours. He loves working for Sidewalk because he gets to share his love of travel, history and his Hospitality Industry background with guests. Before working with Sidewalk, Derek worked as a Bartender and Mixologist at some of the most prestigious bars in Los Angeles, New York City and Atlanta. He is the host of Sidewalk’s Mixology Class which can be experienced both in person and virtually. Check it out!