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 7 Virtual Team Building Activities in Seattle That Don’t Suck

By: Joshua Hirsch


The activities that you socially enjoy with your team outdoors can be equally as fun online. Sure, you don’t have many opportunities to physically socialize, and virtual team building is different compared to in-person, but you still become significantly closer with your team (and from the comfort and safety of your home)

Don’t believe us? We will explore some of the most fun virtual team building activities in Seattle using remote technology, and how you can continue to interact with your team online and stay engaged. The same relationships that you build with your team in-person can also be built through virtual chat and video. 

Without further ado, let’s dive right into these seven virtual team building activities in Seattle.

a person holding a cocktail shaker pouring red cocktail into a martini glass

Fun Virtual Mixology Experience


Gather your troops and become an expert in making your cocktail with the Sidewalk mixology class. If you’ve always wanted to gain experience in making some of the world’s best cocktails that you’d usually drink at your favorite bar or restaurant, now is your chance! You can choose to do your own shopping with our handy ingredient list or have Sidewalk ship the ingredients to you. There will be plenty of fun and games so you all can interact with one another and have a bundle of laughs on the way, plus playfully fighting about who’s made the best cocktail! You will have a class host who will guide you through the class, so you don’t feel anxious. After it, you may even consider replacing visits to your favorite bar with homemade cocktail drinks when you become a natural expert! Oh, just on a side note, you may want to brush up on some of your general alcohol and cocktail knowledge to beat your team at trivia!

a group of people standing in a kitchen preparing food

Virtual Pasta Making Class with Max!

How are your cooking skills? Are you ready to put them to the test? Get ready for the Sidewalk virtual cooking competition. We all love food, but there is nothing better than eating something tasty that you’ve created out of your magic hands. The virtual cooking competition will last a maximum of 2 hours, testing your skills with your team to see who can cook the tastiest dish. Unfortunately, your team won’t be able to taste your dish, but you can still claim bragging rights! You will be led by our famous chef Eliza in your kitchen. Your team will receive a recipe and equipment list to get what you need way ahead of time. The competition will be spiced up with trivia, challenges and some fun activities so you can show off who the boss in the kitchen is!


Located just outside Seattle, if you and your team are seeking to break away from your virtual routine and want to transport into a new world that involves testing your skills to escape, then Reality Break Escapes is for you and your team. You will communicate with your team interactively and participate in escaping breakout rooms through Zoom or MS Teams. You will have full interactive exposure to 360 views of your virtual escape room, with the challenge to break out using your puzzle-solving skills. The total event lasts for 90 minutes, and then its all on you and your team to build your skills together, have fun and, most importantly, break free!

a man sitting on the ground

Fans of Seattle scavenger hunt can now enjoy a variety of virtual team building murder mysteries through Zoom, where the host will welcome your team to the challenge by releasing you into breakout rooms through your web browser and put your murder mystery and solving skills to the test. Explore great places online with a trail of clues and questions to solve murder mysteries. You may also test your hand at the Virtual Team Building Quiz game that requires you to solve mysteries through puzzles and tricky questions. One person in your team may also become a spy! This can be enjoyed by just about anybody, so get your team together and solve intriguing murder mysteries together!

  • Experience A Let’s Roam Adventure And Claim Bragging Rights

Let’s Roam is one of the leading virtual websites that allows you to customize your team building activity. You can choose your favorite company theme and different team-building games, all with the creation of your virtual adventure for your Seattle company. All that is required is for you to virtually sign up with your Seattle company including the number of participants and the date of your team building event. The variety of team-building activities will ensure an unforgettable experience whilst collaborating with your team to become stronger and productive. Plus, somebody will definitely want to claim bragging rights in your team. Fun and competition always mix to deliver happy memories you can build with your team.

  • Design And Craft Your Very Own Fabricated Project With Seattle Makers

Why not spend time creating your favorite fabricated product with your team, virtually, with Seattle Makers? Lead fabricator, Jeremy, has introduced a makerspace that allows your team to put your creative skills to the test through the development of a “world-class fabrication” product, whilst bonding with your team. You can design your notepad box to place your notes or even produce your unique coffee bottle. It’s simple, come up with your unique design and prepare it for Seattle Makers to laser cut accordingly. Put your creative mind to the test and become your very own architect to spruce up your office area. The virtual can accommodate up to 15 people. Sign up and start creating!

a hand holding a toy


Expanded to a whole host of cities, including Seattle, solve a variety of challenges together and virtually escape a room with The Grimm Scape. Puzzle Break specialises in making escape rooms for teams to get out of by solving puzzles. In collaboration with Puzzle Break, the Seattle-based company, The Grimm Escape is now a virtual challenge where you’re introduced with a particular story to start your journey, before putting your escape-challenge skills with your team. The game is currently available on Zoom and all it requires is for you to simply sign up you and your team at a date and time that suits you. 


Step Into The Virtual World…

Are you ready to experience a new world of virtual team building and bonding? These 7 virtual team building activities are not only enjoyable and fun, but you’re more likely to build strong relationships with your team and, who knows, could become your best friends! Your whole team will begin to open up in engagement whilst learning a whole new host of skills, all from the comfort of your own home, office or desk!