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The Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas in San Francisco

The Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas in San Francisco

A special birthday is coming up, and you’re not quite sure how to celebrate. Turning 30 is nothing short of special and it is a date that should be celebrated in style. It’s the start of a new decade and a milestone that should be celebrated with a big occasion for your friends and family, and where better to celebrate in style than in San Francisco. There is no shortage of fun and enjoyable things to do in this colorful, cultural city. Described as “nothing short of heaven” by Paul Kanter, a well-recognized rock musician, it’d be a mistake to not think about immersing yourself and your group in the San Francisco culture to celebrate the 30th birthday. In such an exciting city, it can be difficult to think of great birthday ideas to make the day extra special, because there’s so much to do!

If you’re struggling to think of some birthday ideas, don’t panic! Sit back, relax and feast your eyes on these 30th birthday party ideas in San Francisco. 

a close up of a bowl of seafood and greens

Snag a bite by the bay with a Sidewalk Food Tour of San Francisco

Enjoy a Culinary Feast with Sidewalk Food Tours of San Francisco

What better way to celebrate your 30th birthday than with Sidewalk Food Tours? San Francisco is iconic for its tasty culinary dishes and its endless choice of food hotspots, including the popular Chinatown. Some of the unique dishes to try are the Dungeness crab, sand dabs, bay shrimp, and crusty French bread to name a few. San Francisco is famous for its food trends as it is for the golden gate bridge and cable cars. Many people cite the food as the reason that they visit San Francisco. Whilst taking in its special scenery, make sure to stop off on the Sidewalk Food Tour and fill yourself with delicious dishes.

A large white building along side a boat dock

Cruise over to Alcatraz Island for a birthday expedition filled with adventure and gorgeous views

Take a Boat Ride Visit to Alcatraz Island

There is nothing better than sipping on some cocktails on a boat cruise. To make it better, stop off at Alcatraz Island, a legendary island home to the infamous and most notorious federal prison home to some of the most notorious inmates. You will have heard of Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Mickey Cohen amongst others who were deemed incredibly dangerous and powerful. However, there is some historical significance in learning why the prison is one of the most legendary. Besides that, the island is home to the first lighthouse, historical gardens and some of the most scenic views. It is one not to miss.

a close up of oysters cooking in their shells on the grill

Dine like royalty on the water with a cocktail party on a boat hosted by Hog Island Oyster

Host an Oyster Party with Hog Island Oyster

Enjoy a special birthday bash on the Hog Island Oyster Farm where you’ll find The Boat Oyster Bar, an outdoor café where you can enjoy the city’s most delightful and tasty homegrown oysters. Additionally, you can enjoy a treat of delicious wine, beer and cheese whilst enjoying taking in some incredible views to make a day of it. If you’re an oyster fan, there is no better experience anywhere in the world.

a crowd of people watching a baseball game

Grab a hot dog and bring your birthday luck with a Giant’s Game to celebrate the milestone

Enjoy the Atmosphere at a Giants Game

Sport is what San Francisco is all about. If your birthday is within April and October, then you’re in luck. The San Francisco Giants are three-time series world champions. Take your group on a tour of the stadium, hang out in the box with delicious food and drink delivered to your table whilst soaking up the atmosphere of the baseball game. There are also some local bars right next to the stadium to keep the party going such as Momos or District bars. 

a close up of a car going down the side of a mountain

Let the team at Incredible Adventures bring you on a tour of the times in the beautiful city of San Francisco

Embark on a Tour of the City with Incredible Adventures

Hop on a tour with incredible adventures and embark on an adventure with a tour around the best hotspots in San Francisco. Take your group on a selection of tours. It can be a food tour, a visit to Silicon Valley, a trip to Yosemite, Alcatraz and many more exploratory adventures. The San Francisco neighborhoods are hotspots in itself because they’re located by touristy attractions that you can’t miss with an adventure tour. As you travel, take in the views of Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown and Little Italy. A tour with Incredible Adventures will be nothing short of memorable.

bowling balls with bowling lanes in the background

Take you shot at your best ‘Alley Cats Strike’ impression at Mission Bowling Club

Compete at Bowling at the Mission Bowling Club

Bowling is an enjoyable past-time. Take a pitstop on your birthday and compete with your group at the Mission Bowling Club. Mission Bowling Club has won an award for its delicious dishes, craft beer and cocktails. Reserve bowling lines for your group whilst enjoying the setting of a positive vibe and fun competition. You can enjoy a meal first before your rounds of bowling. The staff are always welcoming birthdays, and if you’re lucky, a cake will be ready to upgrade the celebration. You can also consider other options such as Presidio Bowling Center, with a multitude of beers and wines to choose from or Yerba Buena, if you’re looking for a more affordable option.

beers with a pool in the background

Enjoy a staycation at the Phoenix Hotel

Have a Hotel Pool Party at the Phoenix Hotel 

On a hot summer’s day, take your group on a staycation at some of the city’s lavish hotels. The Phoenix Hotel is one of the best hotels in the city, and with an outdoor pool with reggae music through the night, you will have a blast with a splurge in the pool. With a rock-and-roll theme, this hip mid-century hotel is guaranteed to be an incredible party. Don’t be surprised if there are some sore heads in the morning! You can even keep the party rocking for longer in the W room for a pool party after hours. 

a group of people jumping on indoor trampolines

Keep your body feeling young with a visit to the House of Air

Take a Tumble at the House Of Air

Why not take a tumble, jump on trampolines, play trampoline dodgeball amongst many other jumping activities? The House Of Air is the perfect place to let your hair down and go crazy jumping around. There is no age restriction, anybody can enjoy a jump on trampolines. Its fun, enjoyable and eventful! That’s not all, take some daunting challenges with indoor rock climbing, ninja obstacle courses and even test your heart rate with a fitness class. There is no shortage of activities that will keep your heart pumping.

a tree in a forest with sunlight coming through

Pack a picnic and enjoy the new year of life with the beauty of nature at the Muir Woods National Monument

Take a Hike at the Muir Woods National Monument

Take your group on a peaceful, scenery tour in the famous woods of San Francisco. Looking up at the coastal red trees with the sun shining through, take up beautiful spots within the Presidio or the trails at Muir Woods for camping or stoke a midnight fire under the stars for your birthday. Reminisce on past stories and memories with food packed for the trip whilst embracing the peaceful surroundings.

a two story orchestra

For a taste of art, treat yourself to a show at SF Station

Take Your Pick on the Event and Music Scene at SF Station

San Francisco never sleeps. The party keeps on moving! Choose your favorite music or event scene and make a night of it. Enjoy a captivating live show at the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, or a theatre classic at the Symphony Hall, enjoy music shows at the Masonic or book an event with some of the cities famous hosts. If you’re a music fan, there are many choices from the vibrant entertainment the city provides. 

a group of people standing in front of a crowd and walking bridge

Let your mood guide your tour and choose your favorite with Wild SF Walking Tours

Enjoy a Stroll with a Wild SF Walking Tours

Wild SF Walking Tours offers walking tours that are educational, interesting and fun. Choose from a variety of different tours. If you’re an art fan, take a Street Art Tour of incredible paintings and designs across the city. If you want something that makes your heart race, take the Haunted San Francisco Ghost Tour. If you want to a relaxed walk around the famous landmarks, take a free educational tour. It has been said that San Francisco should be explored by foot, and what better way to do it with a walking tour around the quirky neighborhoods.  

a person getting ready sky die out of an airplane

Jump into the new decade and remind yourself you’re alive with an adrenaline filled experience at iFLY SF Bay

Make Your Heart Race with Indoor Skydiving at iFLY SF Bay

Are you looking for a challenge to overcome your fear of heights? Try your hand at indoor sky diving. This is something that will get the adrenaline pumping. No longer do you need to get into a plane and jump out. Fly safely with a thrill inside the realistic tunnel where the instructors will deliver a real-life outdoor experience. 


Final Thoughts…

There is no shortage of birthday party ideas and activities to make the day extra special, and where better to enjoy than in San Francisco. The choices are endless and the variety available will allow you and your group to experience this beautiful city in many different ways. Be rest assured, the birthday experience in the city will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.