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The 10 Best Last Minute Gifts for Foodies

We’re all checking our lists twice and three times and somehow there’s  STILL someone to buy for! 2021 is no different. Did you realize you  need to pick something up for someone last minute? You’re in luck!  


There are tons of unique gift ideas that foodies near and far will enjoy.  These items were selected because we think they’re some the best gifts  of the year, they can make awesome stocking stuffers for food lovers,  and because they can get to your house with lightning quick shipping.  However, we do recommend ordering ASAP in this crazy time of the year! 

1 – Cody Foster Vintage-Inspired Food Ornaments

several different types of food on a table

Who doesn’t want a  stick of butter, a black and white cookie, or a sushi roll hanging from  their tree? Cody has created tons of different food ornaments including  the NYC set! 

2 – Chrissy Teigen’s Shortcut Spice Sampler

a close up of food

Chrissy is known for her  crowd-pleasing recipe and flavor-packed spice mixes. In order to  replicate these, you’d have to have a pretty impressive spice drawer.  Take the shortcut and gift this time-saving, delicious sampler that  includes Jamaican Jerk, Shawarma Style, Chili Garlic, and Cracked  Black Pepper + Citrus. 

3 – Foodie Dice


Do you know someone who is slightly obsessed with  watching Chopped? This is the ideal gift for them! These handmade  wood dice are a fun way to shake up your cooking routine or are the  perfect accessory for a dinner party cook-off with friends. The pack includes 5 primary dice: protein, cooking method, carb, herb, and  bonus ingredient, and 4 seasonal veggie dice.  

4 – Reusable Fits All Silicone Straws

a screenshot of a video game

These silicone straws are colorful,  bendy, and come with 2 cleaning brushes. They are perfect for the  whole family and are sure to fit in a stocking. They are BPA free and on  sale for $9.99! 

5 – Sidewalk Food Tours Gift Card


a hand holding a cell phone

Our Sidewalk Food Tour Gift Card is the perfect  last minute holiday gift of the season! Studies show that experiences  are topping the list of most sought after gifts in 2021. Share the love of  food with someone who would enjoy a Sidewalk Food Tour in any of  our cities by buying a gift card online (scroll to the bottom right of our  front page) and sharing it in a card.

6 – Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

We got out candy fix with  Halloween. So, can we all agree that salty + sweet is the best  combination of all time? These pretzel rods are both beautiful and  delicious. They come in a pack of 12. 

7 – Truff Hot Sauce Gift Set

a close up of a shelf

Who do you know that has wicked strong  tastebuds? If they’re having eggs for breakfast, they’re pouring hot  sauce on top. If they’re eating a chicken sandwich, they ask for it hot.  Mexican for dinner? They’re bound to douse it in some tabasco. Then  this gift would be next level! 

8 – This Butter Be Good Spatula

Whether you have one or not, you can  always use another spatula! This cheeky silicone one is the perfect  stocking stuffer for a baker, chef, or at-home cook! On the back side it  even has a measurement conversion table. Currently, it’s only $4.89. 

9 – Gingerbread Donut Baking Mix

a close up of food

This mix has real ground nutmeg,  diced candied ginger, sweet cinnamon, organic sugar, and more..all the  flavors of cozy. No baking skills are required to ensure that these will  be delicious. Throw the ingredients together with butter, eggs, oil, and  ginger ale and bake for 15 minutes. It’s as simple as that! 

10 – Movie Night Popcorn Seasoning Set

a bottle of water on a table

What’s better than an at home movie night with popcorn? An at-home movie night with  seasoned popcorn! It will change your life. These mouthwatering  handmade seasonings up the game. Try Mojito Lime, Ranch, Sweet  BBQ or Rojo Taco.

Happy Holidays from Sidewalk Food Tours!  

We hope you enjoyed this list of the 10 Best Last Minute Gifts for  Foodies. Be sure to put your orders in soon to get them in time. We  wish you a wonderful holiday season!