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The 5 Best Group Cooking Classes for Team Building in New Orleans

a shrimp boil with shrimp, sausage, corn and crab legs

Few places are more renowned for delicious food in the United States than New Orleans, and a NOLA-inspired cooking class is the perfect way to celebrate. If your corporate team is looking for a good opportunity to get together and have fun, look no further than a group cooking class. Enjoy food, fun, and laughs with every member of your team!

What Makes Cooking Classes so Great for a Team Outing?

Team building is all about bringing people together and helping them to have fun, and a cooking class is the best way to go about it. As a group, your team will learn new information, gain new skills, and encourage each other as you work to create delicious meals that everyone can taste together. Whether you choose something focused on education or something a little more competitive, these activities really do bring people together.


Team Building Cooking Events Your Team Will Love

Your team deserves to have a good time on their team outing–and a cooking class can be the perfect opportunity for your next team offsite event. New Orleans is notorious for having some of the best food around–and you can explore it all with one of these incredible classes!


a shrimp boil with shrimp, sausage, corn and crab legs

Learn to cook from the best around!

1. Make New Orleans Classics With New Orleans Cooking Classes

From classic creole cooking to learning how to make the perfect brunch, New Orleans Cooking Classes is perfect for your next big work event. A team outing has never tasted as good as the one that your team gets to make on their own. You can choose from a variety of classes, like Roux, Traditional, Creole, and more! The best part? This fun and competitive cooking class allows you to take the time to explore who the best cook from your team is–and you can bet that there will be plenty of taste testing to prove it too. With this kitchen competition, your team will compete and bond while they do it!



a person preparing food in a kitchen

Hands-on experience with the help of our chefs!

2. Cook an Authentic Louisiana Meal with the New Orleans School of Cooking

Louisiana is known for its extensive menu that is filled with savory and delicious dishes–and the New Orleans School of Cooking is here to help you explore it. When you sign up for one of their group cooking classes, you are signing up for an opportunity to try a variety of different dishes. Each session with this team is completely customized to be the experience that you want. At this cooking school, they want you to feel passionate about what you are going to create. You get to choose everything–the time, the menu, and what the gift packages will include too. You can learn all about different skills and meals–whether you visit for lunch or dinner!



a person cooking food in a kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Chef Dee Lavigne

3. Make a 3-Course Meal with Chef Dee Lavigne

It is often said that the best meals have three courses, and you can learn all about that with Chef Dee! This talented local chef is here to guide your team through a variety of different food options, including Creole and Cajun meals that will make your tastebuds sing. When you sign up for one of her classes, you can expect to enjoy a meal that you will never forget. The hands-on cooked classes offered by Chef Dee Lavigne are ideal for any group that wants to gain new skills and try new foods. Her classes include traditional dishes that are unique to New Orleans that are brought together in a stunning 3-course meal. To add to this, you receive admission to the museum and a custom tour–making it the perfect team outing!



spices going into a bowl

Flavor on flavor!

4. Get the Ultimate Cooking Fine Dining Experience at NOCHI

NOCHI is a collection of chefs that are bringing unbelievable flavors to New Orleans. The best part? They offer group cooking classes too! In their own words, nothing brings a group together like good food–and their chefs are happy to help you enjoy a delicious meal that your team will never forget. At NOCHI, you can decide whether you want to invest in a private hands-on class at one of their professional teaching kitchens before you head over to one of their beautiful dining areas–or if you would rather go for a virtual COVID-friendly alternative. Sample menus include Creole food, Italian food, and a French Quarter feast that will make your team’s tastebuds dance like never before!



a cocktail shaker pouring a drink into a glass

Time learning a new craft is time well spent!

5. Learn About Cocktails, Mocktails, and Ghosts at Langlois

While some teams might love cooking, others are more interested in a good beverage alternative. With this amazing cooking class, your team’s wishes will be answered! This is an opportunity to explore everything that beverages can offer while also investing in some pretty amazing history too. This particular class focuses on teaching you how to make cocktails and mocktails–making it friendly for all audiences. Even better, it allows you to explore New Orleans’ rich history with a fun ghost-filled history lesson about the area.