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The 6 Best Group Cooking Classes in San Diego

San Diego is rapidly becoming a top foodie destination, known for its incredible array of cuisines from Mexican to seafood and beyond. What better place to don an apron and learn your way around the kitchen? San Diego’s fantastic cooking classes allow you to explore new flavors and cooking techniques while bonding over delicious food.


Whether you’re a total beginner looking to finally learn how to chop an onion or a seasoned home cook hoping to master new dishes, San Diego cooking classes have something for everyone. In this list, we’ve highlighted some of the top cooking class venues offering immersive culinary experiences across cuisines.


a piece of french toast and a cup of coffee on a table

Good eatin’!


The Top 6 Group Cooking Classes in San Diego

If you can escape the beach for a few hours, your taste buds will thank you as you learn to cook a variety of dishes in these top-notch group cooking classes.


Cooking classes for the whole team

Get out of the office and into the kitchen!


1. Hipcooks

Hipcooks If you love to embrace your inner “foodie” while meeting new people in a relaxed environment, Hipcooks should be your go-to for San Diego cooking classes. 


Their classes explore a broad array of international cuisines—think everything from Thai to Italian—often with a uniquely California twist. Led by knowledgeable and passionate experts in their fields, lessons are focused on building connections through hands-on culinary fun. 


Hipcooks’ lighthearted approach helps both newbies and seasoned cooks gather new ideas while making friends over dishes like empanadas and curry. Check their frequently updated online schedule for tons of diverse, approachable options welcoming foodies of all kinds.


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a chef teaching students how to cook

Learn a new recipe!


2. Sur La Table 

For a refined yet relaxed cooking class environment, Sur La Table is a wonderful destination. With locations at malls across San Diego, they offer an incredible array of lessons geared toward cooks of every skill level. 


Their patient and skilled instructors lead sessions diving into everything from essential knife skills to the vibrant flavors of Thailand. Sur La Table also places an emphasis on date-night style classes perfect for couples along with kids/teens lessons to start young chefs early.


We adore Sur La Table’s welcoming vibe that helps students absorb culinary knowledge at their own pace. From mastering seasonal vegetables to demystifying French pastries, Sur La Table delivers educational experiences seasoned cooks will appreciate while keeping classes fun enough for newbies.


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a piece of cake sitting on top of sushi on a table


3. Sushi Making Classes at Sushi on a Roll 

For sushi aficionados, Sushi on a Roll’s intimate hands-on cooking classes are beyond compare. 


Acclaimed local sushi chef Jeff Roberto leads students through delicate preparation techniques from knife skills to perfectly balanced rice. His personable teaching approach and deep insight into flavors make even intricate sushi rolling seem like a joy rather than a chore.


What impresses us most is his attention to sourcing ultra-fresh, high-quality fish for unrivaled sushi experiences. Classes at his welcoming venue in Carlsbad guide students through individual rolling practice with Jeff’s watchful eye offering tailored guidance.


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Assortment of Mexican tacos on grey background

Assortment of traditional mexican tacos


4. Casa Guadalajara 

For an authentic journey into the vibrant range of Mexican cuisine, Casa Guadalajara’s cooking classes are ¡perfecto!


Their Institute of Mexican Culture teaches everything from staples like salsa and guacamole to regional specialties of Oaxaca and beyond. Knowledgeable instructors emphasize ancestral culinary traditions, farmer’s market ingredients, and from-scratch methods.


Casa Guadalajara’s intimate, engaging lessons help students absorb the love woven into real Mexican cooking. Tackle daunting dishes like tamales and moles with confidence thanks to their step-by-step guidance and cultural/historical context.


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a group of people standing in a kitchen preparing food

Pasta pasta!


5. Cucina Migrante

Discover authentic Italian cuisine made accessible, Cucina Migrante’s cooking classes shine brilliantly. Their institute offers small-group lessons exploring dishes from all over Italy, from silky risottos to perfect pasta. Expert instructors emphasize seasonal ingredients and traditional techniques perfected over generations.


Students are encouraged to get fully involved in preparation while learning proper knife work and cooking methods. Bring wine and appetite as you broaden your cooking abilities with new Tuscan, and Sicilian specialties each time.


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a plate of food


6. Thai Cooking with Chef Krong 

Last but certainly not least, Chef Krong’s Thai cooking classes are a local legend for good reason. Drawing from his Bangkok roots, Chef Krong guides students through every integral step of dishes from scratch. His personable approach makes typically intimidating Thai staples like curry pastes and stuffed wraps fully accessible for home cooks.


The hands-on classes at his home-based school immerse you in the layers of flavor that make Thai cuisine shine. Bring an adventurous appetite and leave with cooking knowledge sure to transport your next pad thai to new dimensions.


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Check Out These Top Cooking Classes On Your Next San Diego Getaway

With beautiful year-round weather and incredible dining scenes, San Diego already tops many travelers’ lists as a coveted getaway destination. But why settle only for eating at fantastic restaurants when you could expand your culinary skills on an unforgettable San Diego vacation?


Next time you’re planning travels to picture-perfect San Diego, consider cooking classes for opportunities to connect over food with locals. Let us know if you’ll be signing up for classes on an upcoming San Diego