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10 Insanely Fun Group Activities in Charleston

Friends walking along the beach on a sunny day

Written By: Emily Walton


It is tough out there for adults in 2023. From finding things to do with friends to even making new friends, things just aren’t as simple as they used to be. Gone are the good ol’ days of riding your bike to a friend’s house to see if they wanted to go to the park. Well, we are here to bring those days back. 


We believe that just because you are an adult, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun anymore. So, we’ve rounded up our top 10 fun group activities in Charleston. Each activity can be used for spending time with old friends, making new friends, a weekend getaway, and even office team-building! 


Brightly colored houses on Rainbow Road in Charleston

Rainbow Road


Why Is Spending Time With Other Adults Important? 


You might not realize it, but having and maintaining adult friendships is super important. Not only does it give you a group of people to explore life with, but it also helps you release stress.  Whether you have school, kids, a job, an elderly family member you care for, or all the above, life can get pretty crazy. Getting together with friends for group activities lets everyone kick back and relax for a few hours. That way, when you have to return to your daily responsibilities you can come back refreshed and ready to go. 


Studies have also found that maintaining positive relationships helps boost self-esteem. In turn, this newfound self-esteem helps you with finding adult friendships. This means that not only will you feel more confident in all areas of life, but you will also be more likely to continue the cycle once you’ve put time into it. This goes the same for team-building at work. The more your office gets together outside of work, the more confident you will feel when working together as a team.  


So whether you have a whole day to spend with your friends or just a few hours, it is important to carve out that time! Once you’ve planned a time and date, your next question might be, “well, what are some fun things to do with friends in Charleston, SC?” Don’t worry. We’ve made it easy for you. Pick from any of the fun group activities we’ve put together below based on what time of day you plan to meet up! 


Man in Plaid Suit Jacket Holding Champagne Bottle with Others Clinking Their Glasses

Enjoy the city in out-of-the-box ways!


Morning Activities In Charleston For Groups 

# 1 Bring Your Crew To A Delicious Brunch 

What better way to spend the morning with friends than with pancakes and mimosas? Head to Toast All Day for a creative culinary experience plus delicious drinks! Their southern-inspired dishes are to die for and a few specialty drinks make this a fun spot to catch up with your pals. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we highly recommend the beignets. We also love other local spots like Millers All Day and The Junction Kitchen & Provisions. 


Fried Egg Beside Bread Platter

Charleston brunch options are endless…


# 2 Talk It Out While You Walk It Out 

One of the best ways to increase your happiness and reduce your stress is to spend time outdoors. Add a few friends to the mix, and you are in for a great time! Get your group together to stroll Downtown and walk along King Street for some of the best shopping in the South! 


Your group could also grab an iced coffee from Bitty and Beau’s in the French Quarter and head to Joe Riley Waterfront Park. There you can take in some amazing scenic views as you walk along the waterfront while soaking up the sun. The park has a beautiful fountain perfect for taking that group picture in front of. If you have a little more time, plan a mini-day trip to Angel Oak on John’s Island. Or, if you are a group of history buffs, you could even jump on a free walking tour to learn all about the city of Charleston. 


Angel Oak Tree in Charleston, South Carolina

Angel Oak Tree


Things To Do With Friends In Mid-Day Throughout Charleston 

# 3 Shred A Few Waves With A Surf Lesson 

If your group of friends is more of the active type, check out one of Isla Surf’s exhilarating surf lessons! Learning a new skill together is a great way to bond and you are sure to have a laugh as you figure it all out.


Another great place to learn to surf is Shaka Surfschool. We especially love their Wemoons Weekends. In the summer, you can get together with other women in the area to practice your pop-up and enjoy some beach yoga together in a safe environment. 


These group surf lessons are a great opportunity for finding adult friends in Charleston. Whether you are on vacation or live in the area, you will meet people during the sessions who are as adventurous as you!


a woman riding a wave on a surfboard in bright turquoise water

Surf’s up!


# 4 Make A Lunch Date With Your Friends 

After surfing, you are definitely going to be hungry. Plan to meet up with your friends at a locally famous BBQ joint.  South Carolina’s Lewis Barbecue offers savory dishes sure to make your mouth water. While they are known for their brisket, try checking out their pastrami. We can hear your confusion now. “Pastrami at a southern BBQ joint?!” 


Just trust us. We have food tours all over New York City. While Lewis might not be serving up traditional pastrami, their take is the southern cousin of what we’ve tasted at Katz and Russ & Daughters. It is smokier than what you might be used to up north but it still melts in your mouth the way good pastrami should. 


If you need a spot that is vegan-friendly, check out Neon Tiger on King Street. They have their own plant-based take on a Reuben and even a BBQ “chicken” that is pretty dang tasty. With neon lights placed throughout the restaurant,  they are also one of the most aesthetic places for a group photo in Charleston.  


leisure and people concept - happy friends eating and drinking at barbecue party on rooftop

Try some of Austin’s favorite eats!


# 5 Treat Yourself With A Unique Ice Cream Combo

If you have any room left after lunch, take a stroll down King Street to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. They are serving up some seriously imaginative scoops for your group to try down in Charleston. With combos like “maple-soaked pancakes” and “goat cheese with red cherries” you and your friends will have lots to talk about as you decide which ice cream to try.  


leisure and people concept - happy friends eating and drinking at barbecue party on rooftop

Personal favorite… Darkest Chocolate paired with Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks


Fun Group Activities To Try In Charleston During The Afternoon 

# 6 Visit A Nearby Beach

This list wouldn’t be complete without a trip to a beach near Charleston. If you opted out of the surfing lessons in group idea #3, no worries. You can still enjoy the sun and sand with your crew. Whether you need a good place for team-building games and activities or you want a scenic spot for a picnic, you’re in luck. Carolina’s beaches are some of the most beautiful places to explore in the South. 


Our normal go-to is Folly Beach for its laid-back surfer vibes and great local shops. Sullivan’s is also one of the closest beaches to Charleston and you can get there in a little under 20 minutes. If you head that way, definitely make sure to check out their famous lighthouse


Friends walking along the beach on a sunny day

Good vibes, good vibes!


# 7 Grab Grub At A Craft Brewery 

With warm weather comes a craving for good food and a cold beer. Luckily, Charleston has both. One of the best things to do with friends in the Lowcountry is to check out its growing beer scene. We’ve listed just a few of our favorite breweries below for you and your crew to grab a bite at. 



Bonus: while it isn’t a brewery, we also wanted to throw in that we LOVE Camellias. The champagne room is the perfect spot for a girls’ day if you just want a few cocktails or drinks in a beautifully decorated spot.


a group of people sitting at a table, Man in Black Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting Beside Woman in Gray and Black Stripe T

So many fun places!


# 8 Catch A Sunset At Shem Creek 

Just across the Cooper River from Charleston is Shem Creek. This waterfront district is a local hidden gem that most tourists overlook. With creekside dining, rooftop bars, and drop-dead gorgeous sunsets it is the perfect place to explore with friends. One of the most fun group activities in the area is to grab a few sharable snacks and drinks from The Mill Street Tavern, sit on the deck, and watch the sunset.  Their string-lit ambiance is the perfect place to wave goodbye to the day before heading out for a night on the town. 


Wooden Footbridge over River Marsh Land

So peaceful!


Where To Go With Friends For A Night Out In Charleston 

# 9 Dance The Night Away 

When planning group events with friends, going out for a night of dancing is a great way to let off some steam. Charleston is a hot spot for Jazz music, country, and even a few DJ sets. We’ve listed our team’s top 3 spots for dancing in Charleston below: 


  • Prohibition is great for live music on their “New Music Thursdays” and often hosts DJs on the weekends. 
  • The Commodore is a cocktail lounge that also hosts vintage music and jazz nights for those looking to swing.  
  • Uptown Social is a 2-floor bar with a rooftop dance area. They cater to a younger crowd looking and play a lot of Taylor Swift if you are a Tay Tay fan.  
  • Honky Tonk Burger Company & Saloon has line dancing on Fridays where you can take a few lessons. On Saturdays, they have a DJ for more of a club feel. They also have a pool table for the people in your group who want to join in on the fun but aren’t quite confident on the dance floor yet. 


Woman in Black Long Sleeve Shirt Dancing

Let’s groove tonight!


# 10 Grab A Late-Night Snack

If you are ever looking for an after-hours snack, your new go-to spot is about to be Carmella’s Cafe & Dessert Bar. They are open until midnight and whether you want something savory or something sweet, you’ll find it here. Our personal favorite combination is their cookies & cream cake with a latte. 


If your group just needs a late-night quick fix, you can always pick up a box of cookies from Insomnia. This is also a great option if you want to host a fun group movie night and potluck.  


a variety box of cookies including chocolate cookies and rainbow sprinkle cookies

You can’t go wrong with a variety box of cookies!


Bonus: Fun Group Activities For Long-Distance Friendships 


Charleston has so much to offer when it comes to getting together for an insanely fun group activity. Whether you are meeting up in the morning or painting the town red at night, your crew will have an insanely fun time with any of the above group activities. 


But what if your closest friends live miles away? We’ve come up with the perfect solution. Get your group together for a virtual cooking class or cocktail-making party! By doing something together online, you can stay connected – no matter where you are. 


Two women taking a selfie while dressed up in sparkly outfits at night

A cocktail making party is such a blast!


Need More Ideas For Fun Things To Do With Friends & Colleagues?

Spending time with your friends and coworkers is a great way to improve your happiness and quality of life. We know that work is where most people are finding adult friends, and that it is also a great place to grow your social network.


If you need more activities or want fun team-building ideas, then check out our post on 18 Insanely Fun Team-Building Activities in Charleston. There we list out some of the best Charleston tour groups, event management companies, and teambuilding spots around. Whichever activity you choose, you will have fun relaxing and spending quality time with the people in your life!