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Top 12 Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

Team building activities are meant to motivate people to work together, to enhance their strengths, and to tackle any of their weaknesses. They encourage collaboration instead of competition and encourage synergy, which is the reason why we see many corporate firms engaging their employees in team building activities nowadays. 

These activities facilitate effective communication between employees and management, ultimately resulting in boosting morale and a management that believes in empowering its employees. Teamwork is the key to achieve any organizational goal. An organization’s culture that is full of people pulling each other’s legs and afraid of their co-workers growing upwards, will not be able to be successful. 

Team building activities are essential if you want better team relations, as it is all about the most important asset of your firm i.e. your employees. It doesn’t matter if you offer the best products or you have an exceptional strategy if you don’t have great people behind your business plan. The heart of every company is its employees and their roles and connections can be enhanced by team-building exercises. Team building activities are important for companies of all sizes. No matter if you have hundreds of employees or 10 employees, your business will not be profitable if your team is not happy and that is why you need your employees to know that you are there for them all the time. 

Identified below are some of the best team building activities in LA. Take a look and see what Los Angeles has to offer you and your team for entertainment and team building. 


best team building activity in SF

Team Building Food Tour of The Mission District

A Food Tour with Sidewalk Food Tours

Food tours are designed to get your team talking with each other during the experience and afterward. On a food tour with Sidewalk Food Tours of Los Angeles, your team will have a chance to take a stress-free breath, relax and unwind together and create better cohesion with each other. It also deepens the bond between team members. If you are looking to launch a new concept, reward your employees, or achieve your sales goals, this is a great idea to be utilized.

Sailing is a unique way to explore LA

Come sail away

Blue Water Sailing Activity

Sail based teamwork programs provide candidates with valuable leadership and teamwork skills. Place your teams in a new challenging and fun environment. This can be done through various programs which place participants in a new and unique setting that teach them many problem-solving skills which are needed by the successful business professionals. Solutions to many challenges in the corporate environment require Leadership, Intuitive Thinking, Effective Communication along with Objective Decision Making, and Cooperation. Every individual and team gets the opportunity to hone in on and implement these skills under the supervision of experienced instructors within an environment only a Sailboat in an open ocean may provide.

indoor rock climbing gyms

How high can your team go?!

Bouldering At the Cliffs of ID

With 16000 square feet of bouldering, you can experience the comfort and safety of an air-conditioned, state of the art, Indoor Climbing Gym in Los Angeles. This activity can help in better Goal Setting, Getting More Aware of Yourself, Relieving Stress, Build Confidence, and better Perseverance

Take in a Dodgers game as group

Support your team…as a team!

A Baseball Game at Dodgers Stadium

Effective team-building exercises require every individual in the team to work together towards the completion of a goal or a task just like a baseball game. There is one good method in which you can assign grounds-keeping duties and facilities upkeep after each practice. Tasks such as grooming the field, clearing out trash, straightening up batting cages and smoothing out pitching mounds encourage the team to work as a single unit

Your team will love a scavenger hunt

It’s a race to the finish

Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt

Get your team out of the office and start exploring the city of Los Angeles. Your coworkers will have a chance to run around, search for the clues, solve different challenges and compete for the prizes. Many companies personalize different Trivia and Puzzles for your teams. They can also organize lawn games to mimic the memories of elementary school or a game show at your office. It can create friendly competition even among the most skeptical teams.

Enjoy custom made cocktails

Turn this happy hour on its head

A Hollywood Cocktail Tour 

Think of it as a happy hour. Your team will have a chance to know about the history of drinks, meet the bartenders, the bar owners, and industry experts to have a unique fun catching experience. Book a Hollywood cocktail tour and your team will enjoy the trip of three bars in two hours to sample drinks from historic Hollywood Watering Holes. Three hours of drinking and exploring is quite fun, so this team bonding event is a win.

Play lazer tag with your team

If you think Lazer Tag is just for kids, it’s been too long since you played!

Corporate Fuzion Laser Tag

Nothing brings employees together like tag team competition as it gives the feeling of working against an opponent. It brings out the competitor of your employees and makes them realize the potential of teamwork. It’s just like playing a game in an arcade mode where you support, guide, encourage, and motivate your teammates to perform better. Laser tag is a kind of activity that brings planners and strategy makers into the limelight so that you may also realize the actual potential of your team members. 


MONA’s Neon Cruise

The neon cruise by the Museum of Neon Art can give you a tour of the brightest neon signs of Hollywood and Chinatown from the top of a British bus. You ‘ll be able to learn the 20th-century history, art and culture of Los Angeles and apart from that, it may give you a lot of Instagram activity, stories and maybe some live feed as well. 

Karaoke at Max Karaoke Studio

Sing your heart out! Won’t you be surprised if you see a colleague of yours rapping to the latest and greatest on the stage, or perhaps your CEO singing a Linkin Park track in front of everyone? Don’t worry about stage fright, as this will be a team activity on stage!

Escape Room at Trapped!

Escape rooms are extremely popular among the teams in Los Angeles. In this activity, your team will utilize its situation analysis, logic, and creativity, to solve the problems as well as stepping into different management roles to make sure that the group completes the objective. With six different puzzles and a convenient location in Los Angeles, an Escape Room is a great thing for your next team building activity.

Make a movie together

Create memories that will last a lifetime

Making a Movie with Team Bonding 

This might feel a bit odd but yes you read it right. Team Bonding company offers this activity of 3 hours, in which 10 to 200 people can be accommodated in a film making experience. In this activity, you can write, direct, act and edit your movie on grouping basis. After that, you will enjoy an award ceremony and win prizes for your role.

Cooking classes for the whole group

Don’t forget to taste test along the way!

Cooking Classes

Cooking is a great activity to bring your employees closer. Not only it has a passion and joy of creating something from the scratch, but it also helps the employees work in different roles in the kitchen and they follow special instructions on how to make it taste great. The real award is having a treat of your own making after all this. In Los Angeles, this activity is available at Cozy Meal. Here you can do this activity at your own office, at a third party location or even at the chef’s house, to enjoy a unique environment.

If your team is desperate for a break from the office, then one of these 12 team building activities might be the right amount for you. Team building activities do best when your company has fun and the day doesn’t feel like work. Whatever you pick, just make sure that you keep your company in mind and choose what your employees would really enjoy. There are options for every company culture and size. Whether you choose to have a classy boat cruise, or you want to get down and dirty outdoors with zip lining adventure, these events can surely please every group. You can even go for ski lessons, check out a Lakers game or, plan an entire dodgeball tournament for your own employees. With these amazing options, your team building activities can’t be more fruitful. Try one of these or all twelve of these throughout the year and your employees are sure to have a great time knowing each other.