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10 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities in Savannah

Written By: Emily Walton 


How To Motivate Employees Using Team Building 


One of the best ways to motivate employees in Savannah, GA is with a fun team-building activity. Even if your team already works well together, setting aside time for team bonding can take your group to the next level. 


A strong leader knows a motivated team is a more productive team. However, if you still need to justify a team-building activity to your boss, you can always use science. American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, did extensive research on what motivates humans. He found that in addition to needing the basics (like food, water, and a sense of security) humans needed a few extra important motivators.  


Two middle age business workers smiling happy and confident. Working together with smile on face hand giving high five at the office

You’ll high-five to that!


Maslow’s Theory of Motivation is also known as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. According to his theory, humans need to feel a sense of belonging and have ways to build their self-esteem. That’s where team building is great for company morale! It gives employees the opportunity to feel connected to one another. This provides a sense of belonging. Team-building activities can also challenge employees in way that builds their esteem. 


Are There Any Disadvantages of Team Building?


The main purpose of team building is to provide fun ways to motivate employees so they can come back to work recharged and ready to go. As with anything, there are a few drawbacks to team-building exercises. Not everyone will always be excited about a team-building event when they are first told about it. Sometimes you have to motivate people to join in the fun. 


To do this, make sure your company’s team building is meaningful to your employees. Before it starts, ask them to reflect on what teamwork means to them.  Have them brainstorm what they hope to accomplish during the activity or team bonding event. This helps employees get in a good headspace and is a great way to motivate your employees as a manager. 


Group of Young Business People Chatting on Break in Office

Company culture matters more now than ever!


Another disadvantage of team building is that it can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming. We know you want to find a teamwork activity in Savannah that fits your office budget and time constraints. That’s where we come in. 


We did all the research for you. We even put together a list of fun team-building activities for any budget. That way, you can pick an event that works for you AND easily justify the team-building activity to your boss. Looking for fun team-building ideas that will get your coworkers excited? Keep reading for our list of the best team-building activities in Savannah, GA



The Best Low Cost And Free Team Building Activities In Savannah


If you’re looking for how to motivate employees without putting down a lot of money, we know it can seem tough. The good news is, team bonding on a budget is completely possible. With a little imagination and a good attitude, your next team-building activity with be a total knockout – no matter how much you paid for it!


# 1 Host A Day For Team-Building Games


One of our favorite activities can be an onsite team-building event. Put aside a few hours to have your team play some of their favorite games. It can be anything from an office scavenger hunt to a fun team trivia game!  Our best advice is to come up with great team-building questions that relate to your office. 


Does someone on your team have a bunch of plants around their desk? Incorporate a photo with them as part of your scavenger hunt. Or, maybe someone in the group bakes delicious treats each month. A fun office trivia question could be about what they baked last month! The more you include the people from your team, the greater sense of belonging they will have. Just make sure to keep the questions professional! 


Group of co-workers with sticky notes on their foreheads

Don’t take yourselves too seriously…


# 2 Put On A Potluck In The Park 


A great idea for inexpensive team-building activities for larger groups is hosting a potluck! By having everyone bring a dish, you’ll know there is enough food to go around. You can keep the cost even lower by hosting the corporate event at the office or someone’s home. 


Or you can host the potluck in one of Savannah’s beautiful parks. Daffin Park in Midtown has a nice picnic area with a gorgeous pavilion. We also love Frank W. Spencer Park’s waterfront view! 


Savannah’s Parks & Recreation website offers a full list of parks and their facilities. It also has information on reserving the areas so you know you’ll get the spot you want!  


A group of people having a picnic in a park

You really get to know someone based on what they bring to a potluck!


# 3 Volunteer For A Cause Your Team Cares About 


A fun, offsite team-building idea is to get out into the community and help! What better way to feel a sense of belonging than to volunteer for a cause you care about? Maybe your team wants to help unhoused individuals find resources after a storm. Or maybe the office wants to get a hands-on experience cleaning up Tybee Beach


Our suggestion is to send out a survey asking your employees what causes they’d be interested in supporting. Use their answers to help you search for a volunteer opportunity on Volunteer Match. That you know your office will be invested in the team bonding event you plan. 


a person handing a stack of pizza boxes to someone else unloading a truck.

Find out what causes and organizations your team values and volunteer to help!


Fun And Fairly Priced Team Bonding Ideas

# 4 Play A Sport Together 


Playing a sport together is a great way to bond with your teammates and colleagues. You can have a free, quick game during a lunchtime break. You could also meet up often after work to practice a sport together. Some offices even work with other local organizations for fun outdoor corporate events!


One option is to sign up as a team with Savannah Adult Recreation. Or, if you are looking for something truly unique, try taking lessons with Tybee Surf. The challenge of learning a sport together while getting out in the fresh air is a great way for your team to reset and recharge! 


Three people holding surfboards on their heads

Let’s go surfin’!


# 5 Take A Walking Food Tour


Whether your team moved to the area for their job or they are long-time locals, a fun way to explore Savannah is with a walking food tour! With a tour from Savannah Food Tour, your team will get to taste their way through the south. You’ll get an experience that goes off-the-beaten path and gives you food, facts, and fun that you wouldn’t find anywhere else!  



A group of friends laughing over food and drinks at a restaurant with exposed brick

Food Tours are a neat way to play “tourist” whether on a work trip or in your hometown!


# 6  Learn Together With A Cooking Class


Remember back in school when it was easy to make friends in class because you were all learning something new together? Sometimes that sense of camaraderie can get lost once we become experts in our field. That’s why it is always fun to bring back that feeling and take a class with your peers. 700 Kitchen Cooking School is a fun team-building experience. Not only will it teach your group a new skill, but you’ll also get delicious food and wine to enjoy along the way! 



A group of people wearing colorful aprons standing with a chef taking a cooking class

Learn how to make a new dish!


# 7 Roll Around Town With A Guided Bike Tour


If you want an exciting off-site team-building activity, then a guided bike tour is the way to go! Savannah Bike Tours offers a couple of options for biking around town. If your team is looking for something spooky and doesn’t scare too easily, then you definitely need to check out their haunted ghost tour! 


If you want something a little more casual, then hop on a Savannah Slow Ride. This fun outdoor team-building activity is sure to win everyone over. Basically, it is a pub crawl on wheels but since you’re not driving, you can relax and enjoy the ride! 



a group of people on a bike tour

Seeing neighborhoods by bike is a neat way to explore!


# 8 Test Your Skills At A Savannah Escape Room 


Escape rooms have grown in popularity over the past few years and with good reason. They are a great place to challenge yourself and have a great time while figuring out the different puzzles. Escape rooms have you work together and are one of the best places to work on teamwork! 


There are a few fun escape rooms in Savannah, GA to check out. Escape Savannah offers different scenarios. One of our favorites is the “Escape From Pirate Island.” You could also set out on a rescue mission with The Escape Company Savannah’s “Cavern Room.” Whichever you decide on, you’ll get an amazing team-bonding experience that builds collaboration!   



Three people working on an Escape Room Challenge together

Escape Rooms are a neat way to see people skills and problem solving in real life!


Team Bonding Ideas For When You Have A Bigger Budget 

# 9 See The City From A New View On A River Cruise 


Sometimes it is good to get outside the city and see it from a different perspective. Set sail on a Savannah Riverboat Cruise for a low-key ride on a classic Savannah steamboat. They host any kind of event you could imagine. From brunch cruises to sunset cruises, you can hold a fun corporate event in Savannah any time of day.  


Want another unique team bonding idea to try in Savannah? Take a trip through Bull River Marina. They even have a river excursion that takes you over to one of Savannah’s islands. There you will have some wild fun as you hunt for shark teeth!  



a large ship in the water with Savannah in the background

The water is an iconic part of Savannah’s charm and history!


# 10 Host An Office Event Party At One Of Savannah’s Premiere Venues 


If you are looking to really “wow” your team, try hosting an event at one of Savannah’s popular event spaces. The Charles H. Morris Center is a great option if you are looking for a bigger space. It even has room for a live band or entertainment. 


If you would like help planning an event or want a full-service luxury corporate event, it is worth it to work with a local event company. One of our favorite event management companies in Savannah is Megan Elizabeth Events. Her team will work with you to set up a fun team-building event that will be remembered for years to come! 


A corporate event with people in office attire toasting with champagne

Hosting office parties keeps the team excited for the future while celebrating all of their accomplishments!


Whatever your office needs, Savannah is full of possibilities for your next corporate event. From exciting outdoor team-building activities to elegant evenings on the river, your team will love spending time together in Savannah. 


Need something that remote or hybrid workers can join in on? Check out Sidewalk Food Tour’s virtual cooking competitions. They are a great way to include everyone in the fun while whipping up something delicious!