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12 Insanely Fun Group Activities in Austin

ATZ colorful statue in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas is known as the Live Music Capital of the World®. Take a quick walk downtown, and you’ll understand why. It feels like every venue hosts some kind of live music throughout the week. This keeps the city bustling with daily excitement.


a person holding a guitar

Live Music Capital of the World®

However, Austin is much more than just a city for music lovers. With a thriving art culture and culinary scene – Austin is a great place for your next group activity!


Are Group Gatherings Important? 


During the pandemic, we learned a lot and the working world changed drastically. Many offices have gone to either a hybrid or virtual setting.  


While every office is different, there has been a new call for connection by employees. We are now seeing that they want more opportunities to bond with their teams.


a man and a woman with drinks chatting outside near a bridge at sunset

Give your co-workers a chance to know each other.

Group gatherings and corporate team-buildings help improve the relationships between your employees. They even help your employees work better together in the office! So it is important to give your team the chance to learn about each other outside of working hours. 


If you need inspiration for fun activities for adults, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for our list of the best team outing ideas in Austin, TX. 


#1 Bake Your Heart Out With Make It Sweet


If you’re looking for a way to get your group together and learn a few tricks, check out one of Make It Sweet’s baking classes. Located right off Hwy. 183, Make it Sweet offers various courses your team will enjoy. Try your hand at making savory empanadas or delightfully sweet cupcakes!


a group of cupcakes with green frosting and colorful sprinkles

Amateur baker? No problem!

Even if your group has never baked before, the instructor will help them gain confidence in their skills. At the end of the class, take time to enjoy your delicious hard work together. 


#2 Explore Austin’s Hidden Gems With A Speakeasy Tour 


During prohibition times, speakeasies were set up in secret so that Americans could still have a good time (even if it was illegal). 


Prohibition has been over for a while, but speakeasies are making a comeback. To celebrate the tradition of secrecy, many bars are creating speakeasy-like atmospheres.  The dimly lit spaces are normally hidden out of sight and are either invite-only or strategically not marketed to the public. 


a neon sign that says "this is the sign you've been looking for" take a Speakeasy Tour!

One way to make sure you hit all the best bars in Austin is with a Speakeasy Tour. Your team will get to explore new places as they follow the guide through the city’s best-kept secrets.


#3 Win Big With Tiny Bowling 


If your team likes friendly competition, Bull and Bowl is the place for you. The restaurant has bowling, pool tables, a mechanical bull, creative cuisine, and delicious drinks… all in one place! 


Play a few rounds of duck pin bowling with your team or even challenge them to see who lasts the longest on the bull! Afterward, celebrate your team with a round of cowboy cocktails to cool off.


the back of bowling shoes standing by the bowling lane, with pins in the background


#4 Learn To Texas Two-Step 


Line dancing is an active way to get your team together. Double or Nothing Two-Step approaches dancing with patience and a sense of humor. That means your team can let loose and have a wildly good time. 


From birthday bashes to corporate retreats, they will work with you to make sure everyone feels included and has fun!


the view from above of lots of people line dancing

Movin’ and groovin’!

#5 Create A Work Of Art In A Glassblowing Class


If you want your next group outing to be creative, have your team try their hands at glassblowing. Ghost Pepper Glass offers a hands-on experience for corporate events. Each team member will work with a professional to create a small glass object they get to bring home. 


This unique offsite team-building activity lets you work with your hands and create something awesome! 


a woman glass blowing

Something new for everyone!

#6 Strike A Pose At The Selfie Galleries 


If your team wants to spend a day feeling like a celebrity, head over to The Selfie Galleries

The concept of a selfie museum is a unique and refreshing take on getting a good group photo-op.


A girl talking on the phone at the Selfie Galleries walls in Austin, TX

Photo from @theselfiegalleries

Take a few seriously good photos or simply have a laugh playing around. Either way, you’ll take home some fun pics to remember the day with. 


Try Getting Some Fresh Air


We’ve always known that the outdoors is a great place to enjoy Austin’s good weather. Over the past few years, we’ve also learned it can be one of the safest. If your group is looking for an exciting outdoor team-building activity, we’ve got you covered. 


Keep reading for our outdoor-specific activities that will make your team’s day.   


#7 Build A Bonfire At Central Machine Brewing


Known as one of the best outdoor bars for large groups in Austin, Central Machine Brewing will help you create a magical event for your employees. While the brewery itself is housed in a repurposed airplane hanger, the large outdoor area has plenty of room for bigger groups. 


The outdoor beer garden has a capacity of up to 450 seated and 600 standing. So, if you’re looking for a place that can accommodate a large group, this is it. 


Your team will enjoy locally brewed beverages and a mouth-watering meal by the outdoor fire pits. At the same time, they will get the chance to fully relax and connect with each other. 


Someone sitting by a fire pit with a hoodie on

The best chats happen by a fire pit.

#8 Saddle Up With Maverick Horse Back Riding


If you’ve ever watched an old western movie, you have probably seen someone in Texas riding a horse. Horseback riding is part of Texas culture and history. It is also the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the fresh air with your friends. 


a group of people riding horses

Maverick Horse Back Riding works with your event coordinator to plan your corporate event or team-building day. Give your team a gift they will never forget by getting them out of the office and onto the trails. 


#9 Throw A Peddle Party For Your Office


Riding a bike is a wonderful daytime activity in Austin. Riding a bike with a group of colleagues that takes you around the city is even better. Hipside Peddler offers tours based on where you’d like to explore. 


Bring your own food and drinks along for the ride or stop off at a few places along the way for a quick bite. Sitting around the peddle table, your teammates will have a fabulous time soaking in the sites while enjoying each other’s company. 


a close up of a bicycle

Let’s roll!

#10 Dive Deep With A Scuba Adventure


If you want a group activity that is really unique, consider getting scuba-certified. Scubaland Adventures is an Austin-based scuba development center for PADI certification.


Your team will learn how to safely dive and “talk” underwater using hand signals. They will also get to practice a few dives together depending on your group package.

Diving builds communication skills and trust between team members. Imagine your team growing closer while exploring the beautiful waters of Texas! 


a guy under water with a mask and scuba equipment on

Scuba duba doo!

#11 Giddy On Up With Rodeo Austin 


It wouldn’t be Texas without the rodeo. Rodeo Austin hosts a variety of events throughout the year with the actual rodeo running in March. 


Head to one of their famous barbecues or cowboy breakfasts for a savory treat. You can also sign your group up to help volunteer at one of their events. Giving your team the chance to be community leaders will help them grow as employees and individuals. 


a man riding a horse while holding a flag at a rodeo

A Texas rodeo!

#12 Have An Action-Packed Event At Stunt Ranch 


Your team is full of everyday heroes – so get them outdoors to a place where they can be action heroes! Stunt Ranch provides 22 acres of fun for your group to practice different stunts. They have paintball, explosion blast areas, rope courses, a rock wall, zip lines, and more!


A person doing firework throwing at night

Did you say firework throwing?

Ask anyone in town, one of the best places to take a group in Austin is Stunt Ranch. 

Group Activities in Austin


Send this list to your group and ask what would interest them the most. Are they looking for a cozy bonfire at a brewery? Or are they adventure-seekers looking to try a few stunts? Whatever type of group you have, Austin has something for everyone. 

ATZ colorful statue in Austin, TX


Bonus Group Activity 


If you have a few group members that can’t make an in-person team-building event, check out a virtual one. Sidewalk Food Tours has prepared virtual mixology classes and cooking competitions for you to choose from!

To learn more about our innovative online group classes, check out our virtual corporate events page.