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12 Insanely Fun Group Activities in Denver

Red Rocks Amphitheater

Featuring 300 days of sunshine (and bright blue skies!) as well as jaw-dropping mountain views, Denver, Colorado, makes for one of the top destinations to visit as a group. This walkable, outdoor city is situated at an elevation of 5280 feet (exactly one mile) above sea level. 


Whether you’re heading with your work team or a group of friends, the Mile High City will please you with what it has. Keep reading as we share 12 insanely fun group activities in Denver, so your next group trip is exciting — and memorable 🤍






a city with tall buildings in the background


Recommended Activity

1. Join us for a Food Tour

With the famous lamb, Palisade peaches, and green chile, Denver is proof that Colorado cuisine is certainly a thing. And what better way to experience the local taste than with a food tour?


On the three-hour tour with Sidewalk Food Tours, you will walk through different neighborhoods, sampling the unique flavors of the city and bonding with your group members over delicious bites.


If your group is ready for the experience (or, better worded, a foodie’s dream), fill out our request form today!


Taco Tasting on Food Tour

Tastings at food establishments you don’t want to miss!


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2. Learn Something New in the Kitchen

Looking for a team-building experience with a reward at the end? A hands-on cooking class, booked through the same request form as before, is just what you’re looking for.


At Sidewalk Food Tours, we offer hands-on cooking classes, where your group enjoys experiential learning by whipping up a local recipe. Each group is assigned a Denver chef who answers any questions and is available for assistance. The end result? Delicious, handmade bites to munch on over great conversations, plus a new recipe to take back home.


a group of people sitting at a table with a plate of food

We bring the ingredients you bring your group!


3. Appreciate Art at The Golden Triangle

Denver’s Golden Triangle Creative District neighborhood boosts over 30 art galleries featuring nationally renowned talent — so if you’re looking to appreciate local art with your group, this is where to head. There’s also a shuttle tour held every Friday if you’re looking to take a ride across the place.


inside an art gallery with colorful acrylic paintings

Spark your creativity!


4. Make New Animal Friends at the Wild Animal Sanctuary

Home to over 550 exotic (and endangered) animals — and covering a total of 33,000 acres — the Wild Animal Sanctuary is worth a group visit. You can watch rescued animals find a new home in the wild and click pictures. While the standard day pass costs $50 per adult, you can qualify for a free visit if you adopt an animal, donate a certain amount, or meet other specified criteria.


a baby elephant standing next to a tree

Think lions, tigers, and bears oh my!


5. Walk Around 16th Street Mall

Stretching from Denver Union Station to the Colorado Capitol building, the 16th St Mall is lined with cafes and shops. You can stroll here and do some window shopping with your group. If you get tired, you can take the MallRide shuttle back to your conveyance — it’s free, too!

a group of people standing in front of a building


6. Watch the Sunset at the City Park

City Park is home to two lakes, lakeside paths, and a small rose garden. There are also fountains where little ones can splash around to cool down. Because it offers a beautiful view of the city skyline and rocky mountains, the City park makes for a great place to sit back with your group and enjoy the Denver sunset.

a small boat in a body of water


7. Admire Architecture at the Colorado State Capitol Building

Eager to learn about the city of Denver? The Colorado State Capitol Building is where to head. The building offers free tours where you and your group learn about the materials used to make the building (including gold) — which were mined within Colorado. They also provide dome tours.


a statue in front of Colorado State Capitol

Colorado State Capitol Building


8. Hike at the Red Rocks Amphitheater 

Looking for an easy hike to enjoy with your group? The Red Rocks Amphitheater is a naturally-formed (and world-famous!) venue close to Denver. Its natural acoustics and awe-inspiring views make it a great destination to hike. To keep it easy, you may choose the Trading Post Rail — which offers stunning views of the Front Range.


Red Rocks Amphitheater

You can also catch a concert you won’t forget!


9. Treat Yourself to some Sweet Treats

The Hammond’s Candy Factory offers free 30-minute tours (from Monday to Saturday). Here, you can learn how ribbon candy and other confectionary treats are made. The tour ends at a gift shop — you’ll be tempted to spend a few bucks for edible treats!


a person standing in a kitchen preparing food

Candy candy candy!


10. Browse the Tattered Cover

The Tattered Cover is a locally-owned bookstore chain (featuring eight stores across Denver and Colorado Springs). Here, comfy chairs will invite you and your group to have a seat and get lost in books by local authors and bestsellers alike. The stores host free events, like storytimes and book clubs. If you’re willing to spend, consider taking along some of your favorite reads!


a room filled with furniture and a book shelf

This is also a great idea for a snowy or rainy day!


11. Have Some Fun at The Conundrum Escape Rooms

The Conundrum Escape Rooms feature three immersive themed rooms — and can accommodate a group of 28 people in one go. The venue has a variety of packages (with team-building opportunities starting at $30 per person).


a group at an escape room

Can YOUR team beat the clock?


12. Delve into History at the Georgetown Loop Railroad

The Georgetown Loop Railroad takes your group on a fun journey into the Old West. This narrow gauge railroad was established in 1884 — and has seven daily trains departing from Denver. If your group decides to take a train ride, you’ll enjoy views of mountain peaks and steep canyons along the way. You can also add a mine tour and gold panning experience to your ride! (However, be sure to check availability and fares beforehand.)


Georgetown Loop Railroad a train parked on the railroad

For the history buffs!