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5 Awesome Family Reunion Ideas in San Francisco

Planning your family reunion in San Francisco this year? Family reunions are a great excuse to get together with your whole family, make lasting memories, and enjoy each other’s company. While they are usually a highlight for most of the family members, planning the perfect family reunion can be time-consuming. How do you choose something that will appease mom, dad, grandma, and uncle Jim? We gathered a list of the best family reunion ideas in San Francisco, so you don’t have to. Check out our list of the top five fantastic family reunion locations, no matter what size your family is. 


different snapshots of various foods

Treat your family to all of the best with a tour with Sidewalk Food Tours!


  1. Take your loved ones on the Sidewalk Food Tour of San Francisco. 


You and your family can sink your teeth into the best foods that San Francisco has to offer. Explore six different eateries on a walking food tour of San Fran. Book one of the private food tours and one of the Sidewalk team members will help you create the perfect trip catered, especially for your family. A local guide will travel with you throughout the tour and bring you to some of the top spots in SF, places that only a local will know. In addition to all the tasty treats, your family will learn all about the history, culture, and food scene of the district. Luckily, San Francisco sees beautiful weather throughout most of the year, so there’s no need to wait until summer to get your family together. Sidewalk Food Tours cater to families of all sizes. What better way to bring the family together than through food? Take your family on a tour during the day or night, and be sure they will leave with their bellies full. 


Choose from three quintessential San Fran locations:

  • Mission District
  • Chinatown
  • North Beach


Can’t decide which district to go to? Sidewalk Tours also offers a custom North Beach + Chinatown combo food tour. Be sure to tell the family to wear their walking shoes and come hungry! 


a lawn view of a building with pillars and people partying on the deck

Enjoy an escape and get close to those you love on a retreat at Kennolyn Retreat Venue

  1. Spend a weekend away at the Kennolyn Retreat Venue


If you’re looking to spend more quality time with your loved ones, the whole family can rent a mountain village to share day and night. This all-inclusive venue will take the logistics out of planning a big family reunion. All you have to do is book with them and tell your family when they should arrive. At Kennolyn, your family can enjoy unlimited fresh air, tasty meals, and plenty of fun activities. The resort is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, with stunning ocean views, and fun family-friendly festivities throughout the weekend. An event coordinator from Kennolyn will be on hand to help you plan out your entire weekend. Every member of your family will lodge in one of the cozy cabins on-site. Wake up in the morning, surrounded by nature and your loved ones. 


Does your family have any specific food requirements? You will have a menu, specially catered to your family’s needs and your family reunion theme. Don’t waste time planning, cooking, and shopping, let the kitchen staff at the resort take care of the food so that you can spend time with your loved ones. There are plenty of games for the whole family and opportunities for your family to bond. Picture yourself and your family members around the campfire at night roasting marshmallows. Kennolyn has something for all age groups as well, so if you have little ones, they will be entertained the entire weekend. This is one of those unique venues that even teenagers will enjoy. We all know how hard it can be to convince a teen that going on a family reunion will be fun. 


Fun-Family Activities at Kennolyn Resort:


  • Pool
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball 
  • Ping-pong
  • Shuffleboard
  • Cornhole
  • Rope courses
  • Hikes
  • Campfires
  • Field games


people sitting at the bar at a restaurant with two plates of lamb chops in the foreground

Enjoy the best of the best and experience the vibe at 54 Mint

  1. Rent out a private space at 54 Mint


Give your family a night they will remember. One of the top restaurants in San Fran, 54 Mint, offers private rooms where your family can enjoy an excellent Italian meal, wines, and a full bar. They offer different packages, so no matter what size your family gathering is, they can accommodate. Every dish at 54 Mint reflects the owner’s Italian heritage, and they use only the highest quality local and sustainable ingredients. The freshly baked bread, pasta, and homemade desserts will give your family members something to talk about. Depending on the size of your reunion, choose between dining on the terrace, the main dining room, or in the wine cellar. For the most intimate family reunion, 54 Mint is here to cater to your family’s needs. 


Do you have a large family? Are you inviting your extended family to the reunion? If you have a big family, this will be one of the easiest ways to get everyone in the same room. 54 Mint can seat up to 90 people, so if you want to invite that third cousin twice removed, feel free! Guests will be treated like royalty for the night, and all alcohol is included in the price. 


Note: If you want to have your family reunion during the day, 54 Mint also has a luncheon special. 

a view from a balcony showing several photos of Micky Mouse

Explore the world of Disney for a day of family fun at the Walt Disney Family Museum

  1. Visit The Walt Disney Family Museum


If you have any youngsters in your family, a day at The Walt Disney Family Museum will delight them, while keeping the older members of the family entertained. Learn all about the king of Disney himself, his life, his legacy, and just how he created Walt Disney World. If you’re looking for a more relaxed afternoon family reunion, this place is perfect. They have exciting exhibits about Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney gang, as well as an array of original artwork, film clips, and photos from the early days at the Disney animation studio. One of the coolest things about this museum is that family members from all generations can relate. Grandparents, toddlers, and everyone in between can recognize the Disney characters. If you choose, your family can go on a private guided tour of the museum, or you can roam around at your leisure. 


They have a huge gift shop as well in case anyone in the family wants to have a souvenir from the day. Choose from items like Disney mugs to rare vintage Mickey Mouse dolls. Once you finish your day at the museum, grab lunch or ice cream from one of the local restaurants in the area. While this may be one of the more low-key family reunion options, there’s no lack of memory-making and boding spending time as a family in a place dedicated to the happiest place on earth. 


people outside pointing finger guns at someone pretending to dodge the bullets

Get the blood flowing and the mind working and saddle up for a visit to Mr. Treasure Hunt

  1. Go on a unique family scavenger hunt with Mr. Treasure Hunt


What’s better than spending quality time with your family? Competing against them to win the coveted scavenger hunt prize, of course. Are you looking to get revenge against your cousin who always won in Monopoly, or redeem yourself against the loss to your younger sister in trivia? Challenge your loved ones to a scavenger hunt. Mr. Treasure Hunt hosts scavenger hunts all around San Francisco; all you have to do is choose the location that’s most convenient for your family. Will you take your family on a treasure hunt safari at the San Francisco Zoo or send them on a wild goose chase throughout the Mission District? No matter which location you choose, your family will be put to the test. If you have family flying in from around the country, this is also one of the best ways they can see all of the iconic San Francisco landmarks in one fun-filled afternoon. 


How does it work?


Mr. Treasure Hunt provides fun and challenging clues you will have to solve with your family. Each clue leads to a new location. Once your team solves a hint, it’s on to the next. During the treasure hunt, you and your family will also be able to show off your creative side by creating fun photo-ops with your team. All you need to do is bring your family, have an adventurous spirit, and get ready to roam the streets of San Francisco. When it comes to the prize, that’s up to you! If the pride of a job well done isn’t enough, maybe the losing team has to buy the winner’s dinner or a special treat? Family reunions are meant to be fun, think of something creative your whole family can enjoy. 


Are you ready to plan your next family reunion? San Francisco is filled with fun activities the entire family can enjoy. When it comes to planning, don’t stress too much. Take time to be with your family who traveled near and far to attend this special event.