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8 Family Reunion Ideas in New Orleans That Rock

8 Family Reunion Ideas in New Orleans That Rock

It is time for that traditional family gathering and what better way than to spend a reunion with your loved ones in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, New Orleans! New Orleans is not short of incredibly fun family outings and activities to make it enjoyable and memorable. Family reunions are meant to be special, with company that you care about the most. It can be relatives or even close friends that you consider family. Either way, you deserve to set your reunion in a beautiful setting to share beautiful memories with, and there is nowhere better than New Orleans.

With a fun-filled itinerary that we have picked out, it is guaranteed that any of these eight ideas will ensure your family reunion in New Orleans will be memorable. Let’s take a look at eight family reunion ideas in New Orleans. 

a table with a bottle of wine, a glass of wine, a bowl of salad and a plate with food on it

Enjoy the best foods of New Orleans

Enjoy Delicious Food With Sidewalk Food Tours

Is there anything better than enjoying delicious food in a beautiful setting of New Orleans? Sidewalk Food Tours of New Orleans deliver exceptional culinary dishes for you to enjoy whilst you’re soaking up the atmosphere of a fun-filled family gathering. With delicious food, engaging conversation about past-times and memories, there is nothing better. Sidewalk Food Tours will take you on a tour comprising of some of the incredible local hotspots for delicious foods, whilst sharing some insight on some of the dishes you will try. Check out their French Quarter Food Tour and/or Lower Garden District Food Tour. Rest assured, the taste of New Orleans will make you want more. You will leave New Orleans wanting to return simply for the food.

a weeping willow overlooking a pond in a park with a set of pillars on the other side

Picnic with the fam and enjoy the air and culture at the New Orleans City Park

Take A Tour Of The New Orleans City Park

If your fun-filled family gathering also includes looking after your kids, then they will enjoy the experience of the New Orleans City Park. Whilst you, the adults, embark on soaking up the beautiful weather with the sun beating down, allow your kids to enjoy some of the kiddie rides and activities. Even for the family, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as City putt miniature golf, the new Orleans Museum of Art, Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, Sculpture Garden and many more. Visiting this park can be enjoyable and relaxing at the same time.  You could visit the New Orleans City Park every week and still find an activity that you haven’t completed. Including a family visit to this park is a no-brainer.

a statue of a man in the foreground with a photo of a woman and an angel on the wall in the background

Educate yourselves in the rich history of NOLA and visit any of the fantastic museums it has to offer

Put Your Culture Hat On At A Handful Of Museums

New Orleans isn’t short of some of the best museums. No matter if your family is interested in music, art or history, there is a museum that is guaranteed to peak one of your interests. You have the National WWII Museum, that gives you a history of the war along with beautiful sculptures and 4D movies to keep the visit educational and interesting. Enjoy some beautiful sculptures through The Ogden Museum of Southern Art or the Contemporary Arts Center to make your visit more intriguing. That’s not all, there is also something for the kids. Visit the Louisiana Children’s Museum. A new state of the art facility in City Park, the museum has interactive space for children to understand about New Orleans and enjoy hands-on activities. The museums are something for everyone!

a group of people on a street

Jump into the madness and heart of the city and spend the day at The French Quarter

Enjoy A Strip-Long Walk At The French Quarter

The French Quarter is a one-square-mile strip that is filled with something to do around every corner. You and the family can enjoy a stroll through the handful of shops on Royal Street or even take a carriage ride through the neighbourhood whilst enjoying live bands of music in Jackson Square, or even learn about some of the histories through a museum. The French Quarter also caters for kids. With a selection of tours that range from history and educational activities to spooky events from kids under the age of 12 or even a scavenger hunt. Whilst on the strip, enjoy some rocking music, delicious food and learn about the historic neighbourhood. 

colorful bowling balls and a bowling lane

Show off your skills with a little healthy competition at Futon Alley

Enjoy A Spell of bowling at Fulton Alley

Bowling is one of the more popular family activities, not just in New Orleans but worldwide. Bowling can be an activity for children’s parties as well as a family contest. Take a trip to the Fulton Alley on Fulton Street right in the heart of the New Orleans Warehouse District. What better way to challenge your family’s skills through an enjoyable yet challenging experience in seeing who can bowl the greatest number of strikes? Whilst enjoying the bowling experience there are extra arcade game rooms to keep your day out interesting. Enjoy a bar full of cocktails and elevated snacks for the whole family. For kids that are on summer holidays, they can also enjoy 50% off bowling lanes as a student. Bowling brings out the best in everybody, so put your bowling skills to the test whilst enjoying the atmosphere.

a close up of a sign that says "escape my room"

If you’re brave enough to willingly lock yourself in a room with your family, stop into The Escape Game New Orleans and try one of their escape rooms

Put Your Investigation Skills To The Test At The Escape Game New Orleans

Along the one-mile strip of the French Quarter is an activity that is engaging to all of the family. Put your detective skills to the test with The Escape Game New Orleans. There are four different games to choose from – Playground, The Heist, Prison Break and Special Ops: Mysterious Market. Immerse yourself in different themed games and put begin the challenge of cracking codes to complete your mission. Whilst the family partners cheer you on in solving the challenge, feel the adrenaline of completing the obstacles and come out on the other side as the winner. The puzzles are suitable for adults as well as children.

a streetcar stop with a red streetcar car to the right

Take a load off and ride around the city in a streetcar for a different view of the iconic neighborhoods

Take In The New Orleans Culture On A Ride With A Streetcar

The local steam-powered cars are something that gives your family a tour of the beautiful New Orleans with a difference. It is a historical way to get around the city with the family. The ride starts from Canal Street and runs downtown to uptown through north and south. Whilst learning about the history of the 1835 streetcar, take in the famous attractions, buildings, monuments, shopping centres, restaurants and hotels,  all with a vibrant atmosphere on either side of the strip. Known as the St. Charles streetcar, it is the oldest operating streetcar in the world. Grab a piece of history and soak what New Orleans has to offer.

three statues, one of a basketball player

Get in on a good ‘ol traditional celebration and party with the whole family at Mardi Gras

Dress In Costumes And Prepare For Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras is a festival that occurs every year in New Orleans. What had grown into Kern Studios is now a festival to provide your family with the chance to don authentic Mardi Gras costumes and tour gigantic warehouses filled with floats. You and your family can learn about all traditions surrounding Mardi Gras and how the idea of float designing and building came about. Mardi Gras is one of the more immersive and intriguing experiences in the world and is a tradition carried by many New Orleans’ locals. This is a place that comes alive every single year, and you’ll never get closer to the floats rolling through the parade. When taking a tour with your family of New Orleans, this is a tradition that all tourists visit, and is one that you shouldn’t miss either. Experience the Mardi Gras magic!


New Orleans is an incredibly beautiful city that offers many fun things for children and adults alike to do. The family reunion ideas listed above are catered to keep your family happy and joyous. New Orleans isn’t like any other city and is one of the three favourite cities with San Francisco and New York. New Orleans has the knack of making tourists settle in as soon as they step into the city. Even for the adults, you can enjoy the incredible nightlife if you want a break from the children. Enjoy delicious cocktails whilst catching up with your family and braking out some hilarious stories to make your experience with your family something to remember. The city is always alive, it never sleeps, and there is always something to do for every family member around every corner. As a fun-filled, vibrant and atmospheric city, you cannot go far wrong with holding a memorable family gathering at New Orleans. Do it and do it now!