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Insanely Fun Holiday Party Ideas & Venues in Los Angeles

By: Emily Watson

Throwing a great holiday party that Los Angeles teams love is easy as long as you have the right ideas  and locations. For the 2022 holiday season, you can decide between the best holiday party venues L.A.  brings and the other great holiday party ideas Los Angeles companies are sharing with their staff. Let’s explore some of the fun opportunities that your team can enjoy this holiday season! 


What Makes a Great Holiday Party? 

A great holiday party will always bring people together, but what does it take to do that? For some  companies, all that you need is the best holiday party venues in L.A.—but for others, you need to keep the  focus on fun. No matter what you choose, pick an option that will engage your staff and give them  something exciting to remember! 




L.A. Holiday Party Ideas and Venues Your Team Will Love 

Designing the best holiday event for your staff is easy when you see how many great options there are available!  


hands holding a rib over a plate of ribs

BBQ you won’t forget!


  1. Explore Local Delicacies with Sidewalk Food Tours

This holiday season, instead of sitting around and eating food, why not add a little exercise to your  holiday event? With Sidewalk Food Tours, you have the opportunity to try out local restaurants while  learning about Los Angeles and the many things that make it special. This is great for teams that love  local food and fresh air! 


a bottle of champagne in a bucket in front of a christmas tree

Holiday party done right!


  1. Get in the Kitchen for a Holiday Cooking Class

With a variety of floor plans, Pacific Palms Resort is perfect for getting your team together in one place.  At this venue, you can effortlessly blend business and the holidays with a custom event that is catered to your staff. The best part? They even offer event planning tools to get you started! 


A group of people wearing colorful aprons standing with a chef taking a cooking class

Learn how to make a new dish!


  1. Throw a Modern Holiday Party at City Market Social House

Ideal for modern teams that want an incredible venue that offers all the bells and whistles, City Market  Social House is one space that has everyone talking. Located in the Fashion District, this fashionable venue offers catering, drinks, and Instagram-worthy spaces for your next big event!


music for christmas carols

Let it snow!


  1. Celebrate the Holidays with a Sing-Along at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Do you have a team that loves to belt it out and have fun? This is the perfect holiday party event to get  them enjoying the holiday season. With this performance, the audience is encouraged to sing and have fun  while listening to all of their favorite classic holiday tunes! 


a light display for Christmas at night

Photo Courtesy of Arboretum


  1. Glow with Your Team at Lightscape

Sure, a nice dinner can be fun for the holidays, but what about a collection of memorable sights and  sounds around Los Angeles? With Lightscape, your team can enjoy beautiful light displays and a comfortable walk on a newly expanded trail. This is one event they won’t forget! 


the bar at a speakeasy with moody lighting, pointy plants, and a row of chairs

Photo Courtesy of Blind Barber Speakeasy


  1. Time Travel for the Holidays with Blind Barber Speakeasy

This holiday season, companies have the opportunity to confuse and delight their teams with Blind Barber —a speakeasy hidden away at the back of a barbershop. They offer signature cocktails, a tasty menu, and an experience that your staff won’t soon forget! 


a bar tender pouring cocktails into twenty glasses lined along a bar

Release your inhibitions and have a drink or two with the New Orleans Original Craft Cocktail Walking Tour


  1. Turn Your Office into a Pop-Up Holiday Bar with Party Shakers

This mobile bartending service is here to bring you the perfect pop-up bar straight to your office. Serving  Southern California, these expert mixologists specialize in bringing professionals just like you an  unforgettable event at any location. Remember to request their professional photo booth to make lasting  memories! 


a group of people cheersing in at an event in a black and white photo

Cheers to good times!


  1.  Bring Staff the VIP Treatment with Citizen News

Your team works like rockstars all year long, so why not give them the ultimate rockstar treatment? This  Hollywood venue brings the best of historic L.A. with all of the modern fixings. You can effortlessly  design the ultimate holiday party with entertainment included at this amazing location! 


Tao LA

Photo Courtesy of TAO LA


  1. Throw a World-Class Holiday Party at TAO

TAO Los Angeles is the city’s premier venue—and you will quickly see why. Bringing together amazing  rooms, premium mixology, and unmatched cuisine, this venue offers the very best in private events,  making it perfect for ritzy holiday parties! 


bowling balls with bowling lanes in the background

Take you shot at your best ‘Alley Cats Strike’ impression at Mission Bowling Club


10. Host a Family-Friendly Holiday Party at Bowlero 

Are you designing a holiday party that supports your incredible staff and their families? Look no further!  Bowlero is here to help you host a fun and engaging event that is perfect for guests of all ages. Make sure  your next holiday event is filled with smiles and laughter this holiday season! 


The logo for a holiday drag show

A spectacle!

11. Take Your Team to the Jinkx & Dela Holiday Show

Is your team looking for fun, music, and comedy? All three of these are guaranteed with this exciting  holiday show. Instead of a formal party, take your team out for a fun night out on the town with these two  global talents! 


a plate of Mexican food on a table

Tostadas for me!

12. Have a Christmas Feast at El Coyote 

El Coyote is a restaurant that has been feeding L.A. residents for almost 100 years–and they are well known for their incredible holiday decorations. For teams who are looking for a casual experience with  great food and plenty of themed decorations, El Coyote is one place that always delivers! 



Let’s face it—the best holiday party venues Los Angeles has will all make a great location for your 2022  holiday event. For teams that want more than a standard party, this city has plenty to offer. You just have  to pick what is best for your team. Consider your team’s unique interests and find them a location and  festivities that they are going to love!