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The Best 30th Birthday Party Ideas in Los Angeles

Published by Josh Hirsch on Feb 21, 2020

When you or someone that you know turns thirty, it is a pretty noteworthy moment! Most people really feel their thirtieth birthday in one way or another. You might be thinking to yourself “my god, I’m thirty”! While this is surely a correct assessment unless someone really dropped the ball at the hospital you were born at, for some reason this is a birthday that really resonates with most people. For a lot of us, thirty is the birthday that signifies adulthood. In your twenties, you get a pass on slowly elevating your childish lifestyle, but thirty? That is the real deal. Don’t worry, you don’t have to panic because you hit this magic number. We are of the opinion that this is one birthday that must be enjoyed in style, which is why we brought together this fun list of ways to celebrate your big 3-0 in Los Angeles!

gloved hands cutting a large piece of beef with a large knife

Feast with your favs on a tour with Sidewalk Food Tours of Los Angeles

Taste L.A. with the Sidewalk Food Tours

Sometimes you want the opportunity to spend a little time outside soaking up the amazing Los Angeles weather while also stuffing your face. These delightful walking food tours make it easy for you to see the city and taste a collection of amazing local cuisine at the same time. This company offers three food tours depending on what area you want to see and who you want to go with. You can enjoy their standard tour, which takes you through the streets of downtown L.A. and offers you the chance to try six local favorites, or you can opt for one of their private tours that allow you a more customizable and complex experience. This is a great way to spend a few hours on your birthday. You can enjoy sites, flavors, and drinks wherever you go. You will love stuffing your face and getting a workout in at the same time!


Snag an Instagram-Worthy Bite to Eat at n/naka

This is one restaurant that we think truly serves the duality brought on by the thirtieth birthday. On one hand, you are officially an adult. Like, the real kind. n/naka delivers on this by providing you with healthy, classy meals that are certainly the kind of thing that a very mature person who has just been reborn on their thirtieth birthday would eat. On the other hand, everything that they make at n/naka has such amazing presentation that you will not be able to resist snapping a picture to post on your Instagram. Add it to your profile for your favorite foodies or just add it to your story so your followers know that you have officially made it to thirty despite all of those wild years in your twenties.

a pizza sitting on top of a table

Grab a slice of pie that looks good and tastes great at Bestia

Get Your Carb on at Bestia

Your birthday is your day, and that means you get the biggest of big passes for your cheat day. This amazing family-owned Italian restaurant provides the kind of food that most of us dream of when we are at the gym. One look at their menu is more than enough to show you that this might be the best choice that you make at thirty. Their food is amazing. Their presentation is spectacular. Basically, you will absolutely love breaking up with your health streak over this meal. On your birthday, you deserve something that tastes like it was made with love. You also deserve a lot of carbs and cheese. Go forth and pasta!

a close up of a plate of food covered in cheese and garnished with greens

Satisfy that sushi craving with a celebration at Mrs. Fish

Drink with the Fishes at Mrs. Fish

If you are a sane person who lives in Los Angeles and is not allergic to fish, there is a pretty good chance that you absolutely love sushi. Mrs. Fish is more than happy to provide you with the ultimate sushi experience, and it is just modern and classy enough to make it the perfect backdrop for your big birthday. One look at their website is enough to show you how committed they are to modern aesthetics. With their tagline “Sushi. Art. Whiskey.” it is easy to see that this place is perfect for your big celebration. Chow down on some truly amazing sushi while also taking in the scene presented in the form of beautiful art and top of the line drinks. This place will make you absolutely love turning thirty.

tattooed arms mixing a cocktail in a glass

Feeling a little scandalous? Pop into to popular speakeasy No Vacancy for a night to remember

Take Yourself to Another Time at No Vacancy

You’re thirty now, which means you need to drink in style. Gone are the days of cheap shots at parties or one-dollar drinks that you loved at twenty-two but can’t recover from after twenty-five. At No Vacancy, you can experience an absolutely mesmerizing environment and get drunk at the same time. This is not your average bar. No Vacancy offers a beautiful backdrop that is more than worthy of gracing your social media feeds, and the drinks are amazing too. You will love looking at the prohibition memorabilia while lounging in the perfect speakeasy location for a classy drinking experience that you will be talking about for ages. Make sure you hop online to reserve a table so you can get in the door and enjoy all that this great place has to offer.

a person mixing a cocktail next to a bucket of lemons

Take it back and indulge in music of the times at Varnish

Eat, Drink, and Get Jazzed at Varnish

This speakeasy is hidden away behind the much beloved Cole’s bar and it does not disappoint. In this beautiful location you can enjoy amazing drinks and live jazz music that will make you feel as if you have stepped into another time period. Now that you are thirty, it’s time to enjoy the finer things in life. You might have to wait to get in since they don’t have reservations, but the experience is well worth it. This is the perfect place to celebrate with a small group of friends who want to get tipsy or drunk in style. Make sure you snag some pictures and videos from this place. It is beautiful inside. 


Immortalize the Memory at the Museum of Selfies

The Museum of Selfies is one silly attraction that provides you with an excellent way to remember your birthday in a fun way. You and your loved ones can enjoy running around this absurd museum snapping hilarious pictures that you will laugh about for years to come. It might not be the classiest way to spend a birthday, but it sure is a ridiculous amount of fun. You will have a blast posing in silly environments. It is the absolute perfect place to hold your own photoshoot to ring in your own personal new year. If you are looking for something less serious and more fun, look no further. Show everyone just how mature of impressive you are at thirty with a collection of images that were just made for social media!

a close up of swirls of colors painted on a canvas

Find your peace and get creative with a visit to Heartbreak Studios

Nurture Your Creativity and Find Your Best Self at Heartbreak Studios

Don’t let the name deceive you. There is absolutely nothing sad about this experience. If you are the kind of person who would rather relax than go out partying, this might be the right fit. At Heartbreak Studios you can enjoy an exciting creative experience that is also paired with meditative techniques designed to help improve your introspection and boost your sense of calm. This is an experience that allows you to reach deep within to find your sense of creativity and helps you to draw it out by guiding you through exciting art projects. You will love to see the way that these creative pursuits pair with the meditation properties to make a fun and therapeutic experience.

a herd of sheep walking across a lush green field

Sip on some Merlot while you explore all that outdoors has to offer with Malibu Wine Hikes

Get Fit and Tipsy with Malibu Wine Hikes

You might have been the twenty-nine-year-old who loved lying back on the couch with a delicious glass of wine, but you are thirty now. This means that it is time to get serious about your health and fitness. There is no better way to start this transition than to mix fitness with wine for an altogether delightful experience. These wine hikes give you the chance to enjoy some tasty wine and get outside for some exercise and time spent in nature too. It makes it beyond easy for you to enjoy a nice time on your birthday, bringing in a commitment to living a better lifestyle without having to give up your precious chardonnay. This experience is only better in groups, so grab all of your closest friends and head out for a day of fun before you hit the city later that night!


Turning thirty is a pretty big deal. Do not be the person who has a crisis because they suddenly feel the passage of time. At thirty, you are still young, and you still have the rest of your life ahead of you. You are just slightly less likely to get a bad haircut or take that fruity shot after you already threw back your seventh cocktail for the night. Your thirtieth birthday is a momentous occasion and you deserve to celebrate it in a way that suits you. Don’t be afraid to cut loose and have fun. You have made it this far, and that is something that deserves a proper celebration. Enjoy your night no matter what you do. We hope that you have a very happy birthday!