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The Location of Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment Building in New York City

Pink ottoman chair and stand with shoes in dressing room
Carrie Bradshaw's House From Sex And The City

Carrie Bradshaw’s House From Sex And The City

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment building in Sex and the City is as iconic as her white tutu and pink tank outfit. We see her walking up her New York City brownstone steps throughout the show. From first dates to first heartbreaks, that apartment saw it all. 


Since the building played such an important role in the show, fans from all over have tried to find it to take a classic SATC selfie. In the show, Carrie lives in the Upper East Side. In reality, the apartment where they filmed all the amazing scenes is actually located in West Village!


How To Get To Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment in West Village

Filming for Carrie’s apartment from season 3 onward took place at 66 Perry Street. For most visitors, it will be easiest to get there from the Christopher Street Station. From there, it is just a short walk to the steps. We suggest taking your time though, as the West Village is a super nice neighborhood with lots of shops, cafés, and restaurants worth checking out! 


If there is a line that day and you are short on time, 64 Perry Street is where they filmed the first few seasons. You can still get the perfect picture without the wait!


a map with a large pink arrow and blue dotted walking map to Carrie Bradshaw's apartment

Check out the map!


How Did Carrie Afforded It? 


Throughout the show, we see Carrie Bradshaw struggle with money. Around when the show was filmed, The New York Times reported that an apartment similar to hers in the area would have cost around $2,000 a month. Today, it could even cost upwards of $4,000. 


On a writer’s salary, that would be pretty hard to do. Especially if you are a writer with a shopping addiction. Known for her love of “retail therapy” we see just how bad her financial state gets when she maxes out her credit card trying to purchase shoes from Dolce & Gabbana. 


At one point Miranda, the most practical of the group, crunches the number to find that since Carrie moved to NYC, she had racked up $40,000 on shoes alone. While the timeline of Sex and the City doesn’t always make the most sense, Carrie moved to New York when she was 21. In Season 4, she turns 35 so her monthly shoe budget is around $238 a month. This isn’t even taking into account her designer closet, eating at lavish restaurants, going out for drinks throughout the week, and her cigarette habit. Along with the high taxes in New York City, it just doesn’t add up.


Pink ottoman chair and stand with shoes in dressing room

Where are the Sex and the City Fans at?


All of this to say, that even if her apartment was rent controlled as the show says (at just $700 a month), Carrie was still living well beyond her means. This is probably why she was not able to buy back her apartment from her ex, Aiden in Season 4 on her own. Lucky for Carrie, she had friends like Charlotte who were willing to lend a helping hand on the downpayment.


Despite her lack of financial planning, people still love the character. She wouldn’t have been Carrie Bradshaw without all the playful and luxurious fashion in her walk-in closet. 

Go See Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment  For Yourself 

If you are looking to take a photo with the famous Carrie Bradshaw Apartment, it isn’t hard to find. Once you get to Perry St. you will see the steps to the building with a sign in front. The owners of the building have asked fans to respect their privacy and to stay off the steps. They even have a chain up to help deter people from climbing them. Even Sarah Jessica Parker got into a bit of trouble in 2014 for crossing the line


We suggest wearing a coat or something flowy if you are going to do a solo full-body shot in front of the staircase. That way you can use the fabric in different ways and angles to hide the chain.  

Other Thing To Do In West Village 


While you are in the neighborhood, you can also have your own Sex and the City moment at Magnolia Bakery. In Season 3 Episode 5, we see Carrie and Miranda eating pink-frosted cupcakes from the delicious bakery and chatting out front. 


Charla Corn eating a cupcake on Sidewalk Food Tour of NYC

Reposting this wonderful shot that Charla Corn shared with us on our NYC Food Tour!


Another famous Miranda spot is the Jefferson Market Garden where she tied the knot with Steve in Season 6. You can also visit Samantha’s Meat Packing District apartment if you are willing to walk a few blocks North. It has gotten a bit of a makeover but you can find it at 403 W 13th St. 


Another great option for exploring the neighborhood is to take a walking food tour. With Sidewalk Food Tours, you will explore some of the same streets the three ladies of Sex and the City walked through. You’ll get to taste great food like authentic New York bagels, award-winning pizza, and yummy cupcakes. 


Cream Cheese bagel sandwich

NY Bagels >


We will also give you the stories and history behind each stop and how they’ve helped shaped the neighborhood today. If you are looking for a great local experience in New York City, then our West Village Food Tour is the perfect activity for you!