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10 Best Team Building Activities in San Francisco

We’re back! And here to help you find and book an enticing team building activity, once again – although this time, in San Francisco. To save you time researching, we’re providing you with a list of unbiased options.

It’s been proven that regularly scheduled, outside of the office activities can boost effectiveness, productivity, satisfaction, and success amongst teams. Let’s test out your collaborative problem-solving skills in a low stakes environment!

See below list to explore some exciting SF team building options that truly run the gamut. Bring out the fun, friendly competitive sides in your co-workers. Don’t stress, we have you in good hands.

1. Sidewalk Food Tours of San Francisco   

There’s no better way to see the sights and hidden gems of the city, than through this walking tour. Learn the history, culture, architecture of neighborhoods up close and personal, with tastes from the best of the best mom and pop restaurants, hard-to-find foods trucks, or age-old favorite spots. (Offered in multiple cities throughout the US.)

2.  Museum Hack

Curate your VIP tour with “insider” stories about art and galleries. Pick your theme, museum, and head on off on your guided time travel journey! (Offered in multiple cities throughout the US.)

3.  Laser Quest

Get competitive and have some fun with a good game of laser tag: strategize your takeover, dodge bullets, crawl through multi-leveled mazes. It’s like a children’s birthday party all over again, but for adults instead!

4.  Hands On Gourmet

Share your passion for cooking! With training, ingredients, and master chef guidance, the power of food can bring you together. From seafood to salad, the theme is yours for the choosing.

5.  House of Air

Do you like to get your adrenaline pumping? Enjoy dodgeball, basketball dunking, and other physical training on trampolines. However, if rock climbing or ninja obstacle courses are more your thing, those are also available.

6. The Racket

It’s a bit like a murder mystery party: guests arrive to be assigned their roles and receive their materials. Although, this kind of party is more focused on making money. After 75 minutes of money-making, players count their money. Three top grossing winners are announced, and their identities are revealed. Let the games begin!

7. Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze

Get a little creative! Not quite an amusement park, but almost just as exciting, this mirror maze makes for good laughter and excitement around every corner. The life-size mirrors help you focus on the present moment and find your way from start to finish. It’s a unique journey!

8. Escape the Room

Can you escape? You and your team will be locked in a room and will have to use clues, patterns, hints to “earn your freedom”. Time to put your heads together and strategize, the clock is ticking! (Offered in multiple cities throughout the US.)

9. Beyond Canvas

Learn about art history and then get painting yourself, sometimes in a most beautiful location. This experience makes for a trendier, hipper version of the classic “Wine & Paint Night” activity.

10. 1AM

Are graffiti, street art, and hip culture your thing? Take a workshop to learn more about the art of graffiti and design a masterpiece canvas. Sometimes, depending on the workshop, you even get to recreate this masterpiece on the walls of SF!

Feel free to reach out to (877) 568-6877 if you have more questions.

Food tours are a great way to build camaraderie among your team. Here, a group enjoys pizza from Pizzeria Delfina in the Mission District of San Francisco. At center is Pizzeria Delfina proprietor Craig Stoll, a James Beard Award winner.