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10 Best Team Building Activities in Los Angeles

Top 10 Team Building Activities in LA That Don’t Suck!

We’re back! And here to help you find and book an enticing team building activity, once again – although this time, in Los Angeles. To save you time researching, we’re providing you with a list of unbiased options.

It’s been proven that regularly scheduled, outside of the office activities can boost effectiveness, productivity, satisfaction, and success amongst teams. Let’s test out your collaborative problem-solving skills in a low stakes environment!

See below list to explore some exciting LA team building options that truly run the gamut. Bring out the fun, friendly competitive sides in your co-workers. Don’t stress, we have you in good hands.

team building activity in LA

Scrumptious food from The Grand Central Market DTLA


  1. Sidewalk Food Tours

There’s no better way to see the sights and hidden gems of the city, than through this walking tour. Learn the history, culture, architecture of neighborhoods up close and personal, with tastes from the best of the best mom and pop restaurants, hard-to-find foods trucks, or age old favorite spots. (Offered in multiple cities throughout the US.)

       2. Museum Hack
Curate your VIP tour with “insider” stories about art and galleries. Pick your theme, museum, and head on off on your guided time travel journey! (Offered in multiple cities throughout the US.)

       3. Wise Guys Events

Have NO idea what outing to plan for your team? Rely on these guys: WGE Amazing Race, Booze Clues, Camera Assassins, Champions of the World, Company Feud, Countdown, Decathlon, The December Game…the list to choose from goes on.

Cooking class in LA for team building activity

Cooking classes always make for great team bonding!

       4. Foodstory

With training, ingredients, and master chef guidance, the power of food can bring you together. In this case, the cuisine of focus is Japanese only. From aesthetic to taste, you get to enjoy it all!

       5. Stratus Bubble Soccer

Full contact soccer, enough said. You wear a giant inflatable ball on your body, and compete in the park. A safe, carefree way to knock one another down, and pick them back up again.

       6. lazRfit

Get competitive and have some fun with a good game of laser tag: strategize your takeover, dodge bullets, crawl through multi-leveled mazes. It’s like a children’s birthday party all over again, but for adults instead!

archery for la team building activity

Archery Division is a top team building activity in LA


       7. Archery Division

Experience LA’s first arrow tag operator – a cross between dodgeball and archery. Defend your team and battle it out with foam tipped arrows. You compete in teams, with some Medieval style combat!

      8. Paint for a Purpose

Pick your theme and paint away, no experience needed, just an open mind, smile, and bottle of wine.

rock climbing for best team building la

Rock climbing and team building go hand and hand

      9. Rockreation

Whether bouldering, top-roping, auto-belaying, or lead climbing, you can do it all here with guidance and encouragement from staff and teammates! There’s even a separate fitness area, if your preference.

     10. Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Dinner

It’s a bit like a murder mystery party: guests arrive to be assigned their roles and receive their materials. Dine together cracking clues to solve the mystery.

Feel free to reach out to (877)568-6877 if you have more questions.