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10 Best Team Building Activities in Chicago That Don’t Suck!

10 Team Building Activities in Chicago That Don’t Suck!

We’re back! And here to help you find and book an enticing team building activity, once again – although this time, in Chicago. To save you time researching, we’re providing you with a list of unbiased options.

It’s been proven that regularly scheduled, outside of the office activities can boost effectiveness, productivity, satisfaction, and success amongst teams. Let’s test out your collaborative problem-solving skills in a low stakes environment!

See below list to explore some exciting Chicago team building options that truly run the gamut. Bring out the fun, friendly competitive sides in your co-workers. Don’t stress, we have you in good hands.


food tour of Chicago at the Chop Shop food tasting

The Chop Shop on Sidewalk Food Tour’s Wicker Park Food Tour


1. Sidewalk Food Tours of Chicago 

There’s no better way to see the sights and hidden gems of the city than through this walking tour. Learn the history, culture, architecture of neighborhoods up close and personal, with tastes from the best of the best mom and pop restaurants, hard-to-find foods trucks, or age old favorite spots. (Offered in multiple cities throughout the US.)

2. Game Night Out
Compete with original party games during a private 2 hour experience. A host leads the group, explains the rules, manages player conduct, and encourages competition. The games constantly change and make for a good laugh! Better yet, it’s BYOB.

3. Pinstripes
Bowling meets Bocce meets Italian bistro – the combination makes for a relaxed, enjoyable team vibe. You can book a bowling lane or bocce court, followed by a sit-down bistro dinner. Great group package offerings!

4. Chicago Dine Around
Share your passion for cooking! With training, ingredients, and master chef guidance, the power of food can bring you together. From seafood to salad, the theme is yours for the choosing.

chicago team building

Fox-in-a-box-escape-game Chicago

5. Fox in a Box

Use your problem-solving skills and imagination, while getting to know your teammates, to escape the room. Whether                       zombies, clowns, vampires, or another theme of the like, take your pick! (Similar to Escape the Room.)

6. City HUNT
Take an exciting, self-guided scavenger hunt tour powered by your smartphone. You earn points as you solve clues and                    complete challenges. You can start your adventure at any time and move at your own pace. Complete fun photo                                  challenges, test your local trivia knowledge, solve complicated riddles – all drawing you closer together! (Offered in multiple cities)

7. Camp No Counselors
You may need slightly longer than just one night…but located under 3 hours away from Chicago, this amazing property has cabins and offers a full adult camp experience. Worth considering for a weekend team outing!

fun chicago team building

Museum Hack Hero of Chicago is a lot of Fun!

8. Museum Hack
Curate your VIP tour with “insider” stories about art and galleries. Pick your theme, museum, and head on off on your guided time travel journey! (Offered in multiple cities throughout the US.)

9. Chicago TikiBoat
An unforgettable party boat experience on Lake Michigan – BYOB, Bluetooth stereo, ice machine, grill, floaties, waterslide – you make it what you want it to be.

10.Indigo & Violet Studio
Plan a craft workshop and focus on unique handmade projects in a low key studio environment. Whether novice or experience, from paint to paper to yarn to flowers, these projects suit all!

Feel free to reach out to (877)568-6877 if you have more questions.

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Sidewalk Food Tours specializes in curating the best corporate team building food tour experiences in Chicago. Our tours are a great opportunity for your team to get outside of their usual office environment and hit the streets to taste delicious treats from our favorite spots in your city’s neighborhood!