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10 Team Building Activities in LA That Your Co-Workers Will Love

Bowling is a fun team building exercise


The main reason to organize team building activities in Los Angeles is to socialize and get to know your co-workers better. These activities are also very motivational and help bring people out of their shells. By planning the right team building activity, you can practice many essential skills such as problem-solving, conflict resolution, planning, and communication. Therefore, we have scoured the best team building activities in Los Angeles, starting from the very best. 




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A delicious stop at a bakery on a sidewalk food tour

The tastiest way to experience the city

Recommended Activity

1. Sidewalk Food Tours Corporate Team Building Tour

Instead of the usual office lunches and dinners, why not take your team out for an immersive food tour. Your co-workers will get to taste many kinds of food from a lot of mom-and-pop shops, ethnic eateries, and any of the best spots that are creating a buzz. A food tour creates a lot of excitement because you are always on the move, and every culinary stop is a delightful surprise. Sidewalk Food Tours can also include alcoholic beverages to match all the food tastings. For a challenging experience, they conduct cooking classes where your team members can learn to work together and prepare a unique dish. This tour is all about fun by pushing people out of their comfort zone to try new things. It is also a great way to network and socialize by sharing a passion for food and drinks around LA. Sidewalk Food Tours are renowned when it comes to the LA food and cultural scene. Their tours are proven to increase productivity and satisfaction among co-workers.


a skillet with pasta, shrimp and tomatoes

Learn something together.



 2. Chef it Up with a Cooking Class

Get your crew together to learn something new! Whether you enjoy cooking up ratatouille and are no newbie to cooking, or you’re simply a world class expert of preparing boxed mac and cheese, you’re sure to enjoy our cooking classes! We teach you how to create meals from start to finish including skills that you can take home with you. At the end you’ll taste test your creations! It’s a fun way to loosen up, bond with co-workers, and learn something beneficial! By filling out our group request form we will be able to learn about you and best serve your group.


your team will enjoy making a movie together

The lights of Hollywood have never shined so bright


3. Make a Movie with Team Bonding


This is a very fun team activity because it pushes people to have a vision and bring it to life. Everyone will have to brainstorm ideas and work hard to create a finished product. People will also get the chance to split up in different acting roles and play unique characters. Appoint a director to manage the operation. Some will have to form their own team to write a movie, and others will be challenged to rehearse all the lines in a very short time. This activity pushes people outside their comfort zone because they can play different characters. A person who is usually shy at the office can play a lead character, and another can practice being a villain. This is a very creative team building activity and a lot of fun when after all the hard work, everyone sits together to watch the movie they created. At Team Bonding, your co-workers will experience a true Hollywood setting. They even organize a wrap party at the end of every movie created to celebrate. The entire experience is only for a couple of hours, but the memories will last a lifetime, especially since everyone will get a copy of their film. 


Ziplining makes for a great team building exercise

Strap on your harness and prepare for adventure!


4. Go Ziplining


Ziplining is one of the most exciting ways to push your colleagues to their limits. It will help them overcome any fear of heights together and will produce a lot of adrenaline. During this tour, people will have to work in teams to navigate through the stairs and bridges. Then they will all take turns to zipline down to the bottom. It will be a heart-pumping experience that they will never forget. After all that excitement, you can also organize a picnic to help everyone relax and talk about their experience. Big Pines Zipline Tours is located just seventy-five miles from LA, above Rancho Cucamonga in San Gabriel Mountains, next to Mountain High Resort. 


Volunteering with children

Become a real-life superhero


5. Volunteer with Super Hero Academy

Volunteering is a great way to uplift people’s moods by making them feel good about themselves. It is also a learning event where people can develop a lot of leadership skills. Your colleagues will feel empowered by giving back to society, and they will always remember how they made a difference. As a group, people will come back to the office with a great sense of achievement. This is a very memorable experience that cannot be replicated in a conference room. Give employees a breath of fresh air outside the office and encourage them to support their local communities. Organizing volunteering exercises can also be part of your company’s corporate social responsibility and set a high standard for your brand. Your customers and clients will be thrilled to know that your staff are charitable, and regularly donate their time and skills to help others. With Super Hero Academy, you can support either the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, or Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Your staff will get to spend time with children by playing puzzles, making movies, and even buy gifts for them by choosing what they’ve selected on their “Wish List.” 


Dodgeball makes for a fun team builder

Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck….and Dodge again!


6. Compete in a Dodgeball Tournament with Firefly Events


Playing dodgeball can bring out the competitiveness in your team. It also inspires a lot of leadership and friendliness to motivate people. Your co-workers will have to bring their “A-game,” and team spirit. They can also wear fun outfits to play the game and do warm-up exercises together. A lot of people find it hard to get regular exercise during the week and live a very sedentary life. A game of dodgeball with Firefly is a fun and exciting way, to get a solid workout. The different team members can also choreograph their own entrance with music in the background if they want to be extra creative. The winning team should get a prize at the end which could be a makeshift trophy, or a gift voucher to share among themselves. Then you can end the evening with a nice dinner nearby. 


Host your team building activities at Disneyland

Where all of your team building dreams come true


7. Host Meetings at Disneyland


Hanging out in Disneyland is not just entertaining for children, adults can have a great time too. Meetings can seem dull in a normal office environment. People usually dread seeing the same conference room all the time. Getting everybody out to new locations for meetings can be exciting and motivating. It can inspire them with new ideas to share and introduce a unique level of comfort and ease. Disneyland offers an exciting venue for many professional development programs, keynote speeches, or any team-building exercises. A company can also book a weekend at one of Disney’s resorts for their staff members to attend conferences and go swimming or visit the theme parks during their free time. This would be a weekend they will always look forward to and brag about it to all their friends. 

Sing Karoake with your coworkers

Sing your heart out


8. Sing Karaoke to the Max at Max Karaoke Studio


Singing Karaoke can boost a lot of confidence. If you have a shy person on your team, they might feel empowered to show a different side to themselves through a love of music. Karaoke is always a lot of fun, and people do not need to be able to sing well. It is also interesting to see the kind of songs people choose to perform. You will get a deeper understanding of their personalities by learning the kind of music your colleagues enjoy. Instead of singing on their own, people could even choose to sing duets and practice being in sync with each other. Singing karaoke makes a lot of people laugh, and this strengthens relationships. Your co-workers will also get a lot of excitement from watching the CEO of the company sing their favorite song as well. Max Karaoke Studio also offers happy hour specials because karaoke is even more fun when there are a lot of drinks involved. 


A yoga class with your co-workers

What’s better to relieve the stress of your work day than Yoga?


9. Team Yoga Sessions with Kim Sin Yoga


Yoga is a great stress reliever. It also improves concentration and helps people focus better. A lot of people sit at their desks for long hours, and a yoga session can be a great workout. Even though a class usually lasts over an hour, you can plan quick twenty-minute lessons during office hours. Kim Sin Yoga is a mobile business that conducts office yoga classes so that you do not have to gather everyone to go elsewhere. This saves a lot of time, especially if you want to organize a quick break for your colleagues, rather than a full-on outing. There are also group yoga poses to practice teamwork. People can pair up with each other and do a series of challenging exercises. Yoga also helps to develop a lot of trust among team members, as there are positions that require relying on others for support. 


Bowling is a fun team building exercise

Is there an age limit on the bumper rails?


10. Bowling Match with Bowlero


Bowling is a great team sport and can encourage your co-workers to compete healthily. This is also a relaxing sport, especially if there are staff members who cannot partake in a lot of vigorous activity. Bowling teaches a lot of precision and how to aim towards a goal, which is what makes it such a great team-building exercise. Bowlero organizes the best corporate parties with a blacklight to make the game more exciting. They also provide a lot of food and drinks for everyone.