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13 Fun Large Group Activities in New Orleans

Published by Josh Hirsch on December 27, 2019 – 

New Orleans is known for its eccentric and vibrant atmosphere. Filled with its unique history, a unique cuisine, entertainment at every corner, cultural attractions and amazing food and drink, there is always something to do and enjoy. 

We’ve picked out 13 of the most amazing group activities to do in New Orleans. 

4 pictures of different types of foods of New Orleans

Get to know the Big Easy through its delicious food

If you’re an avid food lover, why not take your group on a tasty food tour with Sidewalk Food Tours. Get stuck in to the best quality eateries and experience tasty and glorious food on your New Orleans visit. They offer delicious public and private food tours of The French Quarter and The Lower Garden District. This one is certainly for food lovers!

No tour of New Orleans is complete without visiting the famous French Quarter. Historic and vibrant, it is the colorful heart of the city that attracts a huge amount of people every day. It brims with entertainment and colorful cultural buildings. Choose from a wide range of group activities such as pub crawling, live music or having a stroll in the quieter Jackson Square. Carnivals also take place every year such as the Mardi Gras celebration. Top up your drinks and take in the warm, lively atmosphere.

a steamboat meant for sightseeing around New Orleans

Get a new perspective on New Orleans

Take a cruise down the Mississippi River and take in the incredible sea views, the riding waves all with a tour guide and live music. There are daytime lunch cruises available should you wish to bask in the sun with glorious food and live music, or evening dinner cruises if you’re more a night person. Choose from either the Creole Queen Paddlewheeler or Steamboat Natchez, particularly for jazz music fans. Enjoy the entertainment, enjoy the vibe and enjoy the ride!

Turning back time, the African Americans were excluded from Mardi Gras parades. Mardi Gras celebrations involve dressing up as American Indians to honor them for their battle to escape slavery. Different tribes take on challenges and activities for the watching audience, whilst learning about the historical aspect of the city’s African-American culture. You may be asked to participate as a group in activities or even dress up as part of the culture.

Group of people posing for a photo

Do you and your team have what it takes to escape?!

Are you able to find the werewolf so that you can escape? Get lost and wander around an unknown village. As your group wanders further and further away, you begin to feel the werewolf edging ever closer. As a group, solve all of the mysteries with brain-teasing puzzles before the werewolf tries to catch you. This game is exhilarating yet intense as you go through a roller coaster of emotions to escape the clutches of the werewolf. An excellent activity to get your group’s heart pumping.

  • Take a Ghost City Walking Tour

New Orleans set the scene of scary haunted tours with its haunted history. The city is known for hosting one of the more fearful ghost tours that are sure to give you goosebumps. The phenomena stem from three centuries of diseases, wars, deaths and hatred. Take the group on a ghost walking tour such as Voodoo Queen and Marie Laveau and its guaranteed to make the hairs on your back stand up and tingle. Some tours also come with some spooky activities to test your knowledge. At a scary time, you will want to share the fear amongst the group to get you through the tour! Besides that, it is an incredible experience to learn about why its known as THE haunted city.

4 different images of the New Orleans residence

Feel like a local

  • Partake in NOLA Culture at the NOLA Residence

The 9th ward is the home of Musicians’ Village, an affordable housing estate formed after the devastating Hurricane Katrina. On the other hand, experience vibrant music from the local NOLA residents and learn about its historical background. Enjoy regular concerts and music from the treasured talents and experienced a new genre of music.

You’ll experience a one-of-a-kind cuisine in New Orleans. A unique taste that you won’t taste anywhere else. Visit farmers’ markets and taste local produce, meat and seafood. You can also experience free cooking lessons. Enjoy cuisines mixed with French, Spanish, African and Cajun traditions. Whilst eating, enjoy the atmosphere with local band performances. 

crowd of people enjoying an outdoor marketplace

Stroll down the street and see what adventures await

The Garden District is the most beautiful neighborhoods in New Orleans. Take a stroll around Prytania Street and Camp Street and take some photos of the most beautiful sculptures and statues. Gather the group around a fire and gaze into the sky at night. There is always something happening at the Garden District because it is a host of movie productions. You can even spot the house of Nicolas Cage!

Whilst New Orleans is not well-known for its music scene, it is a hotbed for comedy, with local stand-up comedians performing almost every single night. Venues such as Hi-Ho Lounge, Twelve Mile Unit and Dragon’s Den book local talents and famous comics to make the audience laugh until they drop. Gather the group for a day of fun and laughter!

Crowd of people enjoying outdoor activities on the streets of New Orleans

New Orleans is known for its partying for good reason

Let the bright lights shine down on you with the New Orleans’ nightlife. Dance to live music, catch cabaret shows and fill up your cocktails when the city comes alive at night. As you walk along the wonderful streets of the city, walk through Bourbon Street and experience a noisy raucous atmosphere. A street that embodies the life of party life. You can also experience live NOLA performances ranging from jazz to blues to rock. A ton of clubs and bars will keep your night irresistible. 

  • Experience the Pleasure of Giving Back to the Community

Have fun with underprivileged children of all ages and backgrounds. Whilst helping with relief efforts enjoy the opportunity of volunteering to help restore Louisiana’s coastal wetlands. When everybody helps each other, smiles are of an abundance. Give back and be happy doing it.

Visit the palace’s open-air markets at Frenchman street and explore the diversity of handcrafted art collections. As you walk through the market, the market hosts a collection of painters, jewelers and sculptors. There is always something happening at the market whilst you feast your eyes on some of the most incredible pieces of art.  

Final Thoughts…

We have you covered on the endless activities you can partake in. With landmark attractions and deep culture, not only is there so much to learn about New Orleans, there is so much to love about it. Immerse within the vibrant, historic streets of the city and with so many activities to experience, your heart will belong in New Orleans.