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13 Insanely Fun Group Activities in Paris

Published by Josh Hirsch on Dec 27, 2019 – 

Bonjour Paris! We all love Paris. It holds a certain charm and an attraction that most cities just can’t give. Paris is one of the major and most attractive cities in the world. It is the home of one of the biggest and most iconic landmarks, the Eiffel Tower. When you visit Paris, the one attraction that is mandatory to visit is the Eiffel Tower. Some say that Rome is ‘a city of romance’. Is that true? Well, judge it for yourself when you experience a city that is full of blossoming culture, history, inspiring and not to mention fascinating!

When you tour Paris, you’ll probably consider the city as physical beauty. A style that is distinctive, full of grandeur and lavish, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to visit beautiful Paris. Not to mention, the food and drink are truly delicious!

Whilst you’ll be entertained by the tourist attractions, there are so many insanely fun and innovate activities that will make you fall in love with Paris even more! Take your visit to Paris further by exploring these 12 fun activities to truly immerse yourself in the heart of Paris culture. 

4 different pictures of delicious food from Paris

A food tour is a perfect way to experience Paris for everything delicious

French cuisines are all about quality. With fresh produce and harmonious dishes guaranteed to make you want more, choose a Brasserie or a Bistro to experience culinary simplicity with some tasty local meals. Eat your way through Rue Mouffetard on a Latin Quarter Food Tour. Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of Paris’ finest vin rouge, glass-of-the-house wine. 

Take a dip into one of the more historic and symbolic pools which date back to the 1920s. Whilst its not possible to swim in the landmark Seine River, this is a pretty decent second choice! The swimming culture is huge in Paris. Have a splurge for the day with your family in one of the oldest buildings and one of the oldest pools in Paris, the Piscine de la Buttle aux Cailles and take a dive in a landmark of Paris’ culture. 

the Champs de Elysse

Recognizable throughout history, this location is not to be missed in Paris

Described as ‘the world’s most beautiful venue’, there is a rich picking of activities for visitors. Not only is it free, but it’s also one of the most famous streets to grace this earth. Especially for the luxurious shopper, there is no better place to find all of the best and most loveable brands in one place. Alongside an attractive green landscape, the 2km stretch is something you have to experience. 

Experience a real-life escape gaming experience in 70 rooms in and around Paris. Another craze of Paris, the Escape Game is these days a must-do activity in the city. Each escape room has its own unique story with challenges for you to escape in a time-limit. Experience feelings of urge, hysteria, anticipation and suspense with one of the more popular games not just in Paris, but in Europe.

a book, binoculars, magnifying glass, and tape measure

Try and solve this mystery through the entire city of Paris

Search for pirate gold or locate shiny Easter eggs. If you’re keen on investigation activities, there are seven fun and friendly treasure hunts based in Paris. Whilst diving in as a tourist, have some investigative fun along the way and bond with the citizens of Paris. 

  • Go on the Hunt for Street Art

Be inspired by Paris’ amazing and skilled street artists. No matter where you walk, there is street art on every corner of every building. Take a street art tour on the 2km long-street of Rue Saint-Maur, or the hotspot of urban street art at the Rue Oberkampf, or immerse yourself with art designed by some of the cities most famous artists at Rue Laurence Savart. Paris proudly shares and embraces street art culture and is one tour not to be missed.

collection of skull pictures, people in scary costume

We hope you aren’t afraid of ghost stories….

Step into the darkness of the first haunted theatre show in Paris. Explore the dark shadows that surround the City of Light and learn about the terrible history of ParLeis. Expect to experience a mixture of fun and goose bumps in an intense yet awesome adventure experience.

If Paris is full of romance, it’s only right that you visit The Wall Of Love, a wall built to help unite people in society. Hidden within the hills of Montmarte, the 40 square meter wall is covered with the words I Love You written in 250 languages in lava tiles. With a rich history behind it, this wall was the home for many artists who fled the Revolution. The story is encapsulated by a scattered broken piece of hearts, which illustrates how the human race was torn apart with no love in many parts of the world. Piecing the heart together demonstrates a symbol of love.

hot air balloon

Do it for the gram!

Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful views of Paris in the biggest hot-air balloon in the world! Get a birds-eye view from an altitude of 150m. Now experience breath-taking views of the best cultural landmarks from the sky. Relax, take in the beautiful air and experience a different side of Paris that you never thought you’d experience before!

Take a tour in one of the world’s most unique sports stadiums, the Stade of France, home of football and rugby. Experience the greatest sporting memories within the stadium’s museum and get a grasp of behind-the-scene events amongst some of the greatest former athletes that have ever graced the stadium. Close your eyes, take in and revive some of the best and most nerve-wracking sporting memories in the country’s history. 

inside the cockpit of a plane

I feel the need…the need for speed!

Is flying a plane on your bucket list? Have fun and experience the wonderful overhead views on an actual Boeing 737 stimulator. Take charge, be the captain and lead the team towards the destination. This is as real as it gets. With assistance from a professional pilot, prepare yourself for a unique and exhilarating experience of flying through one of the most amazing cities in the world.

If you’re a keen party lover, then you won’t be disappointed with the nightlife in Paris. Vibrant and lively, enjoy a variety of cool pubs, nightclubs with loyal locals. You might even get lucky with free entry and free drinks on a good night! The locals love partying with tourists!

2 glasses of French wine

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do!

Why not discover the secrets of French wine? France is famous for its wine, and you can pick from a variety of wine tours with tasting sessions. Take trips to a wine storehouse and uncover the characteristics behind the flavours of delicious wine.


Final Thoughts…

Paris is the most visited city in the world. Whilst the culture and landmarks are difficult to ignore, embrace the local values and ethos of the French people and introduce yourself to the fun highlights of the city. There is so much to do in Paris, and the 12 we’ve picked out is just a handful of what is immersed in Paris culture. Go and experience the pleasantries of fun-filled, existing activities that Paris has to offer!