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13 Insanely Fun Group Activities in San Francisco

Published by Josh Hirsch on Dec 27, 2019 – 

Enter through the iconic Golden Gates and place your front foot on the steepest of streets. You’ve entered San Francisco, one of US’ most cosmopolitan cities and the home of finance. A quote that sums up San Francisco as a city is “a golden handcuff with the key thrown away” from John Steinback, an American author famous for imaginative writing and sayings. Enter those famous Golden Gates and don’t turn back. San Francisco has an array of fun group activities that will make you think twice about leaving. 

Not only does the character and civilized culture of music, art and good food gets you gripped into one of the most colourful and pleasurable cities in the world, you’ll be immersed into the social culture of San Francisco. Step right into the heart of social living with 13 insanely fun group activities we’ve picked out.#

4 different photos of food around San Francisco

With so many fresh ingredients, where do you start?

Food, food, glorious food! San Francisco is best known for its culinary taste. Take a guided tour through the local food sites to authentic dishes in incredibly vibrant neighborhoods. You can discover inspired dishes from all over the world from Chinese, Latino, Italian, Moroccan dishes, leaving your stomach full of delicious food that will make you want more!

  • Experience an Unusual Side of California with Wild SF Walking Tour

Step away from the usual touristy experiences and step onto the other side of San Francisco, known as the unusual side with the Wild SF Walking Tour. The history of California is so broad that you’ll just fall in love with the city even more. Take the group on a guided walking tour through the unusual spots of San Francisco and gain a deep understanding of its cultural history, learn some fun facts and uncover the hidden street locations in the bay. 

images of different doors

Does your team have what it takes to escape?!

Put yourself and your group through the thrill of an intense but fun escape game. With five different themed adventures, there is no better way to socialize and unite as a team, to complete challenging escape missions. Are you up for the challenge?

Communicate and collaborate as a team and go on a treasure hunt adventure. Use your team’s skill and personality by uncovering clues to solve the challenging puzzles. Rise to the challenge and put yourself investigative skills to the test.

a san francisco cable car

The iconic car can be your personal valet

The cable cars you see on the streets of San Francisco will take you back to the late 1900s. Taking the cable car really encapsulates you in San Fran’s unique culture. It is sure to leave a long-lasting impression of the city. Its foundation is built with solid oak and vintage brass to really give you a feel of historical transport. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride in classical style.

Take in the breath-taking views in and around Golden Gate Park with your delicious choices of food. If the weather is good, you’re incredibly lucky. Or why not gather around a fire on a wintry night? Either way, you can never be disappointed what is around you. Bring your favourite snacks and drinks, have fun outdoor events or simply chill out by one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world.

people standing on segway scooters

Have you seen the hills in SF? You need one of these!

Ride with a difference along the streets of San Francisco with a Segway. San Francisco Bay offers several tour options of the city. Segways are the new craze of riding.  Take a tour of the city’s landmark location’s a new way. 

  • Watch the Golden State Warriors Basketball Team at the Oakland Arena

Even if you’re not a keen sports fan, there is nothing better than watching and experiencing a crazed, loud and superb atmosphere. Basketball is one of the countries major sports. Golden State Warriors are the unique basketball team in the city of San Francisco. Sit back and enjoy a fast-paced, enthralling experience of a basketball game.

people painting at individual canvases

Test your skills in the art room

  • Test Your Painting Skills with 1 am SF

You won’t get told off for testing your painting skills on the street. The workshop will take your group on a historical tour about the origination of street art with the ability to test your painting skills. 

It is tradition in the United States to watch sport. Not only is watching a beautiful home run with the San Francisco Giants, the views of the AT&T stadium are a joy to behold. The stadium is built by the McCovey Cove river. Take in the atmosphere of the crowd and watch a home run smash over the 24-foot wall and into the river. Sit back, enjoy the views and an intense game of baseball!

kids exploring an exhibit at a science museum

A family-friendly experience in the heart of SF

See San Francisco at night with a difference. The Exploratorium science museum has been rated as one of the best things to do at night. It starts at 6pm and close at 10pm. Be prepared to be dazzled with incredible lighting displays, kaleidoscopes, mind-bending experiences and so much more! Become immersed with great music, displays and see the world in a different light.

Jump towards the sky and put your hands in the air as high as you can! As a group, you can enjoy great team activities in an indoor trampoline park which also includes a dodgeball area and a go-karting track. With the delicious food you consume, you’re probably looking for some physical relief to move about. Go crazy in the House of Air and bond as a group with laughter!

people tapping their beers together


Take a dance through the streets of Union Square, Mission, North Beach and SoMa and have a drink amongst the vibrant party atmosphere. There is a challenge of choosing where to go out as the nightlife is one of the perks of the city. Taste the delicious cocktails in a host of nightclubs or enjoy a quiet drink at a range of bars.


Final Thoughts…

San Francisco is a happening city, and there is no shortage of fun activities to make you fall in love with the locals and its culture. There is a ton of things to do for you to experience the city in ways you may have never thought of before. Prepare to be inspired!