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13 Insanely Fun Group Activities in NYC

Published by Joshua Hirsch.

New York City, a city that is in constant motion 24 hours a day and home to insanely fun group activities. It lives up to its name of The City That Never Sleeps. No matter what time of the night, the NYC heartbeat continues to pound and pound at a pulsating rate. An American author E.B. once quipped the city as “a continuing excitation but also a spectacle that keeps continuing”. 

One of the best cities to visit in the world, NYC has the greatest attractions which keep people flooding back again and again. Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller to name a few; The city is home to some of the most amazing attractions and events rocking the city all day, every day.  Let’s dip further in to the incredible city and give you some reasons to love NYC even more!

Nobody does cool like NYC. There are many insanely fun, innovative and super cool group activities that you can partake in to further fall in love in the city. Swallow all of the cities fascinating culture, buildings and atmosphere, but go even further and take part in these 13 fun activities that we have chosen just for you.

Food tours in NYC are a great way to experience all sorts of cuisines

Sample all of the delicious foods of NYC

1. Join Sidewalk Food Tours of NYC on an eating adventure

New York City is home to a wide-ranging medley of cuisines. It would be impossible to try them all in one trip, but why not give it a shot?! Sidewalk Food Tours combines all the best parts of NYC into one amazing experience- history, culture, and the tastiest food the city has to offer! On this three hour experience, you’ll wander through the local neighborhoods, away from the busiest tourist spots, and stop at six different restaurants and eateries to sample all the unique flavors of New York. Not only is this a great tourist activity, but it makes for the perfect local team building experience as your group bonds over a love of food.

Madison Square Garden is one of the most famous icons of NYC

Check out one of the best venues in the world

2. Visit One of The Most Popular Sporting Arena’s at Madison Square Garden

Take a group of friends to the famous Madison Square Garden. You can enjoy various sporting events at the home of the famous Knicks, one the NBA’s original NYC teams. You can also book your group into various concerts and events. It is widely recognised as one of the most famous areas in the world because of its rich history of events that have occurred over the years. Take a tour in history whilst enjoying cheering on the home of the Knicks! 


3. Test Your Problem Solving Skills with The Escape Room NYC 

How smart are you, your friends and co-workers? Is the group intuitive enough to “escape”? Why not take the challenge in the Escape Room? It is the ideal group activity which involves solving clues as fast as possible to literally escape a room before the time runs out.  Expect obstacles, twist and turns, panic and most important of all, lots of fun! Can you beat the clock and escape? 


4. Show Off Your Voice at 5 Bar Karaoke Lounge NYC

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the singing charts? Ok, not literally, but why not top the charts in your local bar? There is no better way to socialise with your employees or group of friends than with a karaoke night. If members of your group are extroverts, enjoy a relaxing vibe of cool music and singing competitions. You can even take part yourself!

An Art Studio visit allows for conversation and bonding

Embrace the culture of NYC

5. Embrace Creation with The Art Studio NY

Embrace wonderful creation and dive into opportunities to get creative. You and your group can learn to paint, draw and see who’s the best artist in your group. As a small class, your drawing and painting skills will be put to the test. The best thing is that all levels are welcome. You don’t have to be artistic to visit! 

Explore outdoor food markets around NYC

Your team will love bonding over food

6. Indulge in Tasty Food at Union Square Greenmarket

The Greenmarket is located in one of the busiest parts of Mid-Town, and what’s better than indulging in fresh, organic and local food whilst you tour Union Square? As a group, you can also enjoy cooking tips and watch the chefs put their skills to the test to deliver tasty food for the public.


7. Learn, Cook and Taste Pizza with the Pizza School NYC

Ah, pizza! If you haven’t heard about NYC’s very own cheesy pizza, have you really visited NYC? Now’s your chance to make your own cheesy pizza at Pizza School. The company conducts classes to learn how to make the Italian favorite and is a highly-rated fun group activity to test your cooking skills and taste lots of pizza.


8. View NYC From the Sky with Liberty Helicopters

The most famous and the most incredible experience of touring NYC is by helicopter. Take your group to soar high-above the skyline and enjoy the incredible views of the city. Liberty Helicopters hosts some of the most raved-about and affordable tours that NYC has to offer. Look at NYC’s amazing landmarks from another view!


9. Enjoy A Cheesy Activity by Visiting Murray’s Cheese

Located at Greenwich Village, Murray’s Cheese’ speciality is to produce various tasty cheeses for cheese lovers. Enjoy the fun in indulging in the perfect cheese. You can choose cheese produce for events or simply spoil to yourself. As a group, you can book private classes or intensive courses.


10. Go on a Scavenger Hunt with Strayboots 

Have fun with a totally different exploratory mission, a scavenger tour. NYC is filled with amazing sites and some are locations for a group to go on a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hurt is thought of as a team-bonding experience which is fast-paced and fun. It is the perfect choice to interact more with a group of friends or co-workers.

Chelsea Pier offers all sorts of team building activities

There are plenty of fun activities for your team here

11. Enjoy Sports-Oriented Activities at Chelsea Piers

If anyone in your group enjoys anything physical, then they’ll enjoy a multitude of fun group sport activities here. At Chelsea Piers, you can simply drop-in at anytime to get involved and try your hand at a variety of sports such as bowling, ice skating, rock climbing, wrestling and more. A little exercise also did no harm to anybody, right? It’s enjoyable, active and gets the body moving!

Enjoy a walking tour of NYC

Sometimes the best way to explore the city is a simple stroll

12. Take in The NYC Atmosphere with Big Onion Walking Tours

The best way to learn about and capture NYC’s incredible eye-catching and historical landmarks is by educating yourself with a taste of its unique history. Take your group on a walking tour and explore NYC’s picturesque locations and learn interesting facts along the way. While we really like, there are so many for you to choose from!

The ultimate thrill-seeking team builder

Get the adrenaline pumping!

13. Experience the Thrill with Indoor Skydiving at iFLY

Skydiving is enthralling, scary and fun at the same time. You can experience the thrill indoors. You don’t have to worry about looking down several feet high and neither do you have to feel the sinking feeling when at the top of a mountain. You and your group and can experience a safer yet riveting thrill of skydiving indoors and iFly Westchester. A wonderful and unique fun group activity!


Final Thoughts…

Besides the incredible landmarks and buildings which make NYC amazing, go deeper and explore fun group activities that will make you fall in love with NYC even more. If you’re a tourist, let go of following the crowd and experience some of the most unusual yet pleasurable activities and events that NYC has to offer!